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download all attachments from pastebin

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Level 23
Apr 16, 2012
So yeah, my entry in pastebin has around 60 images now, of my map(works in progress), and since I am working on this map on two different computers, I dont have all the screens on one of them. And one could argue its not hard to get them here, but there are more extreme cases where you could've uploaded bunch of images into pastebin from somewhere completly random, and you will have no way to copy them to your personal computer.

Therefore, I think some button like "download all attachments", which would maybe zip all pastebin entries and nicely hand it to me, would be quite good, even tho I understand this would have potential for some unneeded perforamance hit on the server, but I dont think people would run around downloading attachments from pastebins all the time.

+ I could theroteically do this already, but with the difference that it would take me potentially few hours, because I have to open each image(in my case), and then right click and download(cause Im lazy piece of shit to do it from the pastebin straight), which actually causes more work on the server, than simple download as.

Whether this fails or succeeds, thanks for your time.
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