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Mar 25, 2011
First of all, I would like to say Epicenter is a spawn-based strategy map. We will get more into this a bit later...
Also, it's aimed at actually being playable by the masses who still play on Warcraft 3.
During the dark ages, a group of mystical Dwarves discovered a powerful artifact containing untold power. Foolishly they let their discovery go public. Upon hearing this, every foul creature, and ambitious hero embarked to the epicenter of the discovery, and to establish a complete dominance over the region.

-What is a "Spawn-Based" map exactly?
Well, its much like you control three bases to start out with. Each base has a array of units to choose from, and you purchase these units(or spawns) to fight for you. When you purchase a spawn, you will receive that said spawn every 50seconds of game time.

But it isnt that easy...

There are multiple Attack/Armor counters to be aware of. Good combinations, and bad combinations. You kill opposing units for gold, or destroy enemy "Bases" for gold, or capture them for your own use!

The goal of the game is complete conquest upon your enemies, and to either burn/capture every town on the map as necessary.

However, the idea was derived from a map by King_Leopold known as Broken Alliances. Leopold has since retired from Warcraft3, and I have taken it upon myself to make a even better map, with its own unique challenges and gameplay.

-Epicenter: A not so easy start...
It all started when my good friend Morse showed me a basic terrain layout of the map. Shortly after he left war3 to play AoE3. I then took it upon myself to complete the terrain, and got valuable feedback from key-(sorry it was a LONG time ago, i dont remember your name :C).
Then a good time break took place.
A good year after the original terrain work was done, I decided to finish the map. I added over 150 unique-custom units to the map, and edited their abilities, buffs, and spells. I've sought help along the way regarding triggers, and I'll talk a little bit more of what I need a bit later I promise :)

-Things I want
There are things I wish to have in the map, hopefully sooner or later, but it would complete the game.
1. A ffa/ally mode option.
2. Spawn system
3. Base/hero randomization, and scramblization.
4. Unique day/night abilites
5. Buyable flag carries(give auras)

-The loading screen
The loading screen for Epicenter is currently going to be worked on by Dragonson(Bladetitan Signatures).

The idea is of a classic blizzard loading screen, like alliance vs. horde, but with multiple races.

Ideas are welcome!

-What I need to be done for releasement:
1. Spawn system - I can go into more details if someone would like to do it :)

-What I need for my Project
1. A triggerer. Currently the only real obstacle for me to release this map is to come up with a spawn system. Any ideas/methods would also be helpful.
If anyone would like to help with this trigger, proper credits/rep would be given in the map.

Dont worry if you werent mentioned in helping me so far in this map, a full list of credits will be shown upon releasement.

I have also attached multiple screenshots - They are just meant to show the diversity of the map, but I assure you the terrain is very good.

Keep in mind, the terrain currently in this map is from Blizzard tools/models. There is NO Custom whatever in it... yet...

Thank you for reading! Support/constructive criticism is welcomed!


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