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[FBF] Skilled AI Creater (vJass)

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Level 13
Mar 19, 2010
Hallo hivers,

I want to create a AI for our mod "Forsaken Bastion's Fall", one of the hosted games here on hive.
I need help by anyone of you, who has experience in creating an AI for different things of our game.

For example: Learnig skills, use abilities, buy items, use it, run away, build towers on a lane ...

I'm planning 3-4 months for a first AI script with one of you.
and 5-10 months to optimize and improve the AI.


  1. Are you interested?
  2. jass/vJass is your mother language? :)
  3. You have time??? That's the most important question! Think about!!!

If yes, drop me a line in this thread!
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