Female Model Needed

Level 2
Jul 8, 2004
Hi, I'm making an RPG. As you may have guessed, I am in need of a female model.
Here are the specifics. I need two actualy.
1: Human, Weaponless, Femenine figure (not like beastly woman kinda deal)
2: Elven (elf not nightelf, meaning human colored skin just pointy ears), Weaponless, Femenine figure

both of them id perfer if they didnt have sluttyish outfits on, like those little things where they only cover pretty much the breasts and just barely enough of the crotch area you know?

If anyone is willing to make these or tell me where i can get some like this i would greatly appreciate it and give you credit in the map. Thanks so much!

Oh and one more question. ANyone play dark lineage owen 3.0? if you do you would know of the elf male model in that game, Anyone know where to get it? cuz i am in need of a male elf model too.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated ^.^