Display Text woes

Level 5
Feb 27, 2009
I have two problems with displaying text that I cannot solve. I didn't see anything in the search so maybe I am just stupid on this.

Here are the two ways I am trying to display text.

The first:

I have a shop that everyone on the team can see and use (don't have to be near it). It uses the train units and delete that unit to simulate the upgrade. I want it to say: "Player X has upgraded the swords!" While I can find the trigger to pin down the owner of the unit (that was deleted), I cannot write any text afterward. So I end up with text messages either of the player who did the upgrade or the rest of the text message (which is worthless without the player name).

The second:

When a hero gets killed, I want it to list the killing hero and the killed hero (public shame and all!).

I know how to get the killed by and killing options, but how do you stuff that into the display text trigger and have it let you put down text?

Currently, I have multiple display text triggers for just one message. And it looks bad. So any way how I can do these two things with just one action, I will be rep giving. =)