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Elite Captain Derivative (Lordaeron shield)

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
the captain model belongs to BurnedSmackdown you can get the icon from the link below
Link to BurnedSmackdown's model

the shield textures belong to @Barorque and @Tamplier from the CSW team Lordaeron Forces (CSW)

while the shield textures belong to @Barorque and @Tamplier from the CSW team i would also like to say (Fugrim) helped with me first finding the shield texture in the first place
on the placeholder screenshot models that were used were fugrim's blood elf full plate spellbreaker and footmen from better equipped humans
(Currently no great looking screenshots i am too busy with my Japanese class so i am currently busy until weekends once i get any free time i will try to get a better picture instead of the placeholder)

Elite Captain Derivative (Lordaeron shield) (Model)

portrait (Model)