Editing Thrall model

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Level 5
Sep 22, 2011
Hi, feel free to correct me if its not possible or achievable to do this, but i would really like if someone could edit Thrall and Derivatives namely the Thrall (Snowsong Mount) model.

I feel the thrall model lacks variety, so if its possible, adding another attack animation and dividing his spell animation(since its to long) into 2 different spell animations would do the trick. The first spell animation could be him just lifting the hammer with both hands (the first part of his standard spell animation), and the second one him lifting the hammer with one hand two times (basically the second part of his standard spell animation).

If you really feel accommodating, adding another spell animation in which he points his hammer forward while eminating effects similar to the standard Far Seer (think Far Seer spell chain animation), would be a perfect cherry on top.
Not open for further replies.