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Hello Everyone :)

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Level 5
Jun 7, 2008
Hey everyone :) Im Clint, but you can call me Jacare or kmde613. Whichever you prefer.

Ok so, this account is kinda old. But i never really introduced myself so yea...

Anyways. I am 15 years old and i am a nooblet in making maps. Lol. seriously.
I joined the hive so that i can improve my map making skills and so that atleast i can chat/debate with people in the forums :) And also give nice comments on maps.

I usually only play Warcraft when im at home. But when im not. Im usually browsing Youtube, Tekken Zaibatsu, DeviantART, or, just starting right now, Hive Workshop.

I also draw in way. But they arent so much. Just click on the images on my sig to see my accounts. :wink:
Level 11
May 16, 2007
Hello and welcome to the hive :D
check tutorials if you need any help
please try not to double post
remember to read the rules
try the chat from time to time to know our community better
enjoy your stay kmde613
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