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Enemy units always attack my low health hero first

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Level 3
Mar 29, 2011
But it's very annoying :(
So there's no trigger to stop enemy units treating low health hero as a must-kill target?

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
They do it because it is a very logical thing to do.

If you have a group of units and have 3 targets.
1. A mage hero in red with 100 hp remaining and high damage.
2. A melee tanking hero with 5000 hp full green and high damage reduction and low damage.
3. Another mage hero in the green with 3000 hp and high damage.
Which would you attack for best results?

Obviously you kill off 1 before moving onto 3 and then onto 2. Attacking 2 will mean 2 mages will blast you with high DPS. Attacking 3 means that you will get high by high DPS from 2 mages for a while. Attacking 1 will nearly instantly kill him leaving you with 1 mage and a tank left.

This is why tank units are near usless in PvP unless you are forced to damage them.

The easiest solution to this is to keep the tank at lower health (as it has more healt to start with) and micro your hero so it is green. If you let your hero fall into the red health section or keep a tanking hero fully healed your hero diserves to die (as you are not playing well).

Ofcourse, you can trigger an agro system which ignores current health. This however would make seemingly stupid AI potentially even more stupid and easy to kill.

Other common mistakes are tanks with high agro that stand still to melee fighters. If you walk around with high agro you can take much less melee damage than letting you get surrounded and becomming a punching bag.
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