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Ghoul Croc by Halo

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this skin isnt too old but its still a wip kind of.i got a pm to alpha something from a ghoul and i got the idea of making this.the face works perfect with the wrap ingame.
it was requested to be submited so i did.
i realy think ill model edit it later.

Ghoul, green, monster, frog, lizard

Ghoul Croc by Halo (Texture)

THE_END: Very nice, could've made like a normal one, but good




THE_END: Very nice, could've made like a normal one, but good
Level 6
Aug 7, 2004
Why doesn't the .blp file image appear?
Anyways, the skin looks good. Doesn't look like a crocodile though...
Useful...and... :shock: 2 kilobytes...:O
I was going to rate this a proper 3/5...but...since this site has a weird rating system, and everybody would flame me if I did rate it like that...I'll rate it a 4/5...
Level 11
Nov 9, 2004
well after lots of trial and error i fixed the skin.
its not realy a crocodile but more of a mutant crocodile.
its meant to be a creep so no team color.
i can give you a team color version through email if you need but this is menat for a creep.

If you dont like 3/5 just say 3.5/5
to me the overall rating of the skin doesnt matter just the comments and the ratings inside the comments