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Fel Chaos of Gul'dan

Submitted by hakonwarcraft
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
The Chaos of The Legion

The map
I got the Idea from World of Warcraft
I have been watching some of the videos were Gul'dan has been lately so I wanted to make a map with demons and the highborne. The map contains a big forest with some goods waiting if you can find them. It can be demons with some good items or you could find something that will make you interested in the map. The Highborne and demons isnt the only that lurks around and can be payd.....Furbolgs and trolls is in service to.

The Chaos of Gul'dan

I have creeps all over the map so it should be enought to kill, the demons are the most powerfull in the map but so are the highborne if you know how to use the abilities.


I will add a hero for every playable race.

Human Hero: Blood Elf Demon Hunter
Undead: Sorcerer of Ghost
Orc: Felsworn
Night Elf: Druid of Life

Map created by Hakonwarcraft
Borrowed custom models:

Night elf Archer: By wingednosering
Night elf Sentinel: by 67chrome
ElvenArchCleric: by Elenai
Map overview: by Dark-Zalor
Blood elf Hero: by General Frank

Gul'dan, Highborne, Demon, Forest, Well, war of the old gods, Arcane, Altered melee, history, furbolgs, troll, trolls, furbolg, pit lord, war, big map

Fel Chaos of Gul'dan (Map)

21:31, 1st Nov 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: Needs fix on Daffa's review.
  1. This is surely not a melee map, but an Altered Melee at least.
  2. Daffa


    Jan 30, 2013
    Reserved for Review

    EDIT :

    Daffa the Mage Review on Fel Chaos of Gul'dan

    The presentation can use proper formatting. The current way it's written is way unpleasant for the eyes. You can check Map Description Generator in our Tools Section or Map Description Template (linked when you want to update the map, above the description box)

    Terrain is average, though lacks decoration in most area
    Skill 1 Demon Hunter (Human) missing Research Tooltip + Icon
    Description of custom units and heroes are lacking details
    Human Demon Hunter is a rip off from Night Elves one, with Mana Burn replaced with Cripple, and worse, Cripple only has 1 level and it's icon placement is inconsistent

    Custom Heroes can be made infinitely, and doesn't count to hero limit
    The creeps... Some are too powerful, those ones at gold mines can destroy most of my assault force in matter of seconds (either that or because I lack proper micro skills)
    There's nothing much new offered, making it feels like I'm playing nothing more but a normal melee map

    Details Spoilers Alert!
    Well, first off, not what impression on what I had in mind. I was expecting some serious overhaul out of the melee map but that's not what I get.

    The custom heroes are not that much of worth, nor the units, though I like the Spell Immunity the guard has, but it kinda imbalanced against Knights (those requirements and that chaos damage the guard has). The custom heroes and units seems to mostly uses default skills with little modifications, which is not pleasing at all.

    Next, I found ridiculously unhelping tooltips for custom stuffs. I was expecting, since this is an altered melee like map, that at least it has proper tooltips like Blizzard, or even better, a detailed one.

    I played as Human for this Review.

    FINAL SCORE : 8/30
    RATING : 1.33/5
    VOTING FOR : Rejection/Needs Fix/Approval

    Last edited: Oct 25, 2015