Dota Frenzy NG 7.31

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
The map is a mix of the famous Footmen Frenzy and Dota maps. You can choose one of the many new and cool heroes from the taverns, or you can focus only on building armies and hire creeps.
The variety of heroes is big and there is many cools spells and tactics to be tried in this new and different Dota Like Frenzy map!.

The goal is to defeat the enemies base.

Scourge and Sentinel have been in war for ages, the final battle is near and Roshan has moved his forced to the Angolm Forrest. Time is running out. If the Scourge and Sentinel fail to find a true leader of the living, Roshan will grap his chance to take over the world of living!

Typing: -zoom will zoom out your Camera Distance.
Modes: -AR, -AP and -Repick.
2012. - Feedback: [email protected] or Stimmedmarine on

Credits: HatoUP and Icefrog.

Dota Footmen frenzy RPG Action AoS Adventure RTS Huge Big Battle Defend of Ancients Good vs evil Defence

Dota Frenzy NG 7.31 (Map)

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Level 4
Aug 26, 2012
yet another DotA map. is that what you got for ur map from that description? u need to tell us more.

//i might give a feedback once i have time to play ltr on.