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I will not stand down till hes perfected!

Demon, Hunter, Eragoth, evil, illidan, warrior, barbarian, king

EragothKING (Texture)

08:42, 20th Jun 2008 THE_END: Very good skin, the eyes are a bit..huge, but very nice




08:42, 20th Jun 2008
THE_END: Very good skin, the eyes are a bit..huge, but very nice
Level 4
Oct 10, 2004
His skin-tone is really, really wierd. It´s blue/purple on some places and red on some places, and even pink in the face(!).. Intentional?
Also, I don´t care that much for the texture used on the pants and feet. I think you´d do better without it.
I am still in the opinion of that his cheeks are hanging like a bulldogs cheeks. The eyes are to .. they have a too bored/lazy look.. maybe he is a little sleepy.
And when I think about it, the green parts on the weapon is a little bit off-theme. Don't get me wrong, I ain't trying to hurt you! I just want the same as you, a perfect skin. :wink:
Level 3
Jun 20, 2005
some things you should try to fix ^^

1. as goliath pointed out, whats up with those bulldog cheecks?
2. others were complaining about the weirst purplish-skin tone.
3.his face is kind of screwed up, and his forhead rinkles are like a really wrinley old mans face.
4. his eyes look like hes bored, like goliath said.

things to keep

1. that blade... is incredible
2. his metal arm

and just touch up everything else, and you have a great skin.