Harry Potter Duelist RPG-just starting

I just started this new map ive been thinking about. Maby ill call it this: Harry Potter Duelist RPG (but maby not).

Basic Objective:
You are one of the characters from the Harry Potter books depending on your player color. In the books it seems that Harry, Ron and Hermione have all the fun but in the game the side stuff like Arragog and Defeating Voldemort is open to all characters you may choose it like a quest and so on. The object of the game is to get the most wins in a duel. You have classes like Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms etc. In a class you earn a new skill's spell book. You get the spell book by defeating a challenge that encorperates the previus skill just like the console games. After you have retreaved the skill you may train for some time then, a duel. You will be paired up with a random player and fight using the skill you just earned and trianed with. Winner gets a point and looser gets a neg. Then you have between class time(dont know how long will depend) this time can be spent on quests obtaining new skills or just training. After you have compleated your classes you can pick an ellective type class. For example, the Magical Creature class where you can get the skill to summon animals like a Hippogriff to attk your opposite dueler.

This is still in development stage so if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or perhaps models:grin: plz post. (screenshots are in my sig)
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Mar 15, 2006
Well, the concept sounds alright, although your terrain isn't really great, and it's far from accurate. You should watch the movies (specifically the third because they alter it quite a bit from the 1st and 2nd one there) to get a feel for where things go. For example: the lake is in front of the castle, not along the side. Other then that, just don't botch it and do a half assed job, and it should turn out alright.

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
You will have to make spells stat based or else weak spells will become usless while you will only cast the lattest one (not like harrry potter did).

Also the winning objective should be changeable
Possiable ones should be. . .
Who gets the most dual wins
Which house has the most point (houses are auto balenced to stop ganging)
Who becomes the best pupil (point system used)

Your stats should go up with leasons mostly, not your spells.
Depending on how well your class work was you get more stats.
Classes would be basic challenges where the better you prefor the more score you get, your stats gained are based on your score in a grade system.
The chalenges scale to the player in leason to stop the hated, one bad = always bad problem many maps have. Leason should las NO MORE THAN 1-2 mins or else everyone will get bored.

I find the above sounds more interesting and I am sure many will agree.
You do not have to use the above but it is a sujestion.
well the prob with terrian is that there is so many different versions of maps and such so i kinda improvised on some of the layout. :wink:. Also BTW i was thinking about the "no attack just spells" thing it would force the player to only use spells. And thanks for the tips Dr Super Good i like the 3 types of ways to win. I could use all three, you can get house points from defeating quests and such.

Thanks for all your help! :thumbs_up:

EDIT: brad.dude03 if you see any pics that would help the terrain plz post them cuz you seem to know more about than me :)