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Easy Request - different textured blocks

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Level 10
Oct 2, 2005
Thanks for reading this.

I need three textured blocks, for my Dungeon Keeper 2 map.
I tried so hard doing them, but I can't help using many textures for this model.

The Cityscape/Dalaran short wall end is almost square. I want it to be exactly square in X and Y, but a bit taller than a cube in Z, and have the dungeon cliff textures, the manmade and the natural one. The third should be the natural cliff texture with some gold ingots every surface of it.
In the top of the manmade block there should be a teamcolor thing, like it shows in the screenshot, in the natural blocks, no.
I did the manmade block and the natural block, they are already attached here, but they don't work in World Editor. Please fix them and do the other one.
If possible, raise the quality of the texture, since the "Textures\CityStructures.blp" texture used is of very low resolution.

Link to the models:

Idea Screenshot:(red is teamcolor)

Thanks in advance.


  • screenshotdbe.PNG
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