[General] Ground is ruined

Level 11
Jun 15, 2016
So I was trying to make my map beautiful by ruining some ground with the "ruined ground" doodad, and no matter how I try to place it, the surrounding tiles turn to grassy terrain instead of remaining dirt. Now, I already solved it by raising a small dirt cliff, putting the doodad then lowering it back.
Even so, after checking a bit more the whole ruined ground kinda ruins the texture when put next to 2+ tile types, blight and ramps.

So is there any better, less annoying way place that doodad (and what is wrong with it anyway?!)

P.S. My map has a lordearon summer tileset, and I tried using the ruined ground doodad from almost all tilesets for good measure, even though that does not work.

P.S.2 Sorry for the horrible puns.