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Gaias Loader

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Level 8
Oct 2, 2011
I never liked having to open a text file and copy-paste codes whenever I want to load a hero, so I usually make a AutoHotKey script to make things less annoying. I'm not good at it, but even the slightest automation can make mundane tasks bearable - to lazy people like me anyway. So I thought I'd share my attempt.

1. Install AutoHotKey from here.

2. Give AutoHotkey admin rights.

3. Unpack the attached archive (which only contains the script) into the folder containing your gaias codes (something like war3/gaiasretaliation/your_name/).

4. Right-click Gaias Loader.ahk and click edit script. Check for malicious code (this should be done for any script you download).

5. Run the script (and add it to your startup folder if you dont want to manually run it every time you start your PC with the intention of playing gaias).

To load a code, type a keyword in the chatline then press space or enter.
Class - keyword:

Cleric - loadcleric
Bishop - loadbish
Monk - loadmonk

Magician - loadmage
Necromancer - loadnecro
Sorcerer - loadsorc

Ranger - loadranger
Druid - loaddruid
Hunter - loadhunter

Squire - loadsquire
Berserker - loadzerk
Crusader - loadcrus

Thief - loadthief
Assassin - loadsin
Bard - loadbard

The highest level code of that class will be loaded.
If you want to load at a specific level instead of the highest level, press CTRL+ALT+l then enter the class and level you want to load.

As you may have guessed, the codes have to be compatible for this script to work. This would be a good time to -comp all the codes you intend on using. I could add a way to comp instead of load but really now you can't be that lazy ~_~ .

This script disables scroll lock. Scroll lock will now suspend the script.

CTRL+ALT+g returns the string "Gaias Dungeon #". This is for b.net users. Get the current bot game number by /whois gaiasdungeon or looking at friendlist, go to custom games press CTRL+ALT+g then just type the game number.

CTRL+ALT+r sets an announce msg for ENT bots "RESTART WAR3 before joining this game to prevent desyncs!"

Theres also a few concise tips for newbies taking on foothills bosses for when you're too tired to type out detailed strategies, or just don't want to.
Boss - keyword

Hill Giant - hgnote
Gazrow Steamwrench - alchnote
Broodmother - bmnote
Gargoyle - gargnote


  • Gaias Loader.7z
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Level 3
Feb 27, 2014
I dont mind having to open notepad and copy paste the code so I dont think im gonna try this, but for lazy and new people I guess this is pretty useful :thumbs_up:
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