Duplicate Spell

Level 19
Aug 13, 2013
but spell steal is steal last used spell from an unit
if you can modify it, jakezinc.. make it steal random spell from an unit
remember credits though

I can't do that :((. Maybe registering and make a list of ALL SPELLS IN THE SPECIFIC HERO like example Blood Mage: It has a spell Flame Strike, Banish, Phoenix and Drain Life, so that abilities will need to registered and the hero unit too then make a variable integer that Math Random - between 1 and 4. Make a spell targeted unit then make a trigger then make an ITE Condition that if the Unit Type is desired hero then Unit - Add Ability ( Math - Random between 1 and 4 ). This is instant spell and not like missile in the DotA ( Rubick SS ). Actually without missile I can do such that.
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
The work needed is more tedious than Rubick's mechanics where you would steal the last cast ability rather than randomize it.

You're gonna need a Hashtable for this, to save each existing abilities for all the Heroes in the game.

Also, don't tell me you can steal passives too ?