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God War

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May 14, 2011
wazzup, im working on my very first map and its based on the orginal map Lost temple, however i have made the 4 player map to a 6 player map, the last two players are nagas, player 5 and player 6.

I havent replaced any of the races so i cant get rid of the worker idle icon or the ui. This is a kinda beta version, have been working on this for the past few weeks, oh i forgot to mention, i have also added a new hero to each races and i have built out the naga Race with new buildings , units and multiple uppgrades. I have also made an uppgrade in every race's item shop that transform each custom hero i have made to a kinda god.
This map is a melee map and if you wonder why its called God War, i couldent come up with a better name but anyway, these new heroes is very powerful and its make the none-hero units less important in a team fight, or actully they with cc's and stuff is very important. but these heroes are powerfull and that makes them some or what ¨godlike¨
all the heroes have own custom made abilities, well almost custom.
Please report if the heroes are unbalanced which one is overpowered or underpowered etc or if the entire Naga race is a little op or unbalanced please telle me.
The reason i post my shit map here is i want you to try it out and say what you think and report as many misses or errors you can find, like if the creeps that guard the goldmines near your start location start attack your second building or something and also, please tell me or atleast link me a guide or something that helps me fix those problems and i will fix the shit! Thank you for your Passion and Understanding , and sorry about my english and stuff. test the map naow!

Here is some stuff i already now is bad and want to improve but i dont know how:

1. Creep attack starting area

there is two goldmine's somewhat near your spawn, at the moment there is no creeps on them, the reason is, for the creeps i added, they have a huge unit detection, what i meen is they simply attack the players base, even when they are far away from the starting base area. even when they sleep they senses and wake up if you build a house 10 miles away from them. so that is a bit of a problem.

2. Effective way for the Naga spawn / start location

So, since i havent replace any of the orignal races i used the neutral naga and placed there start building on a suitable place however,the orginal race you choose before you start the game appears near the start location, so i placed the player five and six who is choosen to be naga on high ground.
Is there anyway to improve this way without replaceing the normal races. and also if its possible to fix the worker idle icon to a custom without interfere with the normal race and fix a more suitable Naga ui please for god's and my sake, please post or tell me!

3. Heroes trained in masses

How do i change so my custom units only can be trained once and it would be nice to now if i can change so you can only have one hero but you can choose among all i put in to the altar.

4. hero who can't swim

So the sea witch , orginal nagas hero, she can swim, is there a way to make my custom hero swim without replacing heres and change all the stats and models and sound set and etc.?
Its kinda silly when my naga hero i have made dosent can swim i meen comeon its a naga damn it!
but on the other hand, im almost too lazy to change all the stats.

5. hero Combat style change

My custom naga hero is based on the orc race tauren with reincarnation, but i dont like hes fighting style, it just dosent match my heroes style. how does i change it?

photo attached http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/195/themaps.png/


  • Kopia av Lost temple with bonus heroes.rar
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