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Found a Bug in game

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Level 5
Jul 14, 2016
i found a interesting bug, but i cant find the way to tell blizzard about it.
Does anybody know how to report bugs?

my bad i checked replay of that game it has nothing to do with dreadlord or silence(i dont watch my hero very often), for some reason in that game my dark ranger hero became stuck.
I uploaded the replay it happens past 20 minute.
Dont tell me im bad at the game i know that, aslo my experience with players is bad so my chat isnt very good aswell.
Im the green guy.

If anybody here could tell me why my hero became stuck. In case it was just my internet, but i doubt that, since i could move with other units.

The silence sleep happened like minute before so i thought it was the problem..


  • bug.w3g
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Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
Is Silence not an AoE skill? If so how does sleeping one of the targets stun the Dark Ranger? Unless it gets her stuck in casting windup.

Might be a good idea to post replays where this occurs. Better yet would be if you can reliably recreate this bug in a custom map.
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