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half troll beserker2

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half troll beserker, an update of one of my older skins. found here

units\Creeps\ForestTroll\ForestTroll.blp or
units\Creeps\IceTroll\IceTroll.blp or

Unitskin to replace:
Forest Troll or
Ice Troll or
Dark Troll

forest, troll, hunter, trapper, berserker, half-troll, half, green

half troll beserker2 (Texture)

THE_END: Looks good sir, like it
Level 11
Nov 9, 2004
great on unwrap except teh face but when it wraps the face looks exactly like a skin colored troll.probably need a model edit.the chest skin tones looked liek they were recolored and blured.everything except the face looks nice.alpha the tusks.
chest skin tones looked liek they were recolored and blured
nope, everything here is freehanded.
it really misses something... the face looks... weird. the eye is great, his expression priceless, but something in there is just not right. i cant put my finger on it, but theres something nor right...
i understand what you mean, it's most likely becuse a troll hasnt much potential in it than some other skins.
Level 3
Oct 9, 2004
Great skin.

I think I know what he's missing.


And since he's a half troll, is it possible to alpha out the sharp teeth?

And since he's a half troll, is it possible to alpha out the sharp teeth?
no, the original picture i based this on had no eyebrows, and the teeth STAY. he's a HALF TROLL, not a WHOLE HUMAN! i cant alpha and i wouldnt if i could.
uh i just noticed the ugly feet.if i weer you id give him some shoes or redo his feet so they look more human.shading color on muscles just doesnt look right to me...
no, nobody's goign to notice the freaking feet in teh game. the feet are possible the smallest and most unnoticeable part of his body. what's wrong with you? cant you just shut up! =P
Level 15
Aug 13, 2004
The skin color is off, but the main thing is that the face is essentially one color. It appears that you used burn and dodge set on one value, by the looks of it highlight. If you use burn and dodge for flesh it is important to remember to alternate between highlight and midtone.

Stll a good skin though