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Denmark bans 59 dog breeds

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Level 23
May 19, 2008
Personally, I love dogs. And I am of the opinion, that a dog, if treated correctly, can be a great pet, even if it is bred to be a killer.

Denmark started out banning 13 dog breeds. Now they have banned 59 in total. These breeds are bred to fight, and therefor they are banned.
Even though the golden retriever is the dog involved in most bitting accidents world wide, this dog is still legal.
If you have a dog of this breed, and you had it before the law was made, you are allowed to keep it, but it needs to have a muzzle on when outside.
If however the dog gets puppies, you have until the legal age of sending them away from home, to find a place in another country where you can send them. If not, they get put down.
I think it's stupid, banning the dog breeds. I would much rather see that maybe people who wants to buy a breed like those that are banned, gets put up for validation, before they can buy a dog like that.

What do you think? And what is your countries laws on dog breeds?

Here is the list:

1. Akita inu (Japan)

2. Alano Español

3. Alpha blue blood bulldog

4. Alto de Can Estude

5. American Akita

6. American Bulldog

7. American molos ( bandog)

8. Amstaff (American Staffordshireterrier)

9. Australien bandog

10. Australien bully dane

11. Australien pardogge

12. Bandog Bandogge

13. Boerboel

14. Bull Terrier + Bull Terrier miniature

15. Bullmastiff

16. Bully kutta (Afghan)

17. Ca de Bestiar

18. Ca de bou - mallorca bulldog

19. Cane Corso Italiano

20. Centralasiatisk ovtcharka

21. Cimarrón uruguayo (Molos)

22. Dobermann

23. Dogo Argentino

24. Dogue Brasileiro

25. Dogue Canario

26. Dogue de Bourdeux

27. Dosa (Sydkorea)

28. English bulldog

29. English bullterrier

30. English mastiff

31. English Staffordshire UK

32. Fila Brasilleiro

33. Great Japanese Dog

34. Guatemalan bull terrier

35. Guay malan bull terrier

36. Gull terrier (Pakistan/Afghanistan)

37. Irish staffordshire terrier

38. Italian pardog

39. Kangal, (Anatolsk hyrdehund)

40. Kaukasisk ovtcharka

41. Komondor

42. Mastiff

43. Mastin de los pirineos.

44. Mastin Espanol

45. Mastino napolitano

46. Miniature Bullterrier

47. Olde boston bulldogge

48. Olde english bulldogge

49. Ovcharka (voldakov)

50. Pit Bull Terrier

51. Rottweiler

52. Rhodesian ridgeback (For lion hunting)

53. Sarplaninac

54. Shar pei (Kina)

55. Sydrussisk ovtcharka

56. Tibetanion mastiff

57. Tornjak

58. Tosa inu

59. Aano
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