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Egytian Illidanv2

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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*updated*i reworked the armour.. improved the texturing.My last illidan skin, i read the advice people gave me on my last skin, so i tried to do more than just recolour. This started off as a Garuda skin from Streetfighter Ex 2 Plus, but i just couldnt get the face right.. i thought it looked sorta egyptiany.. so i changed it.Features:Doesnt have the antenae thingyHollow blades... cool stuffDoesnt havve that ugly panda thingWings are skeletal like, i thought it looked nifty...got eyes.. theyre pretty ugly _ _"Comments plz...

Egytian Illidanv2 (Texture)

THE_END: Mainly recolor, CNP And some really weird freehand Does NOT go together at all




THE_END: Mainly recolor, CNP
And some really weird freehand
Does NOT go together at all
Level 7
Oct 2, 2004
nice skin.
3.5/5. everything is good besides the mask on the face, the hollow blades and and the lack of ANYTHING instead of the panda you alphad out.
Pans look excelent, but sadly, they aremostly recolored.
the armor on his legs is nice.
So is the body armor.
Overall nice, but needs more freehand. (Or at least a change of some sort)
Keep it up. 3.5/5.
Level 3
Aug 31, 2004
Its good but i think you can change
1.The "wings" should be real "wings"
2.You can change the gems/clothes and all the things yellow or orange for more looking egyptian