Defenders of the Light (Act II released)

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Current Version: 0.46


During the making of this campaign, the game went through multiples updates. Unfortunately, with many things that happened during that time and with Reforged right now, we can't play this campaign with the newest version of the game. Defenders of the Light is now best compatible with only version 1.26, 1.27, 1.28 and 1.29. You may encounter some crashes here and there (through avoidable if you reload the save enough times) if you play with version 1.30+.

1) Download the campaign
2) Place the file into your Warcraft III/Campaigns folder, or My Documents/Warcraft 3/Campaigns for patch 1.28 or 1.29
2) Don't rename the campaign file or the map transition may not work
3) Play the campaign

Inspired by The Founding of Durotar Campaign, yet unsatisfied by how short but fascinating the campaign was, this campaign aims to create a bigger world with more areas and various styles of gameplay. Note that the campaign follows none of the Warcraft or World of Warcraft lore. It takes place at a different world despite using the names of some of the same characters in Warcraft.
This campaign was first developed based on the idea of gameplay and exploration. Even though the Rexxar Campaign was amazing, it was kinda short for my taste. For the longest time, I have always wanted to create a campaign like that but bigger and more diverse in term of gameplay. My first thoughts were to make as many maps as possible. Therefore, more play-styles can be implemented such as regular RTS games, defense games, arena games, puzzles, MOBA, mini-games and many more, into only one single campaign. And here it is, this RPG campaign is the result of that.

Campaign Official Website

Campaign in the style of The Founding of Durotar with many unique elements
Defenders of the Light aims to provide something beyond the experience of the original Warcraft 3 and the Founding of Durotar. It has many unique minigames and contents that you may get pleasantly surprised about. It may look like a typical Warcraft 3 campaign at the start, but the changes only show themselves gradually the deeper you dive into the campaign.

An original, beautiful and impactful storyline which was written to touch your heart
Growing up, I always love the kind of stories that realistically portrait the characters as real human beings, with goodnesses and flaws. Therefore, I created this story with the same mindset in mind. Great movies and games successfully touched my heart in the past. Great works of art always give me the experiences I could never forget. I hope Defenders of the Light will do the same thing to you.

More than 16 playable maps for Act I and more than 12 playable maps for Act II
After completing The Founding of Durotar, I was a bit disappointed of how few the maps are, and also got even more disappointed in the later Acts that the number of maps not only shrinks but the story also becomes more linear. I created this campaign not with the intention to surpass The Founding of Durotar. I only created what I wanted to play, something bigger, something I could enjoy a lot more. Unlike the map layout of The Founding of Durotar, which has one main map and some submaps around it, the maps in Defenders of the Light do not structure the same way. You'll know it when you play it.

Custom units and custom AI, adding new layers of complexity and skills on top of the original Warcraft 3
If Warcraft 3 is made simply for RTS, then the original unit attacking patterns (move, attack, cast spells) are fine with me. However, RPG formulas require the game to be more complex and compelling. Defenders of the Light starts out like any a typical Warcraft 3 campaign with normal units doing what normal units do in Warcraft 3. It gets more complicated as time goes on as it will require more control on your part. You will see the full result of my vision with custom units and AIs in the Second Act.

Many unique boss fights. Many of them are difficult yet memorable
Beside the story, the boss fights in this campaign will be the most memorable feature you'd ever experience. I was so proud of creating the bosses in the second Act. They are challenging, beautiful, phenomenal and most memorable.

Map transition system - Most maps can be traveled back and forth
This feature itself is quite rare of a feature for a custom campaign on HIVE. To me it's quite hard to find a campaign like The Founding of Durotar that utilizes the map transition system. Most campaigns have you play from one map to another without coming back to the previous maps to progress with the story. Defenders of the Light does that which makes it distinctively an RPG campaign. With this system, you can do some interesting things with it that other campaigns cannot.














Models CreditsIcons CreditsSkins CreditsMiscellaneous Credits

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Arceus Battle Theme Remix by Luigigigas
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"Gods Bounded by Rules" by Keiichi Okabe
"Dispossession (Piano)" by Keiichi Okabe
"Sir Alonne" by Yuka Kitamura
"Faltering Prayer" by Keiichi Okabe
SFX Boing2 from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
SFX Monster Growl by thecheeseman
SFX NotEnoughMineral from Starcraft II
SFX Toxic Goo by Mike Koenig
SFX GehrmanAttack01 from Bloodborne

Special Thanks
They were this campaign's testers. I learned that campaign testing is not only about bug finding and bug fixing. They have done a lot more than that. They contributed a lot of suggestions and ideas to develop the campaign greatly. The scripts of the campaign were also rewritten and improved greatly by them. If you see the version of this campaign when it first came out in the Map Developement section in 2017, you may be surprised of the big difference between that version and the version you have now. All I'm saying is that without their help and you guys' support, this campaign may not have happened. I could never have done this by myself. Thanks to all, it is finally here. Thank you very much.


v0.46 04/04/2021

v0.45 03/25/2021

v0.41 01/08/2020

v0.39 12/23/2019

v0.34 04/12/2019

v0.33 10/26/2018

v0.32 08/23/2018

v0.31 08/19/2018

v0.30 07/21/2018

v0.29 07/16/2018

v0.28 07/15/2018

v0.16 08/12/2017

v0.14 08/02/2017

v0.11 07/27/2017

v0.10 07/26/2017

- Fixed a major transition problem caused by entering Abyssal Swarm.


General Changes/Fixes
  • Stashes are now automatically available in most maps
  • Many fixes and changes in items
  • Fixed and spawning and reinforcements in Act I final boss

ACT I Changes/Fixes
  • Map3 Merc Camps now only have lower leveled units available
  • Map3 Chen and Darak are no longer moved at strange locations after Loss Cinematic
  • Map4A Synchronized cinematic with music
  • Map5 Stash is now available at ResurrectionStone
  • Map5 Removed True Sight from Shade Firecallers
  • Map5 Fixed Necromancers can't raise dead ver1.29+
  • Map6 Stash is now available at outpost
  • Map6 Fixed Necromancers can't raise dead ver1.29+
  • Map6 Removed True Sight from Shade Firecallers
  • Map10 Other heroes now raised level to 10 (from 5)
  • Map13 Stash is now available at ResurrectionStone
  • Map14 Stash is now available at ResurrectionStone
  • Map21 Fixed Necromancers can't raise dead ver1.29+
  • Map23 The number of Unholy Titans in phase 2 should always be higher than 0
  • Map23 Litmitd the number of reinforcement units available at a time
  • Map23 Synchronized final cinematic with music

ACT II Changes/Fixes
  • Map16 Reduced damage of some allied units by 30%
  • Map17 Improved the Northern terrain
  • Map17 Reduced Health of Resurrected Barrows Fel Stalker
  • Map17 Added Food to Rescue Cargo units
  • Map17 Thunder Lizards' Slam ability are scaled to their appropriate levels now
  • Map17 Changed Mina's name to Liz
  • Map19 Stash is now available at ResurrectionStone
  • Map19 Added a Warning before the mission
  • MAP20 NEW MAP! (Act II)
  • Map25 Stash is now available at ResurrectionStone
  • Map26 Stash is now available at ResurrectionStone
  • Map26 Sira Upgrades quest complete prior to completion fix
  • Map26 Sira Health starts with 1800 Each upgrade adds 150
  • Map26 Rebalanced Chen, Darak and Adias sections
  • Map26 Fixed no talky on Mathong after pickaxe
  • Map26 Made allies invulnerable
  • Map27 Stash is now available at ResurrectionStone
  • Map28 Stash is now available at the outpost
  • Map28 Increase Attack dmg of Polar Bear to about 200
  • Map29 Stash is now available at ResurrectionStone
  • Map29 4 golem holdout are replaced to be hp balanced
  • Map29 Removed RunedGolem in CineBoss Victory Cinematic
  • Map29 Boss2 now boss summons skeleton instead
  • Map29 Blade Challenge 02, removed Locust ability
  • Map29 Fixed HealthDrainArea
  • Map29 Turned Off GiantChaosGolemDies, remove Cast Iron Token item
  • Map29 Replaced Golem Patrols with instakill Glaives
  • Map29 PatrolGlaives (left) removed 2. ended up 2 instead of 4
  • Map29 Added NPCs and Optional Quest(s)
  • Map29 Improved Boss01End Cinematic
  • Map29 New Boss and new area
  • Map30 Stash is now available at ResurrectionStone
  • Map40 Stash is now available at the outpost
  • MapC4 Removed Mana and Increase cooldown of Fan of Knives

Unit Changes/Fixes
  • Adias Avatar of Judgement reduced attack range to 900 (from 1000)
  • Adias Avatar of Judgement Increased Cooldown for AOE Ability to 8s (from 5s)
  • Adias Increased Cooldown of Holy Order to 280s (from 220s)
  • Adias Adjust Avatar of Judgement's dmg in ability's description
  • Adias Avatar of Judgement reduced speed to 280 (from 320)
  • Darak Reduced damage scaling of Spirit Wolves in the later levels

Item Changes/Fixes
  • Item New Item Swordman's Crest
  • Item New Item Frost Spear
  • Item New Item Killmaim
  • Item New Item Tempering Glaive
  • Item New Item Manathirst Wand
  • Item New Item Frontliners
  • Item New Item Shamanic Armor
  • Item New Item Rune of Strenth
  • Item New Item Mammoth Belt
  • Item New Item Makrura Emblem
  • Item New Item Makrura Magic Shell
  • Item New Item Maneater's Finger
  • Item New Item Deadman's Chest
  • Item New Item Barbossa's Lullaby
  • Item New Item Zero Eclipse
  • Item New Item Steel Dust
  • Item New Item Steel Crown
  • Item Removed Ring of Greed from Hard difficulty
  • Item Wraith Band Reduces Int and Str Buff to 2 (from 3)
  • Item Warrior's Bracer Reduced Agi and Int Buff to 2 (from 3)
  • Item Null Talisman Reduced Str and Agi Buff to 2 (from 3)
  • Item Arcanite Token now costs 140 mana to use
  • Item Greater Kochura Incense Increases Mana Reduction to 450 (from 350)
  • Item Scroll of Speed Increased duration to 45s (from 10s)
  • Item Khadgar's Pipe of Insight is now available in Map20
  • Item Khadgar's Gem of Health is now available in Map20
  • Item Gloves of Haste now reduces attack damage by 6 (from 3)
  • Item Bladebane Armor now reduces Int by 2
  • Item Crown of Kings now reduces hp and mana by 150
  • Item Medallion of Courage now reduces Agi by 2
  • Item Warsong's Battle Drum now reduces wearer's dmg by 5
  • Item Primal Essence now reduces armor by 5
  • Item Soul Redemption now reduces Intelligence by 8
  • Item Deep Sea Sceptor now costs 120 mana to cast (from 85)
  • Item Pendant of Energy now reduces health by 50
  • Item Pendent of Mana now reduces health by 85
  • Item Royal Armor reduced armor increasement to 18 (from 20)
  • Item Rusty Mining Pick reduced chance of stun to 10% (from 15%)
  • Item Charm of Maneater now has 18% to deal 20% normal damage and reduces agility by 8
  • Item Health Boots now reduces mana regen by 1 mana per second
  • Item Headdress Increase Hit point regen to +2 -5 (from 1)
  • Item Seimos' War Axe only stuns Heroes for 5 seconds (from 10)
  • Item Firehand Guantlets now reduces damage by 10
  • Item Wand of Mana Regeneration no longer provides 100 mana bonus
  • Item Limit Seimos' War Axe to 1
  • Item Limit Arcanite Shield to 1
  • Item Ashborn Flower Change description
  • Item Life Sucker change name to Life Leech
  • Item Cleansing Shield now increases mana by 100 (from 200)
  • Item Flame Strike Staff now costs 50 mana to cast
  • Item Crown of the Deathlord now reduces Intelligence by 6
  • Item Helm of Battlethirst no longer increases strength by 4
  • Item Murloc's Goop now slow enemy's attack for only 3s (from 20s) and reduces armor by 10
  • Item Ring of the Necromancer reduced mana regeneration for nearby units to 0.5mana/s (from 0.25mana/s)
  • Item Ring of the Necromancer reduced Intelligence bonus to 5 (from 8)
  • Item Kochura Incense now increases mana regen by 30% but decreases hp regen by 3hp/s
  • Item Greater Kochura Incense now increases mana regen by 60% but decreases hp regen by 6hp/s
  • Map7 Replaced Manual of Health Ground Pickup with Manual of Health +20
  • Map9 Replaced Manual of Health drop with Manual of Health +20
  • Map11 Replaced Tome of Strength drop with Rune of Restoration
General Changes/Fixes
  • Act II Intro Map is available
  • Increased time before creeps respawn on most maps
  • Implemented Novels
  • Map25 Decreased Help Room Chance
  • Map28 Edit Terenas Cinematic
  • Map31 Increased Blink mana cost to 35 (from 25)
  • Map31 Updated Credits

Unit Changes/Fixes
  • Adias Reduced Avatar of Judgement base damage to 47/81/121 (from 78/135/202)
  • Sira model no longer has long ears
  • Map26 Create appropriate colors for Power Generators Green/Yellow

Item Changes/Fixes
  • Item New Item Phoenix's Blue Feather
  • Item New Item Sundering Glaive
  • Item New Item Novel: Seimos
  • Item New Item Sacred Rune Blade
  • Item New Item Stout Shield
  • Item Reduced Wraith Band, Warrior's Bracer, Null Talisman's bonus stats to 3 and 5 (from 3 and 7)
  • Item Removed Health Booth from Zheidland Armory
  • Item Replaced Crown of Kings from Moka Quest with Stout Shield
ACT I and General
General Changes/Fixes

  • MapIntro Fixed some grammar mistakes
  • Map3 Removed Lots of Tomes of Intelligence/Strength/Agility
  • Map3 Solaire now drops any items he carries after completing the quest
  • Map4 Add stash into Shimmer Coastal for purchase and use
  • Map5 Removed some Tomes of Intelligence/Strength/Agility
  • Map9 Make Ghostmage invulnerable
  • Map11 Chen uses Breath of Fire when his hp is less than 40% instead of 30%
  • Map11 Mini Bosses and Voidwalkers no longer respawn
  • Map11 FlameStrike areas are off after unlocking the final doors
  • Map14 Remove summons for Staff of Teleportation exploit
  • Map15 Remove victory cinemtic if the quillboar defense game is replayed
  • Map15 Kodo beast cost no gold
  • MapC1 Button is now visible after activation

Unit Changes/Fixes
  • Adias' Judgement Strike buff now has the right icon
  • Chen Changed name of Berserk to Drunken Furry
  • Chen Drunken Furry reduced base mana to 65-100 (from 85-130)
  • Unit Fel Stalker removed Mana Burn ability and change attack type to Normal (from Chaos)
  • Insurgent Changed model

Item Changes/Fixes
  • Item Primal Essence can only be obtained twice in Act I and once in Act II now
  • Item Vindicator Belt can only be obtained once in Act I now
  • Item Cloak of Fire can only be obtained once in Act I now
  • Item New Items Small/Medium/Large Health Elixir
  • Item Scroll of the Beast now increases Attack Damage by 50% and lasts 30s, AOE Area is 400 (from 500)
  • Item New Item Scroll of the Monster
  • Item New Items Small/Medium/Large Mana Elixir
  • Item Blood Ring has a new icon
  • Item Piercing Armor fixed description
  • Item Spear of Crystal Rain Increased Mana Cost to 110 (from 65)
  • Item Murloc Staff now costs 85 mana (from 0) to cast

General Changes/Fixes

  • Map16 Fixed An Uninvited Guest quest with questreq and discover
  • Map16 Fixed Demon run somewhere else in cinematic
  • Map16 Change Items Sold from Reiner's Shop
  • Map17 Add Stash as reward after completing Thrall's quests
  • Map17 Reduce number of Stalkers in the initial packs
  • Map17 Adjust allied heroes' stats, item and hp
  • Map17 Remove rock chunks blocking way to Mold Valley
  • Map17 Turn on Mold Valley transitioning
  • Map17 Choose the right items for Camp Shop
  • Map17 Reduced hit points and damage of Quest Rescue's unit
  • Map17 Added Shaman, Footman, Knight and Priest into Barracks with better description
  • Map19 Earth, Storm, Fire now disabled and enabled properly for quest
  • Map19 Mammoth 2nd and 3rd fight has no more unrelated cinematic
  • Map26 Remove Optional quest rescued unit going into Sira's session
  • Map26 Designate custom respawn for supporting units in Adias' session
  • Map28 Removed Tome of Intelligence and Tomes of Strength
  • Map29 Fixed platform puzzle bug
  • Map29 Fixed some pathing issues
  • Map31 Replaced Light Strike effect with Mythic's one
  • Map34 New Map Added
  • Map40 Added Cloak of Blaze crafting quest
  • Map40 Fix boss loses color after restart
  • Map40 Make player treat creeps as neutral during cinematic

Unit Changes/Fixes
  • Unit Giant Magnataur increased base health to 22000 (from 18000)
  • Map28 Increased Magnataur Normal War Stomp to 650 (from 400)
  • Map28 Increased Magnataur Hook War Stomp to 450 (from 150)
  • Map28 Increased Reika's Surrounding Wave to 500/620/740 (from 500/580/660)

Item Changes/Fixes
  • Item Cloak of Flames can only be obtained once in each shop in Act II, but can be dropped from enemies
  • Item Changed Life Sucker's description
  • Item New Item Magic Ivory
  • Item New Item Life Sucker
  • Item New Item Belt of Power
  • Item New Item Blue Tearstone Ring
  • Item New Item Kaleo's Magic Shield
  • Item Enchanted War Axe changed name to Seimos' War Axe
  • Item Medallion of Darkhaven decreased life bonus to 400 (from 500)
  • Item Belt of Power Change stats 6% (from 5%) and 1000hp random dmg (from 450hp)
  • Item Cloak of Flames can only be obtained once in each shop in Act II, but can be dropped from enemies
General Changes/Fixes
  • Revamped Level Cap system
  • Map1 Removed awkward long pause in cinematic
  • Map2 Fixed Buri can't activate quests
  • Map3 Ancient Sasquatch now drops Tome of Agility instead of Tome of Knowledge
  • Map4A Now can skip long cinematic
  • Map9 Fixed Buri not activate some minigames
  • Map11 Removed awkward long pause in cinematic
  • Map11 Added some more rewards into Memory Circles minigame
  • Map14 Fixed Buri can't activate contraptions
  • Map14 Makrura Abomination's ability now works on Buri
  • Map23 Now can skip long cinematic
  • MapC1 Added Spiky Plate, Tenerious Armor and Noxious Blade to Item Shop

Unit Changes/Fixes
  • Hero Chen Earth's Spell Immunity is replaced with Hardened Skin with IgnoredDmg: 12/22/30
  • Hero Chen now has a new ability Bererk - boosting attack speed but Chen takes more damage
  • Hero Chen Drunken Brawler now only has 8 levels

Item Changes/Fixes
- Item Frozen Core now reduces wearer armor by 10
General Changes/Fixes
  • Heroes gain only 25% experience from kills after one of them reaches lv22.
  • Buri’s Banish ability has been replaced by Holy Heal – a self-heal ability which works like Clarity Potion.
  • The terrain of Longpass Valley has been improved. It looks prettier now.

Detailed Changes/Fixes
  • Map1 Sellers, Paul and Reiner are now invulnerable
  • Map2 Buri and other heroes should be able to give the Vial
  • Map4 Grunt no longer decays when he dies in cinematic
  • Map5 Disable Chen dialogues if he's not there
  • Map6 Cairne now has Reincarnation
  • Map6 Thrall now can summon wolves
  • Map6 Increased creep respawn time to 200s (from 110s)
  • Map7 Disabled Invisible Bridge
  • Map9 Make Sheep invulnerable
  • Map9 Fix Buri bug in Unit Testing System
  • Map9 Increased the difficulty of Bandit Quest
  • Map9 Delicious Meat is now stored as variables instead of item
  • Map9 Chamber Key and Musical Core are now stored as variables instead of items
  • Map9 The game now clears text messages for Spider Crab meat updates
  • Map9 Extended the time Ghostly Archmage appears till 10:00PM (was 9:00PM)
  • Map9 Make Neutral heroes invulnerable
  • Map11 Fixed Karim+Boss Door bug
  • Map11 Double doors to secret item are now invulnerable
  • Map14 Increased rate of password drop
  • Map14 Decreased minigame upgrade cost to 300/300/300/200 (from 600/600/600/400)
  • Map14 Gargantuan Sea Turtle in middle of map can now cast Frost Armor
  • Map14 Lock camera during Egg Minigame
  • Map14 Make the whole room visible during Egg Minigame
  • Map14 Expanded reward roster for Phoenix Egg Minigame to 46 (from 25)
  • Map15 Blocked walkable paths
  • Map15 Increased creep respawn time to 240s (from 170s)
  • Map21 A Stash will be available at the end of the map
  • Map21 The Undead base now treat Neutral Hostiles as Neutral
  • Map22 Unrelenting Towers now give 150 gold each
  • Map22 Gryphon Riders no longer require Castle
  • Map22 Gryphon Riders increased max hp to 1600 (from 1300)
  • Map22 Gryphon Riders increased gold cost to 280 (from 250)
  • Map23 Artilleries can no longer hit Obelisks
  • Act II Improved final boss fight - final phase
  • Rum for Friend and Broken Music no longer appear in every map

Unit Changes/Fixes
  • Hero Buri Reduced Flame Strike's FullDmgDealt to 15/22.5/30 (from 15/26.67/36.67)
  • Hero Buri Reduced Flame Strike's AOE to 160 (from 200)
  • Hero Buri Reduced Mana Siphon's ManaDrained to 20/30/40 (from 25/50/75)
  • Hero Buri Reduced Mana Siphon's ManaTransferredPerSec to 30/60/90 (from 45/90/120)
  • Hero Buri Increased Mana Transfer's ManaTransferRatio to 1.0/1.3/1.6 (from 1.0/1.2/1.4)
  • Hero Buri Replaced Banish with Holy Heal
  • Hero Adias has a new icon
  • Map3 Remove Alpha/Beta after Mercs' name

Item Changes/Fixes
  • Item Cloak of Flames/Cloak of Fire no longer deal damage to neutral units
  • Item New Item Tenebrious Armor
  • Item New Item Spiky Plate
- Public Release

General Changes/Fixes
  • Map2 Quest givers now have exclamation mark on their heads
  • Map2 Empty Vial can be removed from any hero's inventory for quest
  • Map3 Replaced a Rune of Lesser Resurrection with Rune of Spirit Link
  • Map3 Removed some boulders for shortcut
  • Map7 Removed occlusion from some tree
  • Map13 Added Hint about Lever Keepers
  • Map15 Shamans are now recruitable during Quillboar Quest
  • Map15 Added a new cinematic
  • Map22 Removed Castle requirement for Gryphon Rider Upgrades
  • Map23 Use no bleed models for Adias, Darak, Chen

Unit Changes/Fixes
  • Map1 Changed name of Gnoll Hut to Forest Troll Hut
  • Map3 Made 2 Bears (Level 1) Can Raise, Does Decay
  • Map3 Almost all Murlocs now can swim (Done)
  • Map3 Reduced Centaur Firecaller's Slow Aura MoveSpdFactor to -0.4 (from -0.6)
  • Map9 Reduced Centaur Firecaller's Slow Aura MoveSpdFactor to -0.4 (from -0.6)
  • Map9 Alad and Maranda are now invulnerable
  • Map21 Jimmy now drops something
  • Map22 Priests are now fully upgraded
  • Map22 Increased Arthas and Musko's health
  • Hero Chen Fix Ultimate Tooltip
  • Hero Chen Fix Breath of Fire Tooltip

Item Changes/Fixes
  • Item Claws of Attack now reduces mana while equipped
  • Item Boots of Speed now reduces 8 armor while equipped
  • Item Gloves of Haste now reduces attack damage by 3
  • Item Greater Kochura Incense now reduces mana cap by 350 (from 400)
  • Item Frost Wyrm Skull Shield reduces Spell Damage Reduction to 20% (from 33%)
  • Item Frost Wyrm Skull Shield Hero takes extra 8 damage from melee attacks
  • Item Ankh of Reincarnation now revives heroes with 1200 hp
  • Item Frozen Core reduced price to 1700 (from 1900)
  • Item Frozen Core now reduces wearer armor by 5
  • Item New Item Noxious Dagger

Known Issues
  • Sometimes you'll notice unit's shadows on some maps, ignore them.
  • Sometimes enemies spawn behind trees
Patch 1.30 Known Issues
  • Although some cinematics are not meant to be skipped, skipping some skippable cinematics may not work properly or may break the game.
  • Some tooltips are not fully displayed.
General Changes/Fixes
  • Improved all dialogues in the campaign
  • Distributed Kaleo Quest for Act I and its Quest Sync
  • Distributed Kaleo Quest Progress for Act I Export/Import
  • MapC1 Added
  • Credits map added
  • Map3 Reterrained
  • Map3 Created final Buri event
  • Map3 Made Rock Chunks near the Force Wall invulnerable
  • Map3 Fixed ToCity cinematic
  • Map3 Added critters
  • Map3 Created a small area of visibility at Barracks when Hinting at it
  • Map4 Fixed opens between trees which heroes can pass through
  • Map4 Rewards are created at heroes locations after killing the Colossal Turtles instead
  • Map4 Fixed Darkwood Totem keeps showing up even though the map is unlocked
  • Map4 Colossal Sea Turtle now drops Circlet of Nobility instead of Claws of Attack +9
  • Map4 Added critters
  • Map4 Added Pack13
  • Map6 Fixed Heroes go through buildings
  • Map6 Paused the other heroes while one hero is in Dark Souls battle
  • Map6 Fixed Talky Effects for quest givers
  • Map6 Changed Achievement into legit quest with quest reqs
  • Map8 Changed enemies' models and names
  • Map9 Reterrained
  • Map9 New Quest Precious Information
  • Map9 Remade Info Man event
  • Map9 Fixed Buri not in cinematics
  • Map9 Removed Koron after the fight so that he doesn't show up in cine
  • Map9 history event fixed quest completion message. Give them Quest Reqs as well
  • Map11 Improved Terrain
  • Map13 Fixed lighting
  • Map13 Disabled Shade of the Deep event
  • Map14 Disabled Staff of Teleportation
  • Map14 Blocked certain pathways
  • Map14 Increased password drop rate
  • Map15 Reterrained
  • Map15 Fel Orc Warlocks now only drop tomes +1
  • Map15 Removed exceeding Murlocs
  • Map15 Added critters
  • Map23 Fixed game crash upon losing

Unit Changes/Fixes
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement increased Mana Transfer ratio to 1.8 from 1.5
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement increased mana regen rate to 4/5/6 (from 4/4/4)
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement decreased mana cost for Mana Shield to 40/40/40 (from 180/290/405)
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement Mana Shield lasts 20s with each cast and has 25s cooldown
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement increased ManaPerHitpoint to 3/5/7 (from 3/3/3)
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement now starts with mana 25/50/75
  • Hero Adias Storm Bolt lv8 can no longer target allies
  • Hero Adias Increased ultimate cooldown to 220 (from 180)
  • Hero Chen Increased Cooldown of Ultimate to 220 (from 180)
  • Hero Chen Increased Armor of Earth to 20 (from 5)
  • Hero Chen Increased Armor of Storm & Fire to 12 (from 2)
  • Hero Chen Decreased Mana Cost of Ultimate to 160/220/280 (from 200/280/360)
  • Hero Darak created new model for ultimate
  • Hero Darak decreased DamageInterval of Ultimate to 0.5/0.5/0.5 from 1.5/1.3/1.3
  • Hero Darak decreased DamageDealt of Ultimate to 48/83/140 (from 100/175/300)
  • Hero Darak decreased Duration of Ultimate to 20 (from 30)
  • Hero Darak decreased AreaOfEffect of Ultimate to 760 (from 900)
  • Hero Darak increased Cooldown of Ultimate to 210 (from 180)
  • Unit Feral Spirit Decreased MovementSpeed to 280 (from 350)
  • Unit Feral Spirit Decreased ArmorBase to 0 (from 0-10)
  • Unit Feral Spirit Removed Critical Strike
  • Unit Feral Spirit Added new abilities: Fury Dash, Feral Predator, Feral Fury
  • Hero Musko fixed tooltip number of healing bounces
  • Hero Buri Flame Strike buff now has the right icon
  • Map3 Changed the name of Elven Towers to Magical Guard Towers
  • Map3 The Biggest Murloc got a new skin
  • Map7 Replaced Murloc Emperor with Murloc Emperor
  • Map9 Thrall should be lv15 with items
  • Map10 Arthas and Musko's Devotion Aura now have been fixed across all maps
  • Map13 Astral Arachnathids no longer scale
  • Map14 Reduced Sight Range of Shipyard to 500 (from 900)
  • Map14 Spider Crab Behemoth now scale with heroes' lv
  • Map14 Spider Crab Leviathan now scale with heroes' lv
  • Map15 Adjusted damage of Thunder Lizards
  • Map15 Replaced Troll Headhunter with Troll Berserker in shops
  • Map15 Improve AI of Fel Orc Warlock (South)
  • Map15 Changed Berserker tooltip
  • Map17 Makrura Socerers now have Feedback
  • Map22 Increased Unholy Titan 08's Bloodlust to 100% atkSpd (from 75%)
  • Map22 Changed Unholy Titan 07's Armor Type to Medium (from Normal)
  • Map22 Increased Unholy Titan 07's cleaving damage to 50% (from 40%)
  • Map22 Stormhaul Towers improve model
  • Map23 Akiba improve model
  • Map23 Increased HP of titans, ghouls

Item Changes/Fixes
  • Critical Stone +2 Fixed tooltip
  • Primal Essence Reduced mana and HP increment of to 150 (from 200)
  • New Item Defense Charm
  • New Item Armor of Agility
  • New Item Piercing Armor
  • New Item Tough Armor
  • New Item Battlemage Armor
  • New Item Cleansing Shield
General Fixes/Changes
- GAME Reduced enemy scaling at Adias lv1/8/17/30/48 from x1/x2/x4/x6/x8 to x1/x2/x2.9/x4.2/x6.1
- GAME Reduced enemy scaling at Adias lv1/17/30/50 with x2/x4/x6/x8 to lv1/28/36/44 with x2.8/x3.7/x4.4/x5.0
  • Map0 The path to the Resurrection Stone is more visible
  • Map0 Add difficulty concept
  • Map3 Replace Fountain of Mana with Fountain of Restoration in the town
  • Map3 Create shortcut after defeating the Biggest Murloc
  • Map4 Make the trees/Rocks tighter so that players cannot get through to Tojara
  • Map5 Make destructibles vulnerable
  • Map5 The path right below the death knight that we have to kill for the optional quest should be expanded
  • Map6 Fix Item made with potion, potion doesn't go away but turn infinite use
  • Map7 Murloc Huntsman now can cast Ensnare on heroes
  • Map9 Give Chen Delicious Seafood after teleport in Friend quest
  • Map11 Make destructibles vulnerable
  • Map11 Replace Fountain of Mana with Fountain of Restoration
  • Map12 Fix Mana Enhancer now provides 30 armor and 5 bonus damage on Arthas
  • Map13 Improve Kaleo AI, HP, Damage
  • Map13 Heroes should be revived at the correct point now
  • Map14 Remove some trees around the Fountain of Health
  • Map14 Make it that you would be able to buy boats without having heroes nearby shipyards.
  • Map15 Increase creep respawn time to 170 (from 110)
  • Map15 Replace Taurens with Berserkers
  • Map15 Make destructibles vulnerable
  • Map15 Make Shamans/Witch Doctors recruitable
  • Map21 Remove Night Elves
  • Map22 Add portals on the other side of the map
  • Map22 After reinforcement, teleport heroes to ReturnSpots
  • Map23 Centralize (kinda) the arena
  • Map26 Greater Thunder Phoenix Increase Spell Damage Reduction to 45% (from 35%)

Unit Fixes/Changes
  • Hero Darak abilities now show mana cost
  • Hero Chen abilities now show mana cost
  • Hero Chen Add Hotkey in Tooltip of Ultimate
  • Hero Darak Fix misleading tooltip for the number of times Chain Lightning bounces
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement Set Judgement ability so that it doesn't damage allies
  • Hero Darak Fix tooltip for Acid Bomb
  • Hero Darak Adjust Damage of Ultimate 50/100/200 to 100/175/300
  • Hero Darak Adjust AreofEffect of Ultimate 1000/1100/1100 to 900/900/900
  • Unit Change title of Akiba to Guardian (from The Guardian)
  • Unit Change title of Kaleo to Guardian
  • Unit Change title of Sira to Guardian

Item Fixes/Changes
  • Item New Item Royal Armor
  • Item New Item Orc Shield
  • Item New Item Footman Shield
  • Item New Item Seer Staff
  • Item New Item Light Bullet
  • Item Add detail to Imbued Chain Lightning description
  • Item Reduce cost of Mana Stone to 600 (from 800) and mana regen to 15% (from 25%)
  • Item Greater Kochura Incense now decrease to 400 mana (from 500)
  • Item Add detail to Thunderlizard Diamond

Known Issues
  • Map4A Circle of Power disappears after game load
  • GAME Game crashes if transitioning when at least one hero is reviving
General Fixes/Changes
  • Map1 Don't set Healing Wave as a pre-learned skill
  • Map1 Set Tents Vulnerable
  • Map9 Set Tents Vulnerable
  • Map1 Don't set map black after emissary
  • Map2/4 Fix Hint about exploration/boat
  • Map3 Implement Buri into bandit/wizard cine
  • Map3 Add Resistant Skin to Solaire
  • Map3 Solaire costs 1 food to 0 food
  • Map9 Added Portrait for Burma
  • Map9 Destructibles are no longer invulnerable
  • Map9 Stash disappears after departure cinematic, need check (Found Nothing)
  • Map14 Fix Resurrection Stone belongs to Hostile Player
  • Fix Buri transition activation at every transitioning zone

Unit Fixes/Changes
  • Hero Adias Adjust Mana Cost of Ultimate 200/350/500 to 250/350/460
  • Hero Darak Adjust Mana Cost of Ultimate 200/350/500 to 200/310/430
  • Hero Chen Adjust Mana Cost of Ultimate 200/400/600 to 200/280/360
  • Hero Adias Fix misleading tooltip the number of times Healing Wave bounces
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement Adjust Mana Cost of Mana Shield 50 to 180/290/405
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement Fix Tooltip for Mana Shield
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement Adjust HalfDamage of Judgement 60/120/240 to 20/40/80
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement Adjust HalfDamageInterval of Judgement 1s to 0.33s
  • Hero Avatar of Judgement Adjust HeroDuration of Judgement 4s to 0.33s
  • Hero Buri New icon for Flame Strike
  • Hero Buri's Flame Strike should no longer work on trees. Change color to blue flame.
  • Hero Musko Change Frost Armor to Frost Armor (Autocast)
  • Hero Musko Adjust ArmorBonus of Frost Armor 3/5/7 to 12/20/28/36
  • Hero Musko Adjust ArmorBonus of Devotion Aura 1.5/3/4.5 to 6/12/18/24
  • Hero Arthas Adjust ArmorBonus of Devotion Aura 1.5/3/4.5 to 6/12/18/24
  • Hero Arthas Adjust AmountHealed/Dmged of Holy Light 200/400/600 to 200/400/600/800

Item Fixes/Changes
  • Item Added tooltip for Blood Ring
  • Item Fixed Spelling "Sceptor" to "Scepter"
- Act I Closed-Testing Phase B Released
Major Fixes/Changes
  • The Reliving History event in Edenvale City no longer destroys player's Stash and gold.
  • Before this update The Abyss and Glowing Cave lose their 'darkness' after a game is loaded, not anymore.
  • Traversing through the portal in Shimmer Wood should no longer send the player to the campaign menu screen.
  • Fixed many cinematic bugs in Edenvale City.
  • Recreated the whole intro sequence of the first map with a new intro quest.
  • Recreated the quest system for Little Village, Shimmer Wood, Edenvale City. Bringing all of them to Blizzard standard.

Minor Fixes/Changes
  • Re-organized all import files of the campaign, made it easier to look up a particular file in the imported resources.
  • Glowing Cave now plays its ambient sound as music instead.
  • Improve the terrain of Little Village.
  • Add a new optional quest to Little Village and Edenvale City.
  • Unholy Titan should continue spawning after reinforcment, until you finish the later map.
  • Changed food cost of Thunder Lizard Beta in Edenvale City to 1 (from 5).
  • Recreated the targeting system of Fel Orc Warlock in Lonely Island.
  • Fixed some typos in the puzzle of Fel Orc Warlock in Lonely Island.
Major Changes
  • Fixed Hero couldn't gain XP after cinematics for all maps. (caused by the last update)
  • Fixed over-spawn issue for all maps.
  • Added loading screen description for all maps.
  • Created a basic quest-sync system for the main quest.
  • Added quest logs to several maps.
  • Improved terrain for maps: Home, Shimmer Wood and Dark Wood (1).
  • Fixed several dialog/cinematic mistakes.
  • Added a new mini-boss, quests, a grand puzzle and a mini-game to Lonely Island.
  • Changed the name of the campaign to 'Defenders of the Light' (was 'Breath of the Light').

Minor Changes
  • Improved the wraith event in Dark Wood.
  • Increased the hit points of Dungeon Gates in Den of the Murlocs.
  • Fixed the uncontrollable stash in Edenvale City.
  • Preplace some villagers and increase the number of villagers in Edenvale City.
  • Added some hints, lore and decorations to Edenvale Dungeon.
  • Fixed the unopenable side-quest door in Edenvale Dungeon.
  • New SFX boing2 and the song Come On! from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga was added to the game.
  • Fixed the walkable trees in Longpass Valley, players shouldn't be able to walk on top of the trees anymore.
  • Fixed production buildings not given to player in Stormhaul.
  • Adjusted enemy level-scaling across all maps.

Unit Changes
  • Adjusted the size of Centaur Outrunner, Impaler, Firecallers and their derivatives.
  • Increase the difficulty of the final boss of Edenvale Dungeon.
  • Nazca Warlocks' Holy Light now heals for 1200 hit points (from 200).
  • Added proper shadow to Makrura Abominations.
  • Increased the damage of Faceless One Terror in Glowing Cave.
  • Increased the ability cooldown of Unholy Titan Controller from 5s to 8s.
  • Added new upgrades to Advance Gryphon Riders and Super Demolishers in Stormhaul.

Item Changes
  • Lower the price of Shimmerglaze Roast to 65 (from 100).
  • Change name of Boots of Speed (3) to Boots of Speed +3.
  • New item: Rune of War Stomp.
  • New item: Ring of the Necromancer.
  • Reduce cooldown of Tome of Experience to 10s (from 30s).
- Heroes revive instantly for cinematic sequences if they are dead.
  • The humming-lady events now work properly in the Dark Wood maps.
  • The Barrows is now accessible from the start except from the main quest.
  • Fixed Den of the Murlocs map-transition issue, players can now go back to where they came from.
- Act I BETA released

General Issues
- Transitioning to another map with at least one of your hero being revived will crash the game.
- Sometimes enemies spawn behind trees and rocks. Not all of them can be fixed but many of them can be. Just let me know where the spawns specifically are so that I can fix them in future updates.
- Sometimes you would see units' shadows on the map without any unit there. They are the unintended by-products from the spawn system. Just ignore them.

Map Specific Issues
- In Blood Feather, the Circle of Power may disappear (visually) after a game is loaded.
- In Glaring Shore, the game may crash if all of your heroes die. I'm not sure if this bug is caused by patch 1.30 or not.
- In King of Edenvale, the opponent hero sometimes just freezes and does nothing.
- In Fallen Lords, one of the bosses sometimes just freezes and does nothing.
- In Zheidland, bugs may occur due to how much contents the map has. Events may overlap on one another which causes bugs. I'd recommend not to rush and activate too many quests/events at once when you are in this map to prevent bugs from occurring

Patch Issues
Due to the instability of the newer patches, there are a lot of bugs caused by the patches which I'm not all aware of. If possible, I would suggest you to play the campaign with patch 1.29 and below. The campaign is most compatible with patch 1.26 and 1.27.

It is not recommended that you read this section due to spoilers. You should only see this section once you have completed the main game. Please stop reading this part if you haven't played the game, it would just be a disservice to yourself.

About Me


Item Database


Hello, I'm Tim, also known as ThinhHo on the HIVE workshop. I'm a Mechanical Engineer. Video game has been a part of my life and I take great joy in making my own contents. Red Alert 2, Starcraft were some of my childhood games that defined who I am as a gamer today. I made Starcraft custom maps for quite some time before getting into making Warcraft 3 maps in 2015. Back then I was fascinated by how lovely the graphics of Warcraft 3 were. I dreamt of how cool it would be to make an RPG world out of its editor, yet I was intimidated by how complicated the programming and triggering process worked. Not until I tried picking it up and opening up the maps of the Founding of Durotar...

Defenders of the Light started out as only some customizations of the Founding of Durotar campaign. New units were added, along with new quests, new events, new enemy scaling, etc. The trickiest things to learn were learning to putting together the spawning system and the transition system. Having to figure out everything by yourself with no background in computer science made the hours of trails and errors quite a challenging but very enjoyable process. Hours and hours of iteration led me to being quite skilled in using the World Editor of Warcraft 3 :)

After several simple maps were made with the transition system, I started to think of making a campaign. The story was developed from there. Now we are here, to enjoy this work of art. I hope you will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

You probably have played and watched many works of art that touched your heart and made you lost in thoughts for days, weeks or even months just like I do. Many widely appreciated contents are usually those that make players/viewers contemplate on the true meanings behind their stories. Good games and movies bring along values that make you grow deeper and wiser as a person. I truly hope Defenders of the Light really gives you, even when it's only you, something to think about, to value and to remember just like how other artworks did to you. If this campaign was worth your time and it was something that brought value to your soul, feel free to support me in creating this piece of art by donating here.

Thank you.


Compilation of most items and custom items used in Defenders of the Light
Because of how items are formulated in Defenders of the Light, with both positive and negative stats, it creates a vast possibility of how many custom items can exist in the game. This beautiful visual compilation does not show details of where to obtain the items in the game. It only shows what the item looks like and what stats they have. All items from common, uncommon to legendary are included in here without certain order. Feel free to enjoy yourself with this wall of colorful items.



Information about the major characters in Defenders of the Light.
This information is supplemental and it is written in a way to avoid spoilers in the campaign. Below is the collection of some of the characters in Defenders of the Light. I put so much thoughts into creating them. Their life, their past, their future, their fear and their desires have been developed for a long time until this day. This section should only be seen by people who seek to know more about the world of Defenders of the Light. Please avoid reading through these if you haven't played the campaign.





I'd appreciate any bug reports, suggestions and tips!

Defenders of the Light (Campaign)

Would have been much better if this were an original story than an altering of Warcraft III's... It's not too late to change names... places already have different ones. Many sparks of genius; a solid max rating from me. [/spoiler] Approved. EDIT...
Level 3
Apr 27, 2021
Oh im sorry for my noisy questions, but I got another problem. I need the answer on question "What is the last name of one of the 7 Guardians?"
Level 8
Mar 4, 2014
I played this campaign on Hard on the Warcraft version 1.29, i managed to finish it somehow, i did not use any cheats except for one time where i felt i couldn't progress.

I am writing all of this because i spent so much time playing this campaign, that my conscience won't rest until i say all i have to say about my experience and my thoughts, so everything i will write in this "review" even tho it sounds a bit negative, i am writing it as constructive criticism, and all of it is in good faith, because i want more people to create beautiful works of art like this one in the amazing universe that is Warcraft 3, and i want them to not only be good, but one of the best!
Where do i even begin, this custom campaign is huge.. like huuuuuuge huge :ogre_rage:, it might actually be the biggest custom campaign ever made, and for something so big and so time consuming it must give the player a lot to work with in terms of the story, the gameplay, quests, etc.
And yes!
This custom campaign does do that, or at least it does to some degree, there have been lots of times where i was playing this and felt like i lost my purpose because i spent so much time in every single region/map, heck there are some regions where i spent many hours just exploring and fighting random creeps, having such a huge campaign can be good but to me it felt more like a negative the more time i spent playing it, it is 100% a double edged sword, like i said, for something so big, it better have a very good overall main story to keep the players engaged, focused and motivated enough to keep playing it untill the end!

_____-Chapter I-_____

Short thoughts of the The main story:

So basically the main story from what i got so far is this: A mysterious undead force keeps getting stronger and stronger and plans to invade the world once more like in the old days, so the human kingdom decides to secretly send messengers to find the best warriors all around Tazania to come back and defend the kingdom, so far so good, i really liked this part of the story, the only problem with it, is the fact that all of this didn't actually do anything, yes some warriors did come and one of those warriors is Adias (the player), but the story doesn't do anything with this warriors other than using them to fight in this underground, PUBG, free for all type contest (Which was indeed an interesting idea, i really liked it) the issue comes after the contest is over, all those warriors don't actually help, like... at all, the only ones who help are Adias and his friends, when it comes to actually fighting the main undead force, we are pretty much alone, i did not like that, especially when it came to the end of the chapter, where we had to fight the undead army in that huge dota style fight, i am gonna say more of it later.

_____Overall Problems/Negatives

The items (permanent items) (Rant)

My biggest problem with this custom campaign must be 100% the items, oh boi, those items man! I think this is the main reason i had an overall bad experience with the whole gameplay, the majority of the items in this custom campaign are bad, but not just bad, they are legit one of the worst items i have ever seen in my life! :mwahaha:

This was the first time when i played any game, where i felt punished for having items on my heroes, this was the first time when having items on my heroes felt like a negative thing, making my heroes weaker, like how.., why....

Now. . .I get it... it is an unique idea, items having some sort of gimmick, giving a bonus but having something to sacrifice for that bonus, is indeed a great idea, BUT not like this, not with this kind of bad balance!

You take a look at this items and tell me you want them on your hero, keep in mind tho, you are wasting precious slots in your hero inventory for this, so those items better be good!

These are most of the items i found during my gameplay:

For point of reference for the items with the hero stats, A hero at lvl 20 (that is at the half of the campaign aka end of Chapter I, after taking some tomes as well):

Adias (Main hero): 50-60 dmg , 1300 hp , 510 mana , 8 armor , 47 str , 27 agi , 34 int , Average move speed and attack speed.
His first spell, Healing Wave: costs 132 mana (lvl7) it heals 625 hp for 6 targets, also his ultimate costs 250 mana (lvl1).

(The positive stats are on the left and the negative stats are on the right)

-----Worst/Useless items:

Footman Shield: + 6 armor / - 5% move speed :ugly: (Heroes are slow by default so sure why not make them slower)

Flower trinket: + 3 int / - 2 str (good only for int heroes, but again, waste of slot, there are better low tier items, and during that time i only had 2 str heroes and i don't want negative str on them.)

Health Boots: + 40 ms and + 1 hp regen / - 1 mana regen :eekani: (Heroes have low mana regen so sure why not have 0 mana regen and have fun using spells)

Medalion of Courage: + 4 str and int / - 2 agi (kinda fair, if my heroes didn't have already issues with their attack speed)

Primal Essence: +150 hp / -5 armor (perfect example of a waste of an item slot, what even is this for)

Mask of Silence: + 30% mana regen / - 85 mana (Heroes need to use spells but they need mana to do that)

Ring of the Necromancer: + 3 str and agi, + 5 int / - 0.5 mana regen for every hero(aura) :sad:(haha) (no mana regen for spells)

Tough Armor: + 10 armor, +1 hp regen, +200 hp / - 200 mana :slp: (sure have 0 mana why not)

Tenebrious Armor: Reflect 30% melee dmg, +300 hp / - 350 mana :eekani:(whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat) (yes have negative mana, that would work wonders)

Vindicator's Belt: +10 str/agi / -20 int :hohum: (same problems, no mana and mana regen for spells)

Claws of attack: + 3, 6, 9, 12 dmg / -25, 50, 75, 100 mana (manaaaaa, why you hate mana so much)

Gloves of haste: +15% attack speed / -6 dmg (not worth losing so much dmg, in the early stages of the game)

Ring of regen: +2 regen / -150 hp (not worth losing so much hp)

Noxious Dagger: 10 dmg per sec / -20 dmg :thumbs_down: (that's like losing almost 50% of the entire dmg of the hero, at the time you get this item heroes have an average of 40 - 50 dmg)

Kochura incense: +60% mana regen / -6 hp regen :razz: (sure have negative hp regen, and one of my heroes will slowly die just from running from one place to the other, great!)

Abomination Axe: +6 dmg, +10% lifesteal / -2 hp regen (this item would be good kinda if i didn't have already the item that gives +15% lifesteal aura and if heroes had good attack speed to begin with)

Absorbing Hammer: +5 dmg, +5% to deal 300 dmg and stun for 1 sec / -15% attack speed :slp: (Heroes have slow attack speed already, enough said)

Armor of agility: +12 agi, +5 armor / -6 str :huh: (none of my heroes are agility, soo..)

Bleed Stone: + 13%, 26%, 40% dmg / -3, 6, 10 hp regen per second :witch_doc_sad: (death! your heroes can't deal damage if they are dead, some might say)

Blood Ring: +5 hp regen per second / U take 10 extra dmg from any attack :razz: (despite the regen you will die faster with this item on your hero during combat)

Charm of Maneater: +20 dmg / 18% to only deal 20% of dmg and -8 agility :bored: (basically negative crit and slow attack speed from just 1 item, amazing! lol)

There was this ring you can get by crafting it similar to the Doom Gauntlets, i think it was called like Ring of greed/gold
And it gives 1 gold for every auto attack but your hero either has negative regen or receives 10 extra dmg from all attacks (something like that, you know the one) Yea it was so bad that i took a look at it for 5 seconds and i throwed it on the ground after haha

Even if this item didn't have a negative effect it would still not be worth it.

-----Bad items with no side effects:

Flute of accuracy: +10% dmg to ranged units (considering there is only 1 ranged hero in the team, this one is kinda trash, but hey, no negatives at least)

Amulet of spellshield: Blocks a negative spell every 40sec. (decent but since there aren't many enemy heroes that attack you with high dmg single target spells, this item is pretty much useless)

Thunderlizard Diamond: chain lighting that deals 100 dmg to 3 targets, 9 sec. cool down (this would be a cute item to have at the early stages of the game and NOT at the END of the GAME, where mobs have 3k hp and hero's spells deal 1k dmg! don't you agree)

Mana enhancer: +5 dmg and +8 armor for 30 seconds with no mana cost (but when you have 3 heroes with lots of spells to micro having to click on an extra item that does just that, isn't really exciting enough, it is a waste of a slot)

Spear of crystal rain: deals 250 dmg small aoe and costs 110 mana with 6 sec cool down (Everything seems nice except that mana cost, considering your hero has already a much powerful spell in his spell kit why would you want to spend so much extra mana on this one)

Staff of great lightning: deals 700 dmg to main target and 350 to a secondary target, 3 seconds casting time, costs 100 mana and has 117 sec cool down. (same problems, mana a bit too expensive, and that cool down is too high)

Staff of holy Light: + 0.5 regen per sec large aoe (not sure this works or not since there is no indication of the aura), and can cast holy light that heals for 200 hp, costs 60 mana. (now why would i use this item when i already have a much better spell Healing wave which heals a lot more and heals more targes as well)

Wand of mana Restoration: Gives 200 mana to the hero with a 210 seconds cooldown. (so i use it once then i throw it on the ground and forget about it, cuz is that bad)

These following items are the most balanced ones i have encountered, they are still bad don't get me wrong, but compared to the other ones, this ones don't feel like a punishment.

-----Decent/good items with side effects:

Royal Armor: +18 armor / -250 hp (is a must have, because heroes are weak and die fast + lots of items reduce armor)

Boots of Speed: +60 move speed / -8 armor (is a must have because heroes are slow as fuck)

Pendant of energy: +150 mana / -50hp (amazing item)

Pendant of mana: +250 mana / - 90hp (one of the best items in the game, perfect example of a balanced item)

Lion horn: +5 armor(aura) / -4 dmg (decent aura item, good early)

Frozen Core: -15% attack speed aura for all enemies / -10 armor to the user (One of the few items i like, the armor is still to much reduced tho)

Murloc's Goop: -50% attack speed to the target / -10 armor to the user (Another good item, too much armor reduced)

Omni Mask: +25% mana regen / -100 hp (one of the best items in the game, since u can buy a lot of them from the shop)

Ashthean Blade: +6 dmg, +10% attack speed and aoe dispell that also deals 500 dmg for 85 mana / -6 armor (It is a good item, but the dispell costs too much mana, 85 mana).

Catalyst of the swarm: Summons 2 zerlings , 80 mana with 2sec cd. (This is one of the most unique items in the game, BUT your hero pretty much needs to stay near a mana fountain all the time to be able to use this item, 80 mana with 2 sec cool down, too mana expensive).

Arcanite Token: Summons Arcanite golem (2k hp and 60 dmg) duration 80 sec, cool down 130 sec. (the cool down is too big, and it costs 140 mana to summon, too mana expensive)

Deep sea scepter: Summons 2 mutant murlocs (Good summoning item that sadly has the same issue like the other ones, the cool down is too high and costs a bit too much mana, 120 mana and 112 seconds cool down)

Doom Gauntlets: 600 aoe dmg, 2 sec casting time , costs 200 mana and has 138 sec cd (like always, too much mana and too long of a cool down)

Flame strike staff: 50 dmg per second, 50 mana to use but... 180 sec cool down, haha, no (is a cute item to cut some trees i guess, but what is that cool down, i am gonna go to sleep and when i wake up i get to use the item again.. yaaay!)

For some reasons there are some items that don't have any negative side effects to them, and oh boi i wonder why they seem to be one of the best items as well, hmmm i can't seem to see the reason why is that... hmmm... :nw:

-----Decent/Good items:

Wind Lace: +20 move speed (One of the best items in the game, and this says alot about the game, when one of the best items is an item like this one :gg:, movement is key! and this item delivers just that, it is a must have item for early stages)

Circlet of Nobility: +2 all stats (this was the item i had my hero full with at the early stages cuz all the other items were shit)

Keg of Ale: + hp/mp regen (Best item in the game? pretty close yea, shame there is only 1 of them in the whole campaign)

Orb of frost: +6 dmg frost effect (nice dmg and has orb effect that slows)

Orb of Venom: +5 dmg poison effect (can stack your heroes with it at early stages do deal some extra dmg)

Robe of the magi: +6 int (decent stats)

Transcent orb: +4 any stat you want (decent stats for early game)

Critical Stone +1 and +2: 5% to deal 2.5 dmg , 5.5% to deal 2.75 dmg (Decent item early game for some extra dmg)
(Where do i get the +3 and +4 critical stones tho? nobody knows)

Imbued Holy Light +2: 20% chance to deal 200 holy light dmg to an undead enemy (This is indeed a must have item and is one of the best items in the game as well, but where do you get the +3 one? once again, a mystery)

Staff of negation: Aoe dispell and 200 dmg to summons, with 7.5 sec cd (another good item, the problem is that it gets weaker in the late game)

Seer Staff: Reveals invisible units, it costs a bit too much mana for my liking, 110 mana for a reveal is too much, i suggest lowering it to 30 mana.

Scourge Bone Chimes: +15% lifesteal aura / -6 str (One of the best items in the game)

There were some items i did not encounter while playing this campaign, after i got the bonus challenge chapter and looked through the goblin merchant in that level, i noticed some new items.

There was this quest in the human capital, with this information guy that gives secret game tips if you give him random items, i never managed to finish this quest because i never found a hood of cunning anywhere and i did search for it, very strange! (this made me think that there must be a lot more items in the game that i just didn't find for some reason).

All the items that i did not encounter during my gameplay (Chapter I) from what i know, there might be more or maybe those items weren't even supposed to drop in the first place? who knows.

Cloak of fire ; Frostguard ; Helm of Valor ; Hood of Cunning ; Warsong battle drums ; Legion Doom-Horn ; Orb of poison ; Ring of Archmage (+3 all stats and mana regen aura) ; Abomination Axe (Chapter I) ; Critical Stone +3 and +4 ; Frozen Core (i remember getting this item but after i reloaded the game and replayed it i never got this item again, i don't even remember where i got it from in the first time) ; Imbued Holy Light +3 ; Mask of stillness.

So my thoughts on the issue with the items are these:

In this map or any other game, your heroes need to have first off, enough mana and mana regen for the gameplay to be fun and enjoyable (to use spells at a constant pace), and also their move speed and attack speed has to improve overtime, unfortunately this doesn't happen here, there is almost no sense of evolution or progress for my heroes during my gameplay, their stats, their attack speed, the move speed (barely improves), their hp/mp regen and their items (barely improves), the only thing that did improve were the spells and the ongoing story line!

~~~~~My suggestions to improve these negatives aspects of the game:

Items cannot reduce too much: the mana, mana regen and the move speed / attack speed of the hero, if they do that, then they become 100% useless, i rather have an empty slot than to have an item that does that.

Best way to improve the items is to only sacrifice armor , hp and a tiny bit of mana and hp regen, anything else is off limits, otherwise the items become useless.

You can still keep the negatives of reducing the stats for example, but the upside has to be huge.

The reason why i think is bad to have items that reduce/sacrifice mana, mana regen, attack speed and move speed is simply because that would make the gameplay much much worse! Not having mana for spells is atrocious since using spells is one of the best things in this game, also having heroes that attack and move slow is second worst thing in any game, especially in games where you have to walk long distances and where you have to fight a lot of creeps.

------Examples of improved items:

I got an idea, you can pretty much keep most of the current items as they are, but have better versions of them that can drop from very strong creeps/bosses and quests, i think that would improve the gameplay a lot! You can name them the way you named those items with +1 and +2.
Obviously for the items that are unique, you can't have more than 2, so maybe consider changing their stats slightly.

So basically we want all items to be like this one:
"Pendant of mana: +250 mana / - 90hp (one of the best items in the game, perfect example of a balanced item)"

The ">>>" means "improved" or/and "to have another different upgraded version of the item with better stats dropped at random from strong creeps/quests".

-----Worst/Useless items:

Footman Shield: + 6 armor / - 5% move speed
>> +10 armor / -40 hp and -1 agi

Flower trinket: + 3 int / - 2 str
>> +5 int / -1 str (Would be amazing if you can make it to be able to click on the item and change the stats like how that +4 stats item is, the Transcent orb) So it would be like this: +5 int / -1 str ; +5 agi / -1 int ; +5 str / -1 agi

Health Boots: + 40 ms and + 1 hp regen / - 1 mana regen
>> +60 ms and + 1 hp regen / -60 hp and -3 armor

Medalion of Courage: + 4 str and int / - 2 agi
>> +7 str and int / -2 agi

Primal Essence: +150 hp / -5 armor
>> +150 hp and + 5 str / -2 armor and -1 agi

Mask of Silence: + 30% mana regen / - 85 mana
>> +30% mana regen / -25 mana and -150 hp

Ring of the Necromancer: + 3 str and agi and + 5 int / - 0.5 mana regen for every hero(aura)
>> +5 str and agi, +10 int / - 0.5 hp regen per second aura

Tough Armor: + 10 armor, +1 hp regen, +200 hp / - 200 mana
>> +10 armor, +1 hp regen, +200 hp / -50 mana and -2 agi

Tenebrious Armor: Reflect 30% melee dmg, +300 hp / - 350 mana
>> Reflect 50% melee dmg, +300 hp / -100 mana and -3 all stats

Vindicator's Belt: +10 str/agi / -20 int
>> +10 str and agi / - 200 hp and - 5 armor

Claws of attack: + 3, 6, 9, 12 dmg / -25, 50, 75, 100 mana
>> + 3, 6, 9, 12 dmg / -25, 50, 75, 100 hp

Gloves of haste: +15% attack speed / -6 dmg
>> +30% attack speed / -5 dmg, -5 armor and - 50 hp

Ring of regen: +2 regen / -150 hp
>> +4 regen / -200 hp and -2 agi

Noxious Dagger: 10 dmg per sec / -20 dmg
>> 20 dmg per sec / -3 dmg, -5 armor, -50 hp

Greater Kochura incense: +60% mana regen / -6 hp regen
>> +60% mana regen / -2 hp regen , -3 armor and agility

Abomination Axe: +6 dmg, +10% lifesteal / -2 hp regen
>> +10 dmg, +20% lifesteal / -2 hp regen, -2 armor, -70 hp

Absorbing Hammer: +5 dmg, +5% to deal 300 dmg and stun for 1 sec / -15% attack speed
>> +5 dmg, +15% to deal 300 dmg and stun for 1 sec / -5% attack speed, -5 armor and -50 hp

Armor of agility: +12 agi, +5 armor / -6 str
>> +20 agi / -3 all stats

Bleed Stone: + 13%, 26%, 40% dmg / -3, 6, 10 hp regen per second
>> + 15%, 30%, 45% dmg / -1, -2, -3 hp regen per second

Blood Ring: +5 hp regen per second / U take 10 extra dmg from any attack
>> +7 hp regen per second / u take 7 extra dmg

Charm of Maneater: +20 dmg / 18% to only deal 20% of dmg and -8 agility
>> +40 dmg / 8% to only deal 20% of dmg and -8 armor

-----Bad items with no side effects:

Flute of accuracy: +10% dmg to ranged units
>> +50% dmg to ranged units / -150 hp, -5 str

Amulet of spellshield: Blocks a negative spell every 40sec.
>> Blocks negative spell every 5 seconds / -200 hp and -1 all stats

Thunderlizard Diamond: chain lightning that deals 100 dmg to 3 targets, 9 sec. cd
>> Chain lightning that deals 333 dmg to 5 targets, 20 sec cd / -130 hp, -3 str

Mana enhancer: +5 dmg and +8 armor for 30 seconds with no mana cost
>> +50 dmg, + 10 armor, costs 50 mana, lasts 2 minutes, 2 minutes cd / -150 hp, -5 armor and -5 agi

Spear of crystal rain: deals 250 dmg small aoe and costs 110 mana with 6 sec cool down
>> 300 small aoe dmg, costs 55 mana, 10 sec cd / -50 hp, -5 agi

Staff of great lightning: deals 700 dmg to main target and 350 to a secondary target, 3 seconds casting time, costs 100 mana and has 117 sec cool down
>> 700 dmg and 300 to main and second target, casting time still 3 sec, costs 60 mana and has 40 sec cool down. / -150 hp and -5 armor

Staff of holy Light: + 0.5 regen per sec large aoe (not sure this works or not since there is no indication of the aura), and can cast holy light that heals for 200 hp, costs 60 mana.
>> +1 hp regen per sec aura and can cast holy light that heals 500 hp for 50 mana, 10 sec cd.

Wand of mana Restoration: Gives 200 mana to the hero with a 210 seconds cooldown.
>> Gives 200 mana with a 50 sec cd.

-----Decent/good items with side effects:

Royal Armor: +18 armor / -250 hp
>> +30 armor / -300 hp

Boots of Speed: +60 move speed / -8 armor
>> + 120 ms / -5 armor and -2 all stats

Lion horn: +5 armor(aura) / -4 dmg
>> +7 armor (aura) / -4 dmg

Frozen Core: -15% attack speed aura for all enemies / -10 armor to the user
>> -15% enemy as / -5 armor

Murloc's Goop: -50% attack speed to the target / -10 armor to the user
>> -50% enemy as / -6 armor

Ashthean Blade: +6 dmg, +10% attack speed and aoe dispell that also deals 500 dmg for 85 mana / -6 armor
>> +10 dmg , +20% attack speed and aoe dispell for 25 mana / -6 armor

Catalyst of the swarm: Summons 2 zerlings, 80 mana, 2 sec cd
>> 2 zerlings for 20 mana, 2 sec cd

Arcanite Token: Summons Arcanite golem (2k hp and 60 dmg) duration 80 sec, cool down 130 sec.
>> cool down reduced to 50 sec.

Deep sea scepter: Summons 2 mutant murlocs , 120 mana and 112 seconds cool down.
>> 2 murlocs, 100 mana and 40 sec cd.

Flame strike staff: 50 dmg per second, 50 mana to use but... 180 sec cool down.
>> 50 dmg per sec, 50 mana and 30 sec cd.

Doom Gauntlets: 600 aoe dmg, 2 sec casting time , costs 200 mana and has 138 sec cd
(This is an unique crafted item that is very hard to make as well, so considering that it has to be good enough so you don't think of throwing it on the ground for something else right)
>> 600 aoe dmg, 2 sec casting time , costs 50 mana and has 30 sec cd

Ring of greed/gold: +1 gold for every attack / negative regen or +10 extra dmg from all attacks
>> +11 gold for every attack / -11 hp, - 1 hp regen per second, -1 armor and -1 all stats

Robe of the magi: +6 int
>> +9 int / -2 str and -2 agi

Transcent orb: +4 any stat you want
>> +8 any stat you want / -4 armor and -40 hp

2. The stats of the heroes

The stats of the heroes are somehow changed, for the worse, beside heroes getting less stats for each level up, they also get and have reduced hp/mp regen and attack speed, not sure what is up with that one, perfect example of this is when my Panda (Chen) was lvl 38 with 58 agility and he still has average attack speed somehow, at lvl 10 he had average attack speed with 20 agi and now with almost 60 agi has the same attack speed... i am not sure why since each agi points are supposed to increase attack speed, but for some reason that doesn't happen here.
each point.png
attack speed.png
When i take an item that increases agility, the attack speed seems to improve since the writing becomes green and the speed goes from grey Average to green Average to Fast
average green.png
average grey.png
fast green.png

As you can guess this is pretty damn annoying, since taking 100000 agi tomes on my heroes will not make them attack any faster, the only way is with items it seems.

3. Glitches/bugs/other small nitpicks

- Orb of corruption doesn't actually reduces armor

- I can't destroy all trees with flamestrikes, for some reason most trees in this custom campaign have infinite hp, pretty dumb

- Why do heroes have such a slow attack speed overall.

- Why is Arthas (an agility hero) having SLOW attack speed by default lol.

- The agility main stats of heroes doesn't actually increases attack speed, only the green stats of items does, the white base stats do not, so u can have infinite base stats agility and your hero will still have average attack speed.

- The bleed stone +2 item has a small bug, the item itself says in the tooltip that it gives +26% dmg but when i hover the mouse over the aura, it says it gives +30% dmg.
bleed stone.png
bleed stone says 30.png

- All the items that have effects, like the ones that restore mana or increase damage after the hero uses a spell, are kinda broken.

Because the effect of the item will only work after the hero uses the spell and doesn't cancel the animation, spells that do not have casting animation aren't affected by this, but the spells that do have animations are.

- During some of the cutscenes the music cuts and is dead silence.

- Chen's spell "Drunken Fury" has the tooltip wrong, on the upgrade tooltip of the spell it says that it increases attack speed by 120%, 125%, and so on until 150%
upgrade tool tip spell.png
But on the actual spell it says is only 20%, 25%, and so on until 50%, the speed seems to coincide with this one since i would have noticed the drastic increase if it was the 100% ones, for example, on lvl 5 it should have been 140% increase but the actual increase is 40%.
just 40%.png

_____Talking about the areas in the campaign

I am now gonna talk a bit about each zone/map/region/level and say my thoughts about them:


I liked the market prices minigame, i think it was pretty cool and fun to do, what i did not like were the rewards, basically the only good reward was the critical stone, all the other items are useless!

The trueshot aura flute gives increase dmg to ranged units, but the main bulk of the game the player does not have any ranged units/heroes and even if he did, +10% is not good enough anyway.

The gloves of haste would have been decent if not for the negative damage and at this stage in the game when players see that -6 dmg and their hero having such low dmg, they will never pick that one unless they do it by mistake and when they see how bad the item is they will throw it on the ground and most likely restart the level to get the better item which is the critical stone... like i did :xxd:

Amulet of spellshield sounds good in practice, but this ain't a melee game, there are no enemies with single target spells almost anywhere, and usually this kind of items that don't give stats are the worst, especially at early stages.

~My suggestion would be of course to improve all items similar to the info i already wrote on the items category, or put better items there to pick from. Because the way the mini-game is as of now, It Does not reward the player for trying to get a good score and remain with lots of money since the rewards are bad to begin with.

- There was this tip where if i sell items to Dave Munshi he will actually buy them with a higher price than anywhere else, but i am not sure that is working, all the items i sold to him sell with the exact same price as in any other shop.. so...yea...

Little Village

Not much to say about this region, I liked the quests and the region looks nice, this was also the first appearance of the flashbacks for Adias (which at the time i had no idea what they were and i was a bit confused, i think after each time Adias gets these flashbacks when he walks on a field with the talia flowers, a tome of knowledge should pop up in the middle of the flowers after the cinematic ends, this is to indicate to the player that this place with flowers and this flashbacks are important to the story, so the tome will motivate the player to look after the talia flower fields in the future).

There is also this hidden quest with the dog, after killing 10 dogs and getting this invulnerable dog that doesn't do anything...

~I suggest to implement a hidden place where only the dog can enter and after he enters and attacks a lever in the room, that will make a secret murloc spawn in the village (a mini boss type murloc) and after he is defeated, he will drop a tome.

Shimmer Coastal

This was the first region that actually made me feel i was playing something unique here, it made me feel i am on an actual adventure in this mysterious world, i really liked it!

- The creeps were more than cool, there were the average mobs like the crabs, and even better some hydras, that actually had a hydra mini boss as well on a mini island (i remember farming this one for the orbs of venom lol), how can i forget about the secret hydra behind the trees, see! this is why all trees need to be destructible, it is waay more fun like that.

But the creeps that really blew my mind were those Colossal Sea Turles, the first time i played this region and sailed with the ship i legit got a mini heart attack when i saw this huge angry turtle coming to get me haha :xxd:, it was great, because the turtle was so fast and big as well, it made her seem really scary, especially since i couldn't really fight her with having my heroes in this boat, there is that feeling of dread when you know you cannot fight the enemy and the only thing you can do is to run away as fast as possible! :grin:

But alas i did manage to find those mini earth patches and drop my heroes out to fight the beast, it was one of the best moments in the whole campaign, it was sure a highlight!

There was also this Death Revenant mini boss, that drops an unique but extremely weak item, +2 dmg and + 2 armor or something, yea... that item needs to be buffed for sure lol.

- In this region there was also the first blacksmith type character that can craft some unique and mysterious item, which in this case was the greed ring that also needs buffed, i liked the whole thing tho, it just the item being too weak.

- We also get to see our third party member in this region, I really loved the whole Darak story-line, with finding and sadly fighting and killing his other orc friend, all was good . . until . . . the fight with that damn kraken . . . . .

- That Kraken fight, long story short, the fight is a mess, probably because i was playing on hard but still tho, it is legit impossible to beat the kraken with keeping both grunts alive, i did try a few times, the only way i actually managed to win was using the strategy of staying with only 1 grunt and letting the other one die, this way i could take advantage of the fact that the tentacles kept spawning on the other side of the boat so i could just snipe them one by one from a distance and keep using chain lighting on them for maximum efficiency, it was still hard, because of those random small creeps that spawned as well on the boat, and having to kill the bigger monsters that show up at the final stage of the fight was as well super hard, in my opinion those big ones have too much hp.

So my suggestion for the kraken fight with Darek:
  • Reduce the hp of the big kraken boys that show up in the final stage
  • Make the grunts be on the same team with Darak, so when the grunts get the last hit the gold won't go into the nomans-land and instead it will go to the player, this way the player will want to protect both grunts even more since they are on the same team and they can get you gold by killing tentacles and monsters.

Lonely Island

This region was such a headache, on one hand it is a very interesting region, even the entrance to this island is somewhat hidden/out of place, maybe some players won't even get to find it in the first place, so in a way it is rewarding players that actually check every corner/unexplored space on their minimap, But on the other hand this region is quite the mess.

- I liked the terrain, it was cool, especially this part:
keeper of the fountain.gif

- The creeps in this region are interesting, we get to see new types of monsters, most of them are pretty tough like the Makrura abominations and the Nazca warlocks, actually beside the normal crabs (which some of them were strong as well) all the creeps in this region are strong.

I am conflicted with the creeps that patrol the water in this region, even tho i loved the big turtles in the previous level, in this region the turtles and the hydras that patrol the water are kinda hard to deal with, since there are no easy spots to unload my heroes from the boat and fight the creeps, i did manage to find some small landing spots near the center island and killed a few hydras and turtles, but they did not drop anything so that was that.

- I did scout the entire map and to my surprise there was no other places of land beside the one in the top right corner of the map, that was weird since there were so many hydras patrolling the top left corner of the map, you would think there would be something hidden there that those monsters are guarding, but nope, nothing at all...

There were also those unique trap type red auras that were patrolling the waters, which will slow down the boat if you pass through them, i thought that was kinda neat, i liked it, the problem is that there was no other land spots like i said, so i am not sure what was the purpose of those slow traps being there, once again, patrolling the waters in the left and top left corner of the map, where nothing is there.

- I liked the murlocs bit, nothing bad to say about it, it was fun and the boss actually drops a decent item, i also liked how he tries to run away when he is low hp.

- There is this weird warlock on the island that talks gibberish and i have no idea what is the deal with him, i tried to repeat his words in chat but nothing happened soo i am clueless, this was just strange.

- There is a random Armor of agility on the ground in the middle of the island near some trees, i thought that was kinda weird, why is this item here on the ground, it felt like another player found it, looked at it, saw how bad the item is for his heroes and then discarded it on the ground haha :xxd: , well i know that's what i would do, hmmm, maybe. . . this campaign has some time travel issues, and future me played this same campaign, found this item and decided to troll me by going back in time and throwing it here, yea.. maybe not... :gg:

- And now talking about the main thing in this region and that is the main island and that stupid puzzle.

I did somehow manage to find the answer to one of the gates (the south gate), based on what some creeps said when they died, i mean sure, i get the idea behind the puzzle, it is indeed a very unique type of puzzle, where the player has to first figure out how to get the password to open those doors and after that the player has to farm lots of creeps to find out all the letters, and after that he has to combine them in a specific way to get the secret word that will open the 2 doors, that is indeed unique, but my god is it badly made.

I killed lots of creeps, from what i got, there were like 5 sets of 2 letters that some showed up over the creeps that die, not all of them showed those letters tho, it was kind rare.

Now, my main problem with this whole puzzle is the fact that i have to put all those sets of 2 letters in a specific combination to get the correct password, but that is madness, it took me too much work to find out just 1 password for the gate near the sea giants.
The second gate i couldn't even get it, i tried all the combinations and it didn't work, it was such a headache.

In my opinion i suggest to cut out 2 sets of letters, so there would only be 3 sets of 2 letters in total that can be found by killing random mobs on the island, this way the player doesn't have to try over 100 different combinations of words just to open this stupid doors, otherwise this is pure insanity my friend :cry:

And now get this, even tho i did not manage to find the password to open the second gate, i did a little bit of brain storming and i managed to find a way to solve the puzzle, i used Chen's ultimate (Storm, earth and fire) while standing very close near the door and after many tries i managed to get 1 of the 3 pandas to pop out and fly over the door, haha, yes i know, genius!:wink:
example of flying.gif

After that, i killed the other 2 mini pandas that were on this side so the 1 that flew over the other side can spawn as Chen, because the way Chen's ultimate works is, Chen will always spawn back with his main body as the last mini panda (usually he spawns always on the Earth panda, but since i couldn't get the earth panda over the door, i just killed the earth panda and the fire one, so i know for sure the storm panda on the other side of the door spawns as Chen)

After that, i went killed those warlocks that were there and finally managed to solve the puzzle and opened the big door! Mission completed! :ogre_datass:

- And now . . . after i have done all of that puzzle nonsense, i got to another headache lol, this statue of hunger minigame, i must say, i was impressed and surprised, i did not expect to find a mini-game in the middle of the island, after i played the mini game i noticed immediately that my hero surprise surprise. . . is too slow, so i had to go back and buy myself some boots of speed, the ones that reduce mana.

OK, so now with the boots and with doing all the upgrades for the statue as well (just to be sure i beat this), i started to play the mini-game, and after some tedious and hard 8 minutes of playing this game and trying to keep these statues alive, i finally managed to beat it! it felt nice i must say, since i first got to this island i wondered what kind of secret treasure is hidden in the middle of this island, i had my expectations pretty high, especially after i have done all of this work to get to this. . . . . . .

. . . and the reward for all the things i have done to get here, after solving the puzzles, after beating the mini-game... the reward....


as you can tell, i was pissed! :ogre_frown: and no, i was not gonna replay this mini-game again just to keep farming those little 1 stat tomes, this is even more insane than the previous puzzles for the gates!

~My suggestion for this region:

- The Mini-game:
Besides the tomes, there should be an actual reward after the player manages to beat the game and survive 8 minutes, i thought of a cool item, how about this:

Scepter of hunger: increases all stats by 10 and gives the ability to devour magic in a small area, it costs 30 mana with a 10 sec. cool down.

The mini-game should also be a 1 time done kinda thing, once you beat the mini game, you cannot replay it again, you can play it and fail as many times as you want tho, and you can get those stupid tomes, BUT there needs to be this big reward for the people that actually beat the whole thing! Otherwise this whole Island is just an epic fail, a big waste of time for the player.

~ Also put some small land patches in the top left corner of the map, that has some tomes at least, so those hydras are actually guarding something, u can do the same for all 4 corners, that would be great.

Dark Wood

This is another region i really liked, the theme is really strong in this one, when you enter in this region you can really sense the other-wordly aura, you can almost smell the putrefied odor of the undead in the air, the whole region is done very well. There are 2 different parts of this region, i am gonna say my thoughts about each one.

Dark Wood Part 1

- The creeps were great, lots of ghouls, abominations, ghosts, zombies, skeletons, etc. this region has lots of variety of monsters.

Lots of strong creeps and mini bosses as well scattered around the place, i loved that!

The main event in this area was of course the big Undead Base in the middle of the map, i really liked it, it felt like i was fighting against a living undead ai/player, they did feel like a real threat.

Some of the undead buildings dropped some tomes, that was nice.

- Talking about the quests, loved those as well, especially the whole story line with Assan the acolyte, that was beautiful!
That hold at the fountain of mana against the hordes of undead was pretty fun, infinite army of zerlings let's gooo!

I have nothing negative to say about this first part of Dark Wood, other than this small zone, i never managed to open the gate here, i have no idea what is the deal with this one:
dungeon gate.png

- And the whole thing with the moving Statue, i thought it was interesting how this statue kept moving, i remember walking in the capital and getting one of the villagers to say something about a moving statue, i thought that was kinda cool.
The thing is, i am not sure there was actually something to do with the moving statue or not, maybe it was related to that gate? no idea.

- Oh and how can i forget about the other craftsman, "capitan" in this first part, he is the one that crafts the doom gauntlets, that was pretty cool.

Dark Wood Part 2

This region is very similar to the first one, the creeps get stronger here, and there are lots of those invisible ghosts monsters that are pretty op lol, i lost my heroes many times because of those ghosts, their auto attacks hit hard and their spells hit even harder, i thought there were cool tho, in this region is a must to have some dust or that staff that reveals invisible units.

- In this region we meet some orcs as well, i liked the quests from them, especially the whole fighting against the ghosts of the fallen heroes of the past, fighting against Ghost Rexar, Uther and the other heroes was pretty cool, they also gave lots of experience, you can farm a lot of xp with this pvp fights.

Talking about creeps there is also the quest with the mini boss Rune Golem, i liked it, he looks pretty badass, he has some insane damage reduction so there needs to be lots of physical damage in your party to take him out, and his aoe spell is nice as well, mini starfall.
Golem gif.gif

- There is also the whole mini quest with Brown the acolyte and his weird tree friend :gg: , you better believe i saved and tried both things, 1 to take the item and the other to kill him and see what is up, it was worth it, i even killed the tree and then i felt bad after and reloaded the game to keep him alive lol.

I liked it, what i did not like was the item he gives when you choose to spare him.

- And last thing, is that all abyss stuff with the darkness in bottom left corner of the map, i thought it was cool, there were even some hidden pots in the darkness, i wish there were some tomes as well tho.

Glowing Cave

This cave is sooooo dark, i liked it tho, once again something unique in custom campaigns, an entire region where there is next to no light, i liked the overall design of the cave, especially those small patches of light on the ground that guides the player and when the player moves out of the light trails and goes into the darkness, there are lots of monsters that attack you, cool concept.

- I like how u put some hidden tomes, gold coins and other items in the darkness.

- I also liked the guardians of the door, Each lever being guarded by unique monsters and the only way to use the lever is to kill the guardians, loved it.

- The main event in this region is of course the fight with kaleo :spell_breaker: which was a splendid fight! One of the best.

And since i was playing on the highest difficulty it was also a hard fight as well, i had to restart the fight a few times before i got an idea of how to beat him.

The fight was done very well, from the whole small arena/room, to the skeleton hordes that kept spawning and sometimes attacking Kaleo, that was kinda funny :xxd:, to his awesome spells, which were pretty difficult to dodge especially with all those skeletons blocking my heroes lol, Overall it was a great boss fight! and the reward was interesting as well, even tho i wish we could have done more with it than just crafting 2 items in total.

Shimmer Wood

This is another big region, lots of creeps and quests, i spent a lot of time here, what can i say, i liked all the quests and mini bosses, there was also that easter egg/refference to the Rexar campaign with the little bear pet, pretty cute.

- Lots of secret paths and roads through the trees, liked it.

- There are the mercenary camps as well, that i also liked!
~I wish the ghost could posses higher level creeps tho, i think that would have been a cool thing to have, to wonder and search the region for the strongest creep and posses him, there were a few, of course bosses should not be able to be possessed, like the corruptor and the big murloc boss.

~There was also this semi-hidden marine in the town near the barracks,
i thought of an idea, how about make him become a quest, for example, When the player gets close to him, He will ask you for help, lets say because his marine costume got out of power and he cannot move anymore, and because he doesn't want to leave his costume behind he asks for the help of the heroes to bring him a brand new Power belt to recharge his costume, he also says this belt can have a different name in this world, so the player has to think a bit for this quest, to find out where to get this belt item from, and of course the quest item is the "Vindicator's Belt" from the town shop, so the player has to buy the belt to give it to the marine.
After that the marine will become a temporary mercenary for the player in this region!
So what do you think of my idea? :wink:

Den of the Murlocs

I liked this region a lot, another region with a cool theme, this time a murloc/amphibien theme.

- This is also the region where we see for the first time that there are different ranks of creeps, normal ones, alpha and beta versions which are much stronger, pretty cool idea.

- I liked the composition of the creeps, some of them were casters as well, at this time i was playing with Adias and Buri so i used a lot mana siphon on those ones to get my mana back.

- Lots of secret and hidden places by killing the trees, after i came back to check the map again for the review i noticed some places that i missed after i used 'iseedeadpeople' and i know why, like i said in the items category, the fire staff's cooldown is too long, so because i didn't want to wait so much to use it on all the trees i just left.

- It's good i did use it on some trees, since there was also that hidden zone on the right with the Murloc Emperor and those annoying little poison murlocs, they did so much dmg with that poison lol, and the boss kept running away like a coward, giving more time to the poison murlocs to hit me and stack that poison dmg, pretty clever i must say :wink:

Edenvale City

Oh yes, the main city of the story, the big capital of the human kingdom, another beautiful region with tons of quests and shops.

- There aren't many creeps, but i guess that makes sense since this is supposed to be an area inhabited mostly by humans, there are only some crabs, hydras and 2 turtles on the beach, and of course that one boss crab on the mini island in the south west.

- The Big Crab boss fight was cool, it had a nice gimmick with the big crab becoming invulnerable when the little crabs attack, so the player has to kill the little ones to damage the big crab, i liked it, now in terms of a reward, since Adias and Chen got teleported on the other side of the land, the only reward was only a small xp tome from the ranger, yea... that felt bad, there should have been a bigger reward for this optional quest.

- The main quests in this region were nice, i liked the riddle in that one quest, and the whole bandits story line was great.

- Talking about optional quests, there are quite a few here, i am gonna say my thoughts about each one:

1. Precious imformation:

I really loved this quest, having to trade items for secret information and game tips is a splendid idea, my problem with it is of course that i couldn't complete it since i could not find a hood of cunning anywhere in the whole campaign...

2. See the ship?:

I think i already told you what the problem with this quest is in my first comment a long time ago, having to select the green sheep on a green background is legit nightmare, yea maybe there are some people with exceptional eyesight that can complete this quest, but most people like myself just can't, the correct green sheep that we have to click on is barely noticeable!

~My suggestion is to simply change the background under the sheep, from that green grass to literally any other background that has a different color other than green!

Btw i tried, like i always do, to cheat the game, and to kill most of the sheeps, so this way i can spot the correct green one more easily :xxd:
But to my surprise this time my problem solving skills let me down unfortunately, since i pretty much broke the whole mini-game/quest by doing that, the green sheep stopped showing up so i couldn't complete the quest now even if i wanted to :cry:

3. Weed Collector:

Another strange quest that i didn't manage to complete, and i did try, those weeds just don't spawn fast enough for me to collect them, the time runs out and i can barely collect like 5 or 6 weeds, i have no idea if i just suck at this one or is the quest glitched somehow, either way rip.

4. The Mathematician:

This quest was haaard, i would say impossible maybe?, the time to solve the math problems is a bit too short, if i had to do it normally this quest would have been impossible to complete for me...

But of course! i did what any good guy at a math test would do! CHEAT! Muhahaha :grin:

The way i did it was pretty simple, each time the math problem showed up i just paused the game, did the problem on my calculator slowly since i had all the time in the world, then un-paused the game, inserted the correct number and baaang, perfect score baby! :ogre_datass:

Now, even tho i completed this quest by going waay over the records of 15 on normal and 20 on hard mode, i am not sure i received any reward, so that was that, There have to be rewards for quests man!!!

5. Unit Testing System:

This is a big one, it is indeed a very interesting and unique gimmick, being able to fight against various creeps from all around Tazania and even making them fight each other, cool idea.

Now my problem with this quest is as always, no reward, after completing the quest, there was no reward, and it costs money to be able to fight those creeps between 50 and 100 gold, so is not like the player can farm gold or anything, you actually lose gold by fighting creeps.

And this is probably a known issue, but when you enter the arena to fight a creep, even tho you enter with only 1 hero at the beginning, the other hero can still help by using spells from outside the arena, behind the trees.

~So my suggestion for this quest is to simply reward the player for:
1. completing the quest by giving him some stats tomes.
2. to reward the player if he managed to fight and kill each and every unit in the barracks.
If the player manages to defeat each unit in the first barracks (alpha creeps) he gets 1 tome of knowledge.
If the player managed to defeat each unit in the second barracks (beta creeps) he gets 2 tomes of knowledge.

This seems fair don't you think? this way the player will also have a reason to test his metal against all the creeps in the barracks.

6. The Gimmy Shade

Cool little hidden quest, having to use 2 heroes to force the shade to blink from one spot to another then to catch it and kill it.

- One last thing i liked in this region, was the fact that we could interact with the heroes that we were about to fight in the dungeon, i thought that was pretty cool.

The Royal Palace

This must be one of the most beautiful levels i have ever seen in any custom campaign, The Royal Palace is the highlight of the campaign in terms of terrain design and just overall beauty!

Everything in this place looks immaculate and extravagant, i spent a lot of time just admiring the beauty of this level.

cool pic 2.png
cool pic.png

So many paintings on the wall as well, from different war3 campaigns and some other war3 and wow related characters, loved it.
There are some random ones from other media, pretty funny, especially the one with Reiner from Attack on Titan :gg:

other media 2.png

Here are some cool gifs i made:
sorc chilling.gif
All praise Adias the new King! :wink:

Adias the king.png

- There ware a few quests as well, that were decent, the archer and the piano one.

- Usually i always say to give rewards for any quest but damn, the piano quest might be one of the only quests in the whole campaign that already gives the player a good reward and that is the beautiful music that comes from it!

Now the first 3 songs are good, they are classics, but what in the world is that forth mysterious song, it's called "Piano improv 003" and damn man... i think i listened to it more than 20 times, it's soo good, i wish i could have kept listening to it while playing the next levels of the campaign with this song in the background lol, it is amazing!

Hmmm, i just checked youtube out of curiosity just to see if i find the song and there it is, haha, did you actually play on the piano yourself? it is uploaded on your youtube channel from what i can see, if yes then wow, props to you, it is a great song!

Bonus, i just discovered a bug last second, this is pretty funny
Little Timmy The Storm Panda :xxd:

Edenvale Dungeon

This is one of my favorites levels in the campaign!

- Not only the dungeon/prison theme is strong, but there are so many interesting challenges like the blue fire and the power generator puzzles, i really liked those.

- I was not the biggest fan of the elevators challenge parts, the ones with the stones going up and down, that was more luck based and just time consuming, i did like the archers tho, they were annoying but an interesting aspect of the challenge.
up and down.gif

- I liked the secret parts of this level as well, with the ring zone.


- The creeps were fine, i am not the biggest fan of spell immune units tho, like the spell breakers and all the iron golems, having to kill those with just auto attacks was such a boring thing to do...

~ I highly suggest to change them with some other units that can be affected by spells, maybe not all, but some of them, replace some golems and spell breakers with prison guard units.

Obviously the big golems that are like a mini boss, they can stay the same, it is an interesting challenge for the player to be able to kill that one, in this level/region is necessary to have your ultimate on Adias, otherwise is pretty much impossible to get past some of the units/golems.

golem boss.gif
Siege Golem 2.png

- I liked the constant flame strikes that kept happening in some areas in the dungeon, i always wondered who was casting those, maybe some hidden sorcerers, that would be a nice idea.
~There should be like 3 fire mages that keep casting the flame strikes, and the player has to find and kill them to stop them from casting them, what do you think.

- One of the best aspect of this level were of course the encounters with the enemy heroes, since this was supposed to be like a grand free for all arena type game, it was sure interesting to fight them, even tho the fights weren't anything special, but they were decent i guess.

- I very much liked how the blue fire can also damage enemy units and not only the player, that enhanced the fights a bit!
Blue fire room.gif

Talking about the blue fire traps, there were also those blue ghosts that teleports your hero when they auto attack you, i remember dying 1 time because they teleported me in the fire haha :xxd:
blue fire ghost.gif

King of Edenvale

This was an interesting small level, the fight wasn't anything amazing, but it was ok i guess.

- It seems there is an achievement if the player beats Arthas without saving, but there is no reward for it.

- I liked the cinematic tho, it was beautiful.
cool effects.png

- Also, i like how the minimap looks like that symbol with the lion head, nice touch!
lion head haha.png

~My suggestion for the fight, on hard at least, Arthas should be able to call more reinforcements when he gets low hp, this will make the fight more fun.
Also the arena is quite big and there is no reason really to run around it or anything, the fight is short and takes place pretty much in one spot.
~So i suggest to implement some sort of flame strikes like in the previous level/region to make Adias run around and dodge a bit, to make use of that big arena space, maybe add some blue fires as well, to me the fight was too stale and short for such a cool looking arena!

- After i defeat Arthas, i go back to the dungeon, the door to the Royal palace opens and i go in, now usually the player is supposed to just move forward right? well... one time i choose to go back, so i went back to the dungeon, but when the map loaded, guess what? Adias is nowhere to be seen, he just vanished, it looks like he didn't load with the map somehow, yea..that was kinda bad.

The Barrows

Ahh the Quillboar level!

- I liked this region, lots of fighting against strong creeps, fighting against the thunder lizards was pretty fun since you can group them up and use aoe spells on them, what i did not like were those insanely strong Barrows Fel Stalkers, holy shit are they op, without a doubt they are the strongest units in the game (excluding the big zombie titans at the end of the game).

- Those Barrows Fel Stalkers are such a pain in the ass to fight against and mainly because of that annoying poison, Their hp and damge is already pretty good and they also have that mana burn that is super annoying, but . . . that poison from their auto attacks is just ridiculous :mwahaha:, not only it lasts forever (i think for 30 seconds), but the poison itself slows down my heroes and makes them totally useless, they can barely move and attack :ugly:
I think i lost my heroes more than 5 times just because of those Barrows fel stalkers.
fel stalkers.gif

I guess their weakness is the fact they are kinda blind so the trick is to try to avoid them at all costs, but. . . easier said than done.

- I liked the full out war with the quillboars where we had to defend the dwarfs, that was pretty cool, Having to defend multiple sides and then having to kill the boss to stop the war.
quillboars 3.png
quillboar boss.png
The boss looked cool but he didn't have any cool spells.

- In terms of quests, there were only 2.

The fel warlocks quest was by far one of the best quests i have encountered so far, having to kill 3 rogue warlocks that are hidden in the forest, each of them having unique abilities, 1 of them even transformed into a fel stalker lol, i see even those warlocks know which is the most op unit in the game :xxd:

The other quest from the Far seer, with having to find some eggs or something, it took me a long time to find it, and the reward was just a potion, to be fair it was a very strong potion, but still tho, it was pretty bad, i ended up using it against lizards, i wish he would have given a better reward.

Longpass Valley

What would a campaign be without having an escort mission :wink:

- This mission was great, it very much reminded me of the Kael mission from the og campaign, lots of similarities!

- I liked how we could choose one of the heroes to control and the other hero stays with the main escort group.

- I also liked how the Undead army in the area kept attacking the wagons besides the constant attack of the small undead waves, that was pretty fun, the AI did a good job, and because the way the forest and the trees were made, they always showed up out of nowhere to ambush the wagons and the escort, i thought that was really clever, letting small gaps in the forest for that to happen.

- I liked the blacksmith, to upgrade the units that escort the wagons, in my first playthrough of this mission i upgraded the units a lot, but i am not sure it was that worth it, the second time i didn't do any upgrades and it was fine without them.

- Lots of secrets in this region, the golem secret passage was pretty cool.

And what is this, a cute little wolf named Eren lol, the Reiner picture and now this unit called Eren, someone must be a fan of Attack on Titan :xxd:
I mean who isn't really? :wink:

- A small glitch:
There is a devotion aura in this area but there is no hero that has the aura, makes me believe there is a trigger where either Arthas or the other hero remained here but they are invisible somehow, from the ending cutscene of this level.


Damn, this mission was hard, because i didn't really get what i needed to do, basically we just need to survive for a few minutes until the reinforcements arrive, which i did, no problem, but after that i assumed we had to destroy the undead base, well... actually no.. we didn't have to destroy anything, i just had to move 1 of my heroes on that line in the top left corner to finish the mission... that was kinda dumb.

The problems i had with this mission:

1. The undead Unrelenting towers are too op!

What is that hp regen lol, i really don't get it why the undead special towers are stronger than the human ones, it should be the other way around since the undeads are the ones that are attacking the humans, they started the invasion, so the humans had time to prepare strong defensive towers, while the undead should not even have defensive towers to begin with!

I liked the whole design of the map, kinda dota-esc style map, but those special undead towers just ruined the fun of the map for me with their stupid op regen.

2. The reinforcements are useless!

So in my mind i had "hopes" that when the reinforcements arrive, then the entire battle will turn around and the humans will have some sort of advantage, well . . . nope!

The reinforcements we got were only 1 extra gryphon rider for each lane and some very confused red orcs AI that didn't really know what were doing most of the times.

And how can i forget about the main dish of the "Reinforcements", that being the heroes!
1 Strong Mounting King and strong 1 Far Seer with some op items, hmm what? that sounds pretty good you might say? well. . . . .

They weren't actually helping much you see, instead of attacking, those 2 heroes decides to just take a break and be afk for the rest of the fight in their base, yea that sounds quite nice indeed, the funny thing is that their base is waay behind the towers and the human main base, so they aren't even getting attacked, pretty funny!

There were 3 optional quests in this mission:

1. Mana Starvation:

Was cool, i liked the quest, having to kill some water elementals to make the broken mana fountain in the base work again, i mean sure, it sounds decent enough, even tho it isn't that much of a help since is right near the human main base and there is already another mana fountain in the middle of the map, sooo. . .

2. War Machines:

Oh yes, "War Machines" if i can even call them that, they are those weak ass punny arcanite golems that you get for bringing back to this engineer some quest items.

My problem with the quest items was not the fact that there were pretty hidden around the map in the ruined city, but the fact that the quest item itself actually takes an inventory slot, so this forced me to abandon some of my items in those awkward spots, and getting them back was a real headache, but in my mind i though what i was doing will be worth it, haha, unfortunately that wasn't the case at all.

Those "War" golems were so weak and useless they were focused by the undead and their towers and they were dying in a few seconds!
Even with the "upgrade" they were still getting focused and killed easily by the towers, i ended up losing all of them because they were so bad, i was wasting all my healing spells to keep them alive and for what, they didn't even do that much dmg to begin with...

~i highly suggest to buff those Arcanite golems, making them way tankier, giving them more hp, damage and armor! Otherwise that optional quest is 100% a waste of time!

3. Hide and Seek:

This one is pretty simple and kinda unique, i found it funny actually, having to hide from Arthas during the war because you broke up from the prison.
But. . . after i completed the quest. . . you guessed. . . nothing happened, no reward, nothing!

- Overall this mission looked cool at first, but the more i played the more tedious it got and when i found out i could just walk and ignore the entire undead base and just walk on that line and finish it all, it felt bad!

- One thing i did like about this mission were of course the zombie titans, another highlight of the campaign, i had a lot of fun fighting them, they were pretty op, insane hp and insane dmg, on top of that most of them got charm as a spell.

I liked how the titans came in different colors and having different stats as well, i thought that was pretty cool!

I also liked how we had vision of the titans at all time, making them feel even more intimidating and like a time bomb, giving that feeling of impending doom if you don't go and stop them.

- Another thing i liked was the enemy undead hero, the Dreadlord, i liked how he just teleports away when he is low hp, so the player has to nuke him to make sure he dies.

Also lots of tomes in this mission, good, if only all the other missions/regions had as many tomes.

~I suggest to make it in such a way the player can't just b-line towards the finish line in the top left corner of the map and simply win the mission, Make him destroy like half the undead base and maybe some portals, i know the portals were invulnerable, but that would make more sense and make the overall mission better, having to destroy at least half of the undead base and portals will signal that is alright to just move to the next mission without having to worry about the state of the battle, doesn't that sounds logical?


After i did the mana fountain side-quest, the gold glitched, i stopped getting gold from kills, my allies stopped getting gold from kills or even from their goldmines, but they kept building units.

Glaring Shore

Finally the last mission! and what a mission indeed, i loved it!

- So the player has to kill this Grand Undead Monster called Akiba that has the skin of a dreadlord for some reason, i thought it looked kinda goofy at first but i started to like it.

- The fight was awesome, having to destroy those two obelisks at the same time to damage Akiba, a similar concept to the power generators from the dungeon level, this way the player is already familiar with the concept and it won't be an issue of not knowing what to do, cool.

- Akiba spawning Zombie Titans and infernals was nice, made the fight epic, i ended up ignoring the titans most of the times tho, since killing them takes a lot of time and Akiba keeps spawning them pretty frequently.

- I also liked how some human reinforcements arrived from time to time, but i was already familiar with how bad reinforcements are in this campaign from the previous mission so i didn't have my hopes high about them helping me :xxd:

Well is not like there were totally useless, they at least were driving a lot of attention from the infernals and titans towards them and giving me more time to focus on the obelisks, so they were alright.

- I am not sure if the Super Demolisheres were helping at all tho, all their attacks had 99% chance to miss the enemy since the targets always move and the demolisher range (8k range) is too big for the projectiles to hit anything other than the ground :gg:

- Overall it was an ok last fight tho, the cinematic as always was epic!

The Abyss

"Unknown, unheard of. Nothing is known about this place."

Indeed. . .

- The first time i entered in this region i fought and eventually i died, but to my surprise my heroes didn't revive so i waited and waited but nothing happened, so i had to reload from my last save, yea...

- Because of that first time when my heroes didn't revive i ended up not trying to go inside the portal again, i wonder what is up with it, from what i have seen you just kill those shadow mobs that keep spawning and there is a counter for the kills, could there be like a thing where if you get to 1000 kills you maybe get a reward or something? it better be

- It turns out when i tried again later it did work, after my heroes died the game changed maps and my heroes returned to the shimmer wood, interesting, i didn't try to go for a high score tho, since i just tested it out of curiosity for this review only.

That level that reenacts the final mission of The Rexar Campaign

Ok, what even, and i thought the abyss was mysterious and hidden but this must be the most mysterious thing in the whole campaign, there was this ghostly Archmage in Edenvale city near the beach area
that i encountered at random, i don't even remember what i was doing at the time, i spotted him out with the corner of my eye while i was just running around from a mission to the other.

We talked and i remember him saying he was some sort of time traveling being, and he gave me the opportunity to go back in time in another reality to reenact one of the greatest battles that took place in this exact place.

And of course i accepted!. . . my mind has been blown! when i noticed he just teleported me in the last level of the Rexar campaign with the Horde attacking the Human Navy main base of Admiral Proudmoore, i was legit in awe, i couldn't believe it.

This one random hidden quest/level is without a doubt the coolest thing in the whole campaign.

It was even funnier to me cuz i did not realize that the layout of Edenvale city is literally the same one where that epic fight took place, it really blew my mind :jd:

The mission itself was pretty epic, i liked the new items at the shops and the new creeps to buy as well.

~Some suggestions for this level:

- Admiral Proudmoore was too strong, he had like 5k hp and between 200 and 500 dmg? someting ridiculous, and because he had those other 2 heroes near him, the Archmage and the Paladin, the Admiral was pretty much unkillable, even after all the human forces and their buildings were destroyed by the horde, the orcs still couldn't kill the Admiral from what i saw, so my suggestion is to nerf the admiral stats a bit.

- The orc heroes seem to have a very small revive time, they revive pretty much instantly, so i suggest to increase their revive time to 30 seconds.

- There doesn't seem to be an overall quest in this level, there should be something like:
~{Optional Quest} Rewrite history and change the fate of the Admiral by defeating the horde army! Destroy all 3 orc bases.
Reward = 3 tomes of knowledge and An item that gives endurance aura similar to what the Shadow Hunter enemy hero has in this level.

_____-Chapter II-_____

I am not gonna spend to much time on Chapter II, because i didn't really like it that much, compared to the previous one, this chapter just doesn't feel right, the entire thing with Zheidland wasn't on my liking at all, first off, the cinematics were too long, there was so much explaining in them that was unnecessary, is better that the player himself explores and finds out what is up with this new land rather than getting a big exposition dump in these huge cutscenes.

- One thing that Chapter II did much better than Chapter I were the bosses, more boss fights and better boss fights, that's for sure.

- The terrain and the units were fine, i loved all the new units, but since my heroes are still weak because of the lack of good items, each fight against those strong creeps felt a bit too tedious.

- My main issue with chapter II is that i felt even more hopeless/unmotivated about the main story, and that is to take revenge over the Fire Demon, it is such a simple and powerful mission to do, but somehow the game dragged it out so much with all those extra quests.

For example: We just found out that the Fire Demon is now somewhere near Zheidland since he just attacked that outpost, so what exactly are our heroes doing? well instead of chasing after him, they decide to let him escape and go back to the main city to do more extra quests for Thrall to earn his trust? not sure why that was necessary since he already knows how much of a threat the Fire Demon is to his own people because of that destroyed outpost, After we do a lot of extra quests we decided that we need to go to the Oracle to find out where the demon is i assume, but here we go again, in order to go to the oracle we have to do even more extra quests to get some weird 2 extra medals that will somehow make us worthy of letting us pass the guards that guard the entrance to the Oracle. . .

It just felt like i was going anywhere with this story, it felt like i was doing no progress towards the end goal and i just wanted to end it.

A few thoughts on each area:

Stalker valley

Great! more of those annoying fel stalkers, despite the annoying creeps, this region was ok, i liked the whole story line with the 3 orcs and their issues.

- I also liked the boss fight with the Barrows Farsight Fel Stalker, i liked how the fight went, it was done well.

- The main event in this region was of course the boss fight with the Fire Demon himself, i loved the fight and the cinematics, this was also the first time the player could see how strong this mysterious fire demon actually is, and his stats were insane indeed, he must be one of the strongest beings in the whole world/campaign.

- I liked the mini quest with the bandits and how they actually fought the fire demon along side the heroes, 1 of them died during the fight and that was kinda sad not gonna lie.

- Something i did not like about this region were those Lost Naga units, there were just there, they felt like they were something special but nope, there was nothing special about them, no quest, no drops, nothing.
~There should be a quest to them similar to the crab quest, When you kill 1 of the Lost Nagas a quest should pop up that says:
"Some strange beasts from a very far away land showed up in the Stalker Valley, They seem to disrupt the natural habitat of the lands, they need to be put down!"

~Also, i think they should be enemies with the Fel stalkers and not on the same side, it feels more natural that way since the Nagas are not from these lands, the first time i put my eyes on a Lost naga i saw him being surrounded by 3 fel stalkers and i thought to myself, wow, this looks like a cool quest/concept if they were to fight, but nope, they didn't. . .
So that's why they should be enemies, it will make for a great concept.

~The Lost Naga should have some sort of passive spell that deals extra damage to all units from the Valley, to make them win fights easily and feel more like a threat to the region habitat!

- After coming back to test the maps for review, i noticed the strange portal in this level that teleports the player to that riddle in the middle of the map, but i have no idea how to get to that, it felt impossible to get to the gate/portal.


When i entered in this region i made the mistake of following the left road and enter the canyon in the south west side of the map, in my mind i thought there will be something at the end of it, but to my surprise it was nothing, the whole walk to the end was a waste of time and was also annoying because of the barrows fel stalkers, actually now that i think about it, this whole region felt tedious because of them.

~ There should be a mini boss at the end of the canyon so players don't feel like they wasted their time by exploring the canyon!
empty canyon.png
Edit: after i went back and scouted the whole area i noticed i somehow skipped a quest, from Mulong, and yes this quest is for that empty area in the canyon, well this sucks, i suggest making Mulong quest a bit less hidden so players don't just miss him like i did.

- In this canyon was this Monument as well with some barrels, in one of the barrels was this new item that continues the trend of useless items from Chapter I

"Frontliners" = +12 ranged dmg, + 200 hp and + 3 hp regen / - 3 mana regen (as i already stated, any items that have negative mana regen are the worst, - 1 mana regen would be already extreme but 3? you must be kidding me!, If this item gave 50 dmg and 3000 hp i would still not take it because of the negative mana regen! is that simple.

- Another bad thing that happened to me in Zheidland was the fact that at one point when i returned to Thrall after doing a quest he didn't actually say anything even tho he had the ! above him, i think it glitched out, after reading some of your info on the map i saw that some quests can overlap and this will break the whole main storyline quest, yea that indeed sucks.

- Also another known issue which is not really an issue in my eyes, is the fact that i can use transfer mana from Adias's ultimate (the Avatar) to Moka the bear to get the rewards.

- There is this puzzle with light orbs where the player has to move them and do something with them, but since the game doesn't give any tips of how to solve the puzzle i just tried for 2 minutes and then left and never came back for it again.

~ There needs to be a tip for how to solve this puzzle

- There was this optional quest from Kil Nadak with the phoenix, it didn't really feel rewarding at all, and the way Kil Nadak talked pissed me off a lot, i wish there was a choice to be able to challenge him to a fight and shut his mouth, his arrogance was annoying.

- The way those murlocs look at that item you would think it would have some godly stats :xxd:
Well. . . not so much...

Boots of Der'thama = + 10 ms and + 10 agility / - 10 dmg (I already have the best ms item Boots of speed, and the agility would be cool to have if not for the fact that i would lose so much dmg)
>> +200 ms and + 30 agility / - 1 hp regen , - 200 hp and - 10 armor

- The item that we get from the bear quest, Medallion of Darkhaven: +400 hp / - 200 mana, it's totally useless, why would i want just some base hp and trade it with mana?
>> +20 all stats / -200 mana and -200 hp

- There were a few zones, for example in the left of the orc town (where you go to iron bark) and most of the zone with the Nomad Destroyers, that were pretty empty, i thought for sure there will be some sort of quest related to them but nope.
empty place west of orc town.png
empty space Nomad Destroyers.png

- Also the Nomad Destroyers were pretty hard to kill similar to the mammoth Ravagers and they don't drop anything, they should drop at least 1 tome the first time the player kills them so they don't fight them for nothing.

Things i liked in Zheidland were:

- Some tomes can be bought from the shops

- Moka the bear mini quest (if i had to finish this quest the normal way it would have taken me eons, the quest itself is flawed because of that, but because i could use mana transfer it worked nice)
~ my suggestion is to increase the amount of mana the bear gets from items from 20 mana to 50 mana, this would make the quest less tedious since gathering those plants is not that easy, they are pretty rare and they hold precious inventory slots.

- Mercenary units are nice, using them is a must since the heroes are weak and the mobs so strong.

- There was also the Pack beast in the shop, the idea is there but the execution lacks with this one, having to control an extra units to carry your items with all of those strong monsters in the area is annoying at best, there needs to be a proper backpack system.

- The side quests were decent.

- Lots of new powerful creeps.

- Liked the riddles, there should be more of them!

- Liked the crab mini quest, even tho i don't remember what reward it gave and if i don't remember that means it gave a bad reward or none.

- There were also 3 items in this region that i liked and weren't useless for once:

The Arcanite Shield = 50% reduce piercing dmg and +5 armor

Shield of Honor = +10% dmg aura and +8 armor / - 8 str (perfect example of a balanced item, even tho i would trade the +8 armor with another 10% in dmg)

Battlemage Armor = +8 armor, +1 mana regen and +100 mana / - 300 hp (great item)

- After i went back to scout the whole area for the review i noticed the new quest, Antique Shop, it was a nice quest.
The items from the shop are all useless except the keg of ale, there was also a calamity ring in there, not sure why since there are no uses for such an item in Chapter II from what i have seen.


I am gonna be short with this one.

Things i hated in this map:

- The camera both in the boat view and the hero, camera being locked, was bad, having to orientate myself on this map was more than a headache, even tho i manage to finish the mission in the end.

- Those annoying nerubians that spit venom and make weird sounds, similar to the Barrows fel stalker venom, this one slows you down too much and i had a glitch where the venom lasted for like 10 minutes on my hero once, it seems when you attack those nerubians you get poisoned, it is a cool concept, if only the poison didn't last that long and it wasn't this powerful.

The one thing that i liked in this map was the final boss fight for that flower, the fight was pretty hardcore and epic, i did not expect such a fight in this region.

~ Also the reward for this entire endeavour was i think a potion haha, Nangul had some pretty sweet items on her inventory, i wish i could choose one of those rather than getting a useless pot!

Mold Valley

I loved this region, this is a highlight of Chapter II in terms of gameplay, it's so unique, killing those kobolds with spells is so satisfying!

- In this region there is this shop, where we get the next new strong item of Chapter II and that is the Void Stone (+1 mana regen per sec and no negatives), i think i got 4 stones on Adias, 3 on Darak and 2 on Chen, by far the best item in the game that i can have multiple of (compared to the other ones).

- The main quest in this level besides the phoenix one is the Safe haven quest which i really liked, the way it ended was pretty dark.

My problems with this quest:

Some of the deserters were invisible, they didn't have a skin

When i went to each place to find the deserters some of them were not only invisible but when i got to them the camera moved instantly towards this area for some reason, this happened 3 times i believe, must be something wrong with the triggers for this quest.
this place.png

Edit: after replaying this exact quest, the camera didn't do that thing where it moves to that area, but i noticed something else, after the deserters finish what they have to say and the cassette appears with the Yes and No choice, my mouse cursor disappears, i can just press enter for the yes choice but still, it is weird that the mouse cursor doesn't show up during this time.

And the last thing was how the quest ended, at the end of the quest after i gathered all the deserters and i go back to that lady, that madman kills all of them and then teleports away when i attack him, the issue is that the game doesn't really make it clear where exactly he teleported, i had to take an educated guess and say he went back in the first place i found him, indeed he was there, my point is that the game should give the player a tip of where this rogue madman has gone on the map, so the player doesn't have to search the entire map for him.

Also after we fought and killed him, he dropped this mysterious item "Blunt weapon" that reduces dmg by 20, once again, there are no tips of what exactly am i supposed to do with this item, so i just ended up throwing it on the ground.

- I loved the mercenary camp, those 2 units are pretty op especially in this level against the kobolds, that was pretty fun.
The problem i had with it was the fact that i discovered the mercenary camp only after i have already done and explored the entire region, yea. . . .
~My suggestion is to make it somehow less hidden, so the player will not miss it.

- The boss fight with the Keeper was nice, but kinda short.

- And there is this weird Way Gate that doesn't work, i have no idea what's with it.
way gate.png

Abyssal Swarm

This was another fun map to play, the creeps got even stronger in this level, i liked them all except the poison murlocs, there were annoying but i guess it is by design.

Also in this level we get 2 items that give aoe mana regen for some reason, if only i had 1 of them in a previous level. . .

Mindstaff that i think dropped from a quest or creep and khadgar's pipe of insight from the shop.
I think they both give the same mana regen i am not sure, but it is weird to have 2 items in the same level that have the same ability.

- There was also the big Spirit Walker boss with his 2 bodyguards corrupted ancient protectors, that fight was epic, i liked it.

- The other part of the map, the water part, on the left side of the map was nice as well, my problem with was the reward at the end, To be honest i do not remember the exact stats of that item, but as u can imagine, it was so bad i left it on the ground somewhere and forgot about it. :xxd:

- There is this unique item "Steel Dust" that Restores 35 mana for Adias after he uses Storm Bolt , and gives +2 int but - 3 str.
This is a cute little item that would be nice to have at the early stages of the game and not at the very end of the game where both spells and items are pretty much very strong.
Also the way the item works is kinda flawed, after i use storm bolt and move my hero or do any other action the mana won't actually restore, for the mana to restore i need to use the spell and then let Adias do his entire animation and only after that the mana restores, kinda bad.

~So my suggestion would be to either change the place where this item drops aka in early stages (Chapter I) OR upgrade the item
>> Restores 100 mana and gives + 15 int / - 3 str, - 100 hp

- I liked all the puzzles and the unique way to kill some creeps, having to kill all of them at the same time or else they revive (similar to the Chapter I skeleton guardians)

And last thing is the small cave in top right corner of the map, where it dwells the best item in the whole universe kappa

Killmaim: +20 dmg and +15% lifesteal / - 40 armor
Should i really say why this item is bad? i think it's obvious
The way to improve it would be this >>>> +100 dmg and +30% lifesteal / -40 armor

Major bug: i am not 100% sure about this one but, after i went in that cave my main quest glitched, when i returned to Zheidland and tried to go to Ironbark from there, that orc town in the north of the region wasn't destroyed by the Fire Demon and the soldiers that guard the path to Iron Bark are still there, you can actually get past them but the transition to the next region(Iron Bark) doesn't happen.
So i got stuck, The Main quest i had at the time said "to head to Mukrow" which i think is the orc town in the north of Zheidland but nothing happens when i get there, because of that i had to go back to my previous save which was kinda a long time ago and that sucked.

I ended up skipping the whole region with Abyssal Swarm just because i didn't have the motivation to do the entire region again so i went straight to iron bark, because of that i missed out on the mana regen aura item :cry:


I liked this region, it was interesting.

- The whole mini game at the beginning with the creator and his monologue about the game was unique, but i also have mixed feelings about it, it felt a bit too long and also because of that it ruined a bit the immersion of the game by breaking the 4th wall so much and for so long.

- I liked the way our heroes had to split in some groups and scout for the undead, even tho some of the paths were easier than others, I remember having troubles with the Panda group, having to kill the Mammoth Ravager with just the Panda hero and those weak units was pretty impossible since the Mammoth always does that annoying spell and replenishes his entire hp in a few seconds, in the end i had to use cheats to kill him, My Panda didn't do enough dmg to stop the mammoth from activating that spell.

- The Other path that i didn't like was with Darak and not because of the units but because of those extra flashbacks, they felt very unnecessary to me, not related to the current story at all and they were too long and too many, i ended up skipping them to be honest.

- The path with Sira tho, now that was great! i didn't expect to play with Sira at all, i was pleasantly surprised by how awesome her spells were, the whole gameplay with Sira was amazing, it felt very fresh to be able to fight those strong mosters with a new and unique hero unit, her mana regen being so fast made her pretty op.

There was this extra optional quest with her path, to gather those upgrades for her spells, i feel like the game should put a bigger accent on this quest and maybe make it a main quest instead of an optional one, since i choose to ignore it and skip to the final fight, i did search a bit for those upgrades but i only found like 2, in retrospect i should have used Sira to scout more of the map since i missed a few secret places but like i said, i didn't scout because that quest was optional and the upgrades themselves were pretty hidden which made me give up fast on searching them.

The boss fight at the end of Sira's path was amazing tho.

It took me a while to understand how to move and dodge the spells of the Lich but in the end i did it, it was a great fight with cool mechanics with the orbs!

- The missing girl quest was decent i guess, wasn't such a big fan of it, mainly because of that puzzle with the obelisks, i didn't quite get how to solve it so i just ended up pressing them at random until i got them in the correct order :gg:
I liked how the quest went tho, it was pretty grim at first only to find out everything was alright at the end and the girl was alive.

- There was also Reiner and his shop quest, the rewards from his shop were bad tho, the items from the other shop at the human camp were also bad, except the cloak (for the other crafting quest) and the battlemage armor.

- And lastly there was the 4th and last craftsman (Midir) which crafts i think the item that deals lighting strikes on autoattacks, but i already left it on the ground somewhere since it was pretty weak, especially at this stage of the game, another reason to have backpack on the hero, that way i would have kept the item.

- There is this Shamanic Armor on the ground in the human camp
It gives +12 ranged dmg , +12 armor / -4 int , nice item for Darak IF it didn't reduce int
>> +12 ranged dmg , +12 armor and + 6 int / - 6 str

Widow Cave

Lots of spiders in this level, it was a good level.

- I liked the puzzles, having to step in a specific order on those stones to solve it without going back on the same stones, it was good.

- I liked the Hungry Hungry Lizard, another homage to the original war3 campaigns, and this one was even better since the lizzard dropped a strong item as well.

That Spell blade, gives the hero 200% dmg for 6 seconds after using a spell, from what i have tested, the effect works only after the hero finishes the casting animation of their spells fully, if you cast a spell and slightly interrupt the animation then the effect will not proc.

Also there is another glitch, If i use Adias's War cry spell and then use Chen's drunken fury (with the spell blade on Chen) the spell blade effect of +200% dmg will replace the War cry buff and last for 45 seconds instead of 6 seconds, pretty cool glitch :xxd:

- There is this big arena like room in the middle of the map which i am not sure what it's for, it was nothing there when i got there for the first time, it felt strange for such a big place to be so empty.
arena empty.png

- Speaking of arenas, in this region we had that whole quest story-line with the half human - half spider monster and karim, What can i say, it was beautiful, the story was very sad and in combination with that sad music, damn, it was very well made, the cutscene felt a bit too long in my opinion tho, but that's just me.

The reward from the fight was an unique class specific item, Shard of Lightning, that restores 50 mana after Darak uses Chain Lightning, at this stage of the game such an item like the other ones for Adias that also restored mana are simply too weak and they are a joke, here is my suggestion to make the item decent.
>> Restores 150 mana after Darak uses Chain Lightning and increases int by 15.

- There is also the extra quest "Mourning" to bring flowers to the grave of the monster, it would be nice if the quest gave a reward in terms of a tome so the player didn't do that for nothing. The little flashback with Adias and Talia was nice tho, i liked that.


Another interesting region.

- I liked the whole story with the friendly abomination, it was kinda cute.

- Also this region has some pretty epic fights:

The Magnataur fight was cool, even tho his spell with the chains that grabs heroes and stuns them was a bit too op, the stun duration is too long, before the stun runs out he just does the spell again and perma stun locks my heroes.

The fight against Reika was also badass, it took me a while to understand her attack pattern but once i did the fight became pretty easy.
Very well made fight design!
Bug: Each time my heroes died and the fight restarted this happened
every time we fail they double.png
The orc units including Thrall doubled each time the fight reseted :grin:

- Even tho in Chapter II the story wasn't that great, in this region the whole story with Adias going a bit rogue and that epic stand on the hill, coming back to save and fight alongside Chen in the end, that was pick story telling right there, i loved that.

- Some items i got in this region that i liked:
Firehand Gauntlets: +5 armor and +20% attack speed / - 10 dmg
is a better version of gloves of haste, in my eyes i think it should give a bit more attack speed tho.
>> +5 armor, +40% attack speed / -5 dmg , -100 hp

Duelist's Gauntlets: +8 dmg , +1 mana regen / - 100 mana
Lots of gauntlets in the region ha, well, this one is kinda weak, again, we are close to the end and i still get weak ass items somehow.
>> +40 dmg, +1 mana regen / - 100 mana and - 100 hp

Iron bark

This region is a mess! This is the level that made me quit playing for a while, i ended up coming back to finish the campaign tho, but still.

- I liked the puzzles in this level, they were cool.

- The first fight with Sira in the level was werid, she didn't really use her spells that much, i think she blinked 3 times and that's it.

- i liked the optional quest with martin, kinda sad at the end.

- There was also this gate guarded by a fire golem hidden somewhat on that long road, it has a riddle "What is the last name of one of the 7 Guardians" and i have no clue what that name is, at first i thought it must be Akiba but nope, then i tried Sira and that didn't work at all, it must be one of the names from those monuments that i found during my gameplay in the previous missions, but. . . i can't remember their names!

~ I think you should change this riddle like this:
"What is the name of the last Guardian" and the answer is Sira, i think this would have had a greater impact on the game and the story.

- The revive stones most of the times don't work, especially when we have to fight the mini bosses, like the golems with Sira and against the multiple Reika, every time my heroes die during those fights, they will not revive and i have to reload from a previous save.

- Also near the end, in the finale challenge where 1 hero has to cast the spell to open the gate and the other 2 heroes have to protect him by killing the 3 golems, the first time i did this i put Chen to channel the spell and defend with Adias and Darak, after i killed the 3 golems nothing happened, i waited for 20 sec and then i reloaded (at this moment i was making a new save every 10 seconds cuz i was tired of the game glitching out on me and i was right to do so lol).

After i reloaded, i tried putting Adias to channel, and this time i killed the golems faster, and this time it worked, after i killed the 3 golems the door opened.

I think i know what might have caused the glitch, the first time i didn't kill the fire golem fast enough and the ice one spawned while the fire golem was still alive, maybe this caused the whole fight triggers to glitch out.

- The whole story with Sira felt a bit strange, the game didn't really explain why Sira suddenly changed from friend to foe, she just saved the life of Adias from that Strong Lich a few missions ago and now she wants to kill Adias? kinda weird.

Forinate Dungeon

Another unique mini-game type level similar in concept to the one from Chapter I with the hungry statues, i very much liked the concept of this one, the way the hp and mp regen don't work inside the Dungeon, My problem with it is also the same with the other mini-game, the reward is again just 1 tome and is not worth it, i ended up using cheats to get quick to round 100 just to see if there are any rewards and there aren't any, kinda sad, there should be a cap on rounds, at 70 maybe, and the player should get a strong item and like 7 tomes if he manages to win, since it takes so long to get to this round.

~It should be like this: u get 1 extra tome for every 10 rounds u manage to beat.

The hints from the inquisitor of what might be on each side are a cool idea but they aren't really that precise and they just end up being random things, so i just ended up always picking the right cave and not click on the inquisitor for his insight, i liked his insight and his jokes/personality but it felt unnecessary, so i skipped it.

The mini game with the hungry bear is also very annoying, sometimes the bear gets stuck and doesn't want to move in some directions.


We start this final mission strong with another glitch :xxd:

After all my heroes died and the mission reloaded, i couldn't click on my heroes or anything for that matter, i could not select anything.
Good i quick saved before the fight started with f6.
Turns out the game didn't restart when i did that which was interesting.

So second try, now i know how to fight, i kept my distance from her at all times and since i took the scrolls and potions from the previous map this time i won easily, the fight was cool, this might be my favorite fight from the entire campaign, even tho it felt a bit too short and a bit too easy!

~ My suggestion to make the fight a bit harder, Since the strategy is to maintain distance and use spells on her, i think she should be able to summon some units as well to attack the heroes, maybe some shadow units and when she gets low hp even some golems.
~ Another thing would be to make her blink and use aoe spells more often when she gets lower hp.

- The reward for this fight is an interesting item, Sundering Glaive, i like the concept of the item with the elf theme from Sira, what i do not like is how much mana it costs, 300 is a bit too much, 150 would be better.

Also i think this item would have been even cooler if it worked against the king, just an idea.

The Oracle

Well well well, interesting, the story took a turn indeed.

- It seems the fight won't start unless i take the blink item from the ground, even if i try to summon the avatar and then i take the item, the avatar vanishes hmmm.

- The king is immune to spells, great . . .

- After 9 tries . . . after i died 8 times to this Undead King, i finally did it!

This was the hardest boss fight in the entire campaign by far, The king's spells were so fast, so many and did so much dmg, it was insane! :ogre_rage:
But i did it! :ogre_datass: Such an epic way to end it all, even tho the story is anywhere near finished!

- I also liked how we couldn't save at all during this final fights, made them even more hardcore then they usually would have been!

Bug: It said at the end that i unlocked a bonus challenge map called "One Woman army" but when i went back to check it, it wasn't there in the campaign menu.

_____Overall Positives:

1. The heroes

The heroes and their spells were great, i loved how the level cap is higher than 10 but for such a big campaign it was necessary.

- All the spells were amazing, obviously they weren't anything unique since most of them were pretty much the normal war3 spells but slightly enhanced with the extra levels.

- There were the new spells like Adias's ultimate which was pretty awesome, it was like having an extra hero, the spells from that Avatar of light were also well made to work well as a support/damage dealer, the avatar pretty much filled the gap that Buri left with his spells, that mana transfer spell was a must to have, it sure made the gameplay a lot more fun!

- The ultimate from Darak on the other hand was kinda weak compared to the other ultimates, the aoe damage was too low in my opinion, in my second gameplay i didn't even skill his ultimate and only focused on his 3 main spells because they were so much better.

- By far the strongest spell in the game besides Adias's ultimate were the wolves from Darak, i really loved how the wolves started to get newer spells with most level ups, Darak and his wolves were doing like 70% of the entire dps of the party which was insane, i loved the wolves!

2. The Stories and the dialogue

- It goes without saying that the story and the dialogue in this custom campaign is by far one of the best, even tho the main story line wasn't anything special, the other story lines like the whole story with Adias and his daughter were by far the highlight of the campaign, i loved how you did them, starting with the mysterious flower fields and the flashbacks to the realization at the end that she was actually killed by a demon.

- Most of the times it felt like i was watching a movie, it was that good.

- The dialogues between characters is also what makes this campaign very different from the others, The dialogue feels so unique and so real, giving the feeling that this characters and this world are real and not just a game.

3. The items (consumables)

Even tho i hated the permanent items in this game, their counterpart, the non-permanent consumable items were all great, this is another reason why i hated the permanent ones so much, it was because i kept noticing how the consumables were actually better to provide help with the fights, to deal damage and to heal.

- The most unique one is that bullet item, i thought it was cool.

- Most of the items like the rod of necromancy and the lighting rod were all upgraded versions of the original item, that was nice.

- The fact that we could stack most of them was nice and was also another reason to pick consumables over permanent items.

4. The Terrain/level design

The terrain and level design is also one of the best, each region comes with it's almost unique theme and is just great.
Every region felt like i was going on a real adventure in some new mysterious fantastical lands!

5. The music

During the campaign the music is usually just the standard war3 music, but there are some parts of the campaign where the music is new and it was great!

______~Overall Suggestions~

- After playing through this campaign i noticed the lack of a backpack, i always had to leave items on the ground so i can come back later to get them and to either save them or sell them and this costed me a lot of time spent on just running like a headless chicken for this items all the time, it is quite annoying. So my suggestion would be to either implement a backpack for Adias from the start of the game, or have the player be able to buy such a backpack from a shop or to get it through a quest, either way it is 100% a must have in my opinion, especially since this is a campaign and a big one, focused on lots of running and adventuring, so what kind of adventurer doesn't have a backpack right?

- Change the main stat of Chen the Panda from strenght to agility!
This is mainly for having a hero for each stat, Adias (strenght), Darak (intelligence) and Chen (who should be agility instead of strenght)
This way the tomes will fit perfectly for each hero as well, and lots of items won't be so useless anymore, the items that give agility, this will help the overall gameplay a lot!
And i think it fits Chen to be agility since his race characteristics are based on the agile kung fu type fighting style, so is not that out of character for him to have agi as main stat. (you did it for Arthas after all so why not for Chen as well)

- There needs to be more tomes scattered all around the place in every region, for such a big campaign there weren't that many tomes, each region should have at least 7 tomes hidden.

- Quests and side-quests need to give proper rewards, since most of them either give no reward at all or they just give something meaningless like 100 gold, which is an insult to the player because he can make that much money in 20 seconds killing creeps.
Better rewards like stat tomes or other unique items.

- All Bosses and mini bosses should drop items or tomes! Most of the bosses and mini bosses i killed did not drop anything.

- There is an unspoken and unwritten rule where in every custom campaign or map all crates, barrels, cages, huts and any other destructible thing has to drop something half of the times, so all of them need to have like a 50% chance to drop something after being destroyed.

A barrel and a crate need to drop 50% of times potions, items and tomes.
A cage has to drop 50% of the times some sort of unit (human,animal,monster) that will become your ally and fight with you after you freed him.
A hut or house has to drop 50% of the times some sort of item/tome or even better, an angry monster/human/animal that was living inside it that wants to take revenge and kick your ass. :xxd:

Most Barrels, crates and huts/houses don't have anything inside sadly, and when they do have something is most likely some weak ass potion that i just leave there (because my inventory is already full, aarrrhmm Backpack arhrmmm), the more barrels, crates and huts i destroyed the more i started to believe i was wasting my time.

- ALL TREES need to be destructible! (beside the ones that are used for a specific trigger)
Because it doesn't make any sense why shouldn't they be!
When the trees can be destroyed it gives the player a sense of adventure and wonder of what could there be behind any tree, maybe a secret treasure or even better, maybe making a shortcut through the trees since some regions can get pretty huge!

.-Overall Score of the Campaign-.

The Stories, Characters, Dialogues, cinematics = S The Gameplay = A

Final Verdict = .- A+ -.


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Level 2
May 9, 2021
Sorry for a stupid question but I couldn't find an answer to it yet

The phoenix egg minigame does give only tomes upon 8M successful completion - is that correct? I got 15 tomes in a row now, tried saving my game 2 sec before the game end and reloaded multiple times, always tomes.

Is there an infinite pool of items with % to spawn or ie 30 items from what 27 are tomes?

My game is 1.27.1

PS: DOTL is an awesome masterpiece. Enjoyed it in the past, enjoying it now again.
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Level 2
Apr 13, 2021
The phoenix egg minigame does give only tomes upon 8M successful completion - is that correct? I got 15 tomes in a row now, tried saving my game 2 sec before the game end and reloaded multiple times, always tomes.
Yes, if you successfully finish the minigame you can get only tomes. Price pools depends on how long are you able to keep statues alive.

Best item is imho crit stone +5, its usefullness scales nicely with level of hero.
Level 2
May 9, 2021
Finished almost everything in Act 1 except of the weed collector (weeds did not spawn, no idea why), the blabling Fel Orc in the Lonely Island and the Ghost in Edenvale (i couldn't interact with any NPC anymore after I killed the ghastly ghost for whatever reason, so I skipped it. I'm almost finished with Act 2 now. It's a great game man, really awesome, just re-think some rewards or adjust items so that they are not a punishment but an actual reward. Bleed stone is just fine if you have 5 other items increasing hit point regen but meh.. Mask of silence - couldnt find that one. The deathlords crown is reducing one stat by 6 points although it's not mentioned in the description and many other items that were given as a reward after a hard q or difficult riddle completion were.. unusable.. (+50% life steal but -50 flat dmg, meh; heal your comrades but sacrifice yourself, duh; +40% dmg but -7 hit point regen yeeaaa)..

Also, per the quest description in the Mold Valley there's supposed to be a certain NPC dropping the cloak of flames in Zheidland, however, after I spent 10 hours by just killing each and every NPC there numerous times I decided to give up as none dropped it actually.. Found it a bit later in a completely different map & dropped from actually a mid-boss NPC, so either the description is incorrect or its meant to be understood differently or I was just unlucky with the drops. I got the cloak of fire now, can't wait to get cloak of blaze :)

Also noticed Adias is lvl 47 in Mold Valley and then suddenly 45 in the Abyss.. Strange.

Still rollin', as I keep repeating myself, thumbs up man, great game.

PS: frost spear is yummy.
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Level 3
Mar 31, 2021
my act 2 doesnt seem to load any ideas how to fix it mine version is 0.41 btw
Last edited:
Level 2
May 9, 2021
Need help with Ironbark, the last name of one of 7 guardians.. The game doesnt specify which of guardians so I tried Akiba (didn't work) then I remembered Zion (didn't work), Kaleo (no success) .. I can't remember the other 4. ---- RESOLVED
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Level 1
Jul 17, 2020
Need help with Ironbark, the last name of one of 7 guardians.. The game doesnt specify which of guardians so I tried Akiba (didn't work) then I remembered Zion (didn't work), Kaleo (no success) .. I can't remember the other 4. ---- RESOLVED
I believe, it's the last name of Sira...
Level 8
Feb 21, 2015
I think I lost my progress from Act 1. I don't remember if I finished it completely with final boss or not. Maybe that's the reason why.
Is it possible to progress through Act 1 in normal difficulty even with 0 items from before? I played Act 1 on hard difficulty. Looks like it can't be done on normal difficulty with no items. I'm struggling against normal creeps.

EDIT: I also can't progress forward to the next map. Any ideas? is it because of using cheats?
Not sure of the cause, but I reloaded an older save during the chapter, and I didn't encounter this bug.


  • Screenshot (667).png
    Screenshot (667).png
    4 MB · Views: 31
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Level 2
Apr 16, 2019
(please dont kill me for my grammar i am realy bad in english)
I realy like this champaign. Its an nice RPG exspecialy for those who loved the Rexxar campaign. Tho i do have some thinks i think would be better if changed.
  • a Backpack. Even just one would be realy good.
  • I would chen change to be an Agi hero. His whole kit and synergy to items like crit stones screams for him beeing an agi champ. Because we have one Int Hero and 2 Strenght Heroes items that increase Agi and decrease Strenght like the the Armor of Agility kinda become useless unless you want to have one hyper tank. But maybe that is also just my play style. (also i havnt played the whole champaign jet so idk if there will be an Agi champ later but i found no evidence on that)
  • a slightly base movementspeed increase would already help a lot in the realy many "just walking from a to b" parts of the Game. Or/and maybe a way to fast travel to already found Resurection Stones.
  • This now is like a heavy take and just to remind this are just my Suggestion how i would love to have this changes. But what i realy would looove to see would be more Complex abilitys. that scale with Stats. Like the Chain heal gets increased on a percentage of Intelligence. that would make the spells more interesting and would add more depth to the play style because you can choose to change the stats depending on the abilitys to for example play the paladin as a tank that also goes for a lot of int for a better heal.

But besides that i realy like the campaign. One of the Top Content here on Hive.
Level 2
May 9, 2021
Finished the game, very surprising ending and a great boss fight indeed.

I like how the creator forces the player to use their brain sometimes!

I would def rate this 10/10 and I'm looking forward to play Act 3!

Finished with:
Adias lvl 49
Chen lvl 40
Darak lvl 40

Now some comments: (spoilers ahead!)
The game is very playable and enjoyable, just rewards for some difficult puzzles should be re-done.

Also, the game does allow you to basically wander around as you will, which.. was good.. initially.. then I realized (with my over leveled Adias) that other two heroes I'm supposed to do Darkwood, Lonely island and basically progress through the game with, are screwed. They were simply too weak, because I've done the whole Darkwood and Lonely Island with Adias and Buri. The game did not stop me, it did prompt me that exploring is not forbidden though (not sure if it said its not suggested). Nevertheless, thanks to this I missed many unique comments from Shen or Darak in these locations.

Terrain is great, just as you pointed out and it's mentioned here multiple times, the NPC sometimes spawn in an unreachable area which sucks when it drops a tome for example (act2, first map, some water elemental stuck in the trees).

Also, there should be set a limit for repeatable "mini games" or quests that do actually give you a lot of exp. Just like Darkwood... not sure if it's possible but the fight against other hero's souls should be limited to ie 5 fights per hero.

Many things and many quests are easily resolvable, but there were some I had to put some real effort to, to even finish. Nevertheless, here are some comments on things that got stuck in my memory:

Act 1 -

1) The sheep game in Edenvale City - managed to do 50, but it cost me around 30 saves :), very rewarding though
2) The memory game in Edenvale Dungeon - managed to finish all 30? or more? Basically played that until the game stated this was the last reward I'm getting for it. It did cost me 2 papers A4 format but it was worth it!
3) Killing dogs in Little Village... Now, i don't like killing dogs, but being rewarded with an invincible (a GOD DOG) dog for killing 10 of poor puppies was funny.
4) Balaro or whatever the bandit's name was was nicely done. Initially presented as a hunter, ended as a dead bandit. Well done.
5) Hunger games - very disappointed with the rewards for the whole 8 minutes completion. When you finish the whole timer it should give you really a random loot from the best items from the list instead of tomes.
6) Replaying the Admiral's story (Edenvale City, powerful spirit) - very nice event with nice buy-able artifacts.
7) Darkwood - getting the starcraft swarmy artifact was enjoyable and I actually used the item till the very end.

Act 2 -

8) Got a seasick from an optional quest but the hardcore boss fight was worth it. Not sure what difficulty I played on, but the game said I've received an achievement for beating the dude in a difficult mode. It.. was.. indeed difficult, but the reward for it? If I'm not mistaken it was something that gave me +50% life steal but -50 damage. Big No No, so slightly disappointed.
9) Getting the Cloak of Blaze, sadly didn't manage to get it. Cloak of Fire was "lit" tho.
10) Liz and Grendel! LOL that was a blast. True love.
11) Killing "your daughter" was hella funny. Mourning too. (hard boss fight though)
12) Lightning orb puzzle.. This wasn't that easy (easy with cheating, but not without) yet the reward was what.. an artifact that allowed your hero to sacrifice himself in order to restore some HP to your other heroes. No thank you!
13) "?" puzzles thorough the Act2 funny and great, there could have been more of those! Managed to answer them all (even the one at the first location which took me some time to figure out how to get there)

I'm sure I forgot many things so I'll be updating my post regularly whenever I remember stuff worth sharing, however, here are things I did not finish (couldn't figure out):

  • Blabbing Fel Orc
  • Couldn't find mask of silence
  • Ghost of the Edenvale (bugged my game, couldn't interact with npcs after I killed him)
  • Black spot in Zheidland right hand corner, not sure how to get there
  • Murlocs next to initial spawn in Zheidland (south entrance).. not sure how to get there
  • The name of the 7th guardian - actually finished it, but with only 1 hero alive which meant other two heroes were permanently dead and couldn't get revived. Thought that I would resolve it by leaving the map but the game crashed. Tried a few times but always one of my heroes died so I gave up.
  • Sea turtles Shimmer Coastal - couldn't finish the quest as one turtle was too far away from any spot I could land my heroes at and kill it. So my luring did not work and she always returned to her position.
  • Molded Valley, the teleport? It did not work, and I did not figure it out.
  • Weed collector.. weed did not spawn although I was not using any cheat
  • ...
Level 8
Feb 21, 2015
The game crashes at this point of the cinematics. However, it can be avoided by skipping the cut-scene when it starts. Thrall doesn't say much beside giving them a chance by defeating his wolf in combat.


  • Screenshot (674).png
    Screenshot (674).png
    2.5 MB · Views: 33
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Map Reviewer
Level 60
Jun 4, 2009
  1. The issue with Adias is that he was berserk not caring about Mastodon but then suddenly he decided Ling should go so he could sacrifice himself in the process. But because Ling was hurt, they switched places. Adias is a bit demented in that particular cinematic.
  2. Terenas' name should be changed. Reusing names from other fictional works is OK(ish) if properly done. The fact that your character is also a king makes it a rip-off. Also, Chen (Stormstout), Thrall.
  3. That fel stalker poison is a real time killer; takes a lot to wear off.
  4. Stalkers have very low camping range compared to other units. At least where the sunken ruins platforms are (one naga and four stalkers).
  5. Darak talks when you get past the forcefield (generators-runes puzzle) but I've not yet got him since I didn't go to the minimap signal place.
  6. And then meeting the orcs in the scene, showed Darak who moved forth but then went back outside the camera borders. Same happens when they are moved near Unkar. After the whole scene, the neutral Darak is moved where your heroes are. The requirement "reuniting with Darak" was grayed.
  7. Places where you are supposed to have certain characters should not be reachable or shouldn't activate triggers without those required units.
  8. Enemy units should be hidden during cinematic scenes. When talking to Rion, paused stalkers were around. One of them was stuck after the scene between trees.
  9. The fight with the fire demon is a bit too easy/fast. The cinematic afterwards is way longer.
  10. Ha-ha, the guards at the zone entrance near the resurrection stone were still there after the battle.
  11. Received the "without saving the game" achievement even though I did save it trying to beat the blind stalker.
  1. Finished the statue quest without even knowing it existed. I didn't go to the village/city/whatever just went west and then straight north.
  2. Question: Is the story about the dog, fox and bear taken from somewhere?
  3. Scroll of the Beast and of the Monster have the same icon.
  4. Small units (like priests) can pass through some doodads like trees. Happened where there's an Ankh of Reincarnation in a barrel/crate in the northwest where there's Quillboars.
  5. By the way Priests should have the Chaplain's icon since the models don't have blonde hair and long ears.
  6. A lot of the Razormane units suddenly appear out of thin air while you're battling others boarmen.
  7. Why does Mulong address Adias as Lord? Also, he doesn't really give any details on how to find the creatures or how they look. Feels like a wild goose chase if you'd go by what he says.
  8. Even if only Darak should be allowed to go through, you can force move/click your units past behind the captain and other units towards the archways in the north, east of the small orc settlement (where there's a shop and a mercenary camp).
  9. Kind of weird for barrels to be lying around in nature.
  10. The explosive lizard's dying FX is not always visible.
  11. Nomad Destroyers have no movement speed and they don't turn when attacking. They shoot with their backs at you.
  12. Some doodad combinations look weird like trees into pillars.
  13. First I thought the orb puzzle would be about the rainbow colours but you gotta watch for the lightning spots around the map. I had to screenshot the minimap and then paint the colours on it so I would get an idea of how the orbs should be placed on the squares. Finally, after some tries I solved it. The extra blue orb is needed to joggle with the other orbs.
  14. The issue with making Dantum and his son meet is that your heroes get moved at the spot while your mercenaries remain where you meet the son.
  15. The Bladebane Armour reward (Dantum's shop) doesn't say it also decreases intelligence by 2. The bought item says it does though.
  16. Calamity Ring doesn't mention any benefits in the description.
  17. Don't remember if I mentioned but the spell descriptions when you learn them only show the details up until level 8. I guess only the pattern should be written instead of all those since 8 isn't final and not too many can be put at the same time on screen.
  18. Feeding Moka is annoying that you have to get out of the region and come back to get the dialog buttons on screen again. It should activate when left clicking him or something. Or the unit should have an inventory and when you place something in (considering the amount) it should increase the unit's mana.
  19. The "!" sign remains on Thrall in the scene where he talks about the western outpost.
  20. Camp Development can be given before Chen meets with the heroes and Adias will talk as if he's near Thrall.
  21. Maybe items should be hidden during cinematic scenes. A Healing Salve was seen when Thrall came to aid against Tirump.
  22. When Darak asks Thrall about the Fire Demon, the camera clips through some doodad building for a long time (see attached image).
  23. Would really love a cleansing spell or something to get that Stalker poison off.
  24. A Stalker was trapped between doodads (see image).
  25. Pressed ESC while nearing the road to Alzhardar and got an update quest message to return to Kil Na'dak. The "!" sign appeared on him too.
  1. Entering Amigo gives the player a discouraging message. If you intend people to play your work, you should make it welcoming.
  2. The gameplay design is annoying indeed, having restricted vision/range due to the locked camera and no minimap access. Maybe, black mask that reapplies after a while instead?
  3. The Nerubian Toxin seems to last forever. I think it does for some reason. It reactivates after I get out of the ship. Finally, it disappeared somehow maybe something to do with the fire nerubians.
  4. Not sure if intended but you can move the boat when you're out of it and use it to shoot stuff.
  5. You don't get any healing for the hero, not even an item. Lucky I had Shawsa Ladas.
  6. Creatures respawn so it gets harder to remember where you've been and where not.
  7. Fuel can't be stored somewhere to use when needed.
  8. It's a time waste but at least you can replay it although not sure what the benefits would be. I didn't bother trying.
  9. Life Leech is useless now. You'd need at least 50 more bonus damage to actually make any use of the item. My heroes have an average of 50 damage at their current levels (27-28).
  10. Using spells with the boat is problematic when the camera moves as you have to properly place the mouse again on the target; however, there's heavy compensation in that the abilities have no cooldown.
  1. Some Kobolds might spawn between trees (see image).
  2. Monument of Akiba quest finished without it even being discovered.
  3. Fighting the Serpent Guard wasn't really a great trial. All spells on it killed it fast.
  4. Thought the Safe Haven quest would include outcasts as Karim as well but it's restricted to Mold Valley.
  5. Trying to select Yes/No for Emile is annoying since you can't see the cursor (disable player control trigger).
  6. Shop Icon Unit selectable after coming back to Mold Valley (talked to Thrall about Ironbark).
  7. The Shade Firecaller is considered a worker. The idle worker icon appears if the unit stands still.
  8. Cloak of Fire has the same icon as Cloak of Flames.
  9. Why would someone like Stonix just be in the middle of nowhere with a hammer in his hand, blacksmithing for random people?
  10. Any use for the Way Gate?
  1. Riflemen should have a different icon.
  2. If you read the panda book, the item you drop remains there. The priest also remained there. You can take the item later with Sira. The priest can be used too.
  3. The Razormane revived my Footman as well.
  4. If Sira is a melee attacker, why does she have a projectile?
  5. Would be neat for the Mammoth Ravager to follow Sira constantly and from time to time to temporarily speed up so Blink would actually be needed.
  6. I really appreciate the playable Sira mini-part.
  7. Collector doesn't appear as a quest message on screen.
  8. The place where the lich is looks too monotonous and flat.
  9. I suggest writing the name of the chapter instead of Quests as the main title in the Quest Log.
  1. The Nerubian Deathcallers have too much mana and when you meet two it's annoying to defeat them since they constantly spawn/summon and they also have lots of HP. I try cornering them with Spirit Wolves or just ignore them by running.
  2. Stuff like Rune of War Stomp is quite creative. More of that with diverse spells wouldn't hurt.
  3. The terrain here is too flat for a natural place.
  4. The Pandaren's resistance to poison is lower than for the other heroes.
  5. Only the hero that's on the switches should be teleported outside if a wrong step is made, not all heroes.
  6. I thought there would be a boss fight or something in that huge place where there's a gate to the north and one to the south.
  7. There's a Resurrection Stone considered Mechanical near the entrance to Fugikana.
  1. Should avoid playable zone near the map edges as it looks ugly.
  2. Deathcallers have the Tornado Slow Aura. It's strange for the buff to be called Tornado though in this context. At least they don't summon spiders when you're attacking them with 1 hero.
  3. Problem with the Hold Out part with Chen and Adias is that you can just stand in the down left corner and wait for much of the timer to expire as the arachnids just go to the middle/hill.
  4. After the battle, on arachnid remained neutral (image attached).
  5. The Ashborn and Greater Pheonix quests carried here for some reason, even though completed anyway.
  6. There's a place in the woods after fighting Reika where Adias can pass but the others can't (attached image). Adias has no more collision. It's like he's flying.
  7. Kaleo quest finished without ever discovering it.
  1. Mercenaries should also have QWERTY hotkeys for abilities. Apparently they do but it's not specified in the ability titles.
  2. Frost Spear's description says Need Editting where there should be a story.
  3. Some item disappear instead of being taken into the inventory like a Scroll of Monster, Mana Elixir, Health Elixir.
  4. Many visual glitches where the water meets the land.
  1. Why is there a Resurrection Stone near the place you get Killmaim if there are no enemies there?
  2. Can't get into Ironbark from Zheidland. It pushes my heroes back and there's no FX for entering. The camp was burnt though. It might be because I accessed Ironbark first from the Abyssal Swarm. Lucky I had an earlier save and yeah, that was the cause.
  3. Two Glaives met and stood still (see image).
  4. The side platforms of the two glaives path towards the golems to complete Martin's quest don't always protect you. The glaives can kill you randomly whem passing by.
  5. The camera in the obsidian statues room should be bigger to get an idea of what moves when and where. That obsidian statues puzzle to open the main door is really trial and error. Drove me nuts.
  6. There's a place right northeast of the main statues puzzle door that you can access through some canopy trees that leads you to a black bordered zone (image attached). That looks bad. Some rocks or trees or something would have been better instead. Actually, the who road up is surrounded by black borders and it doesn't look nice.
  7. Sira remains near Selendis even after you defeat her in Ironbark before she blinks.
  8. Lots of non-related optional quests carry but none of the ones you need here->guardian statue name.
  9. Is Lightning Storm supposed to affect golems?
  10. Chen's message about Martin's death came way too late. I was out of that zone and fought two more Chaos Golems.
  11. Not sure where to get the last name of the guardian. Tried stuff like "Lord of Fire and Weapons" but nothing. Ah, you find about it if you go to the last map. Good that I saved. Kind of cheesy that the dialogue about her is censored during the heroes' talk with Thrall; she says a "No..." though. First I thought that she was sad that the emblems were given to the heroes as she wanted to go to the Oracle herself too.
  12. After fighting the Serpent Knight, the door remained locked so I couldn't get out anymore not even after completing the statue quest. I thought maybe I had to use the Glaive item on the gate but nothing happened. Also, the lever outside was still pulled (destroyed/inactive).
  13. Glaives of Blood didn't appear before. I got it because I lost none of the heroes.
  14. It told me, after I defeated Terenas, that the One Woman Army map had been unlocked but I don't know how to access it. The campaign menu doesn't have it. There's only Act I, II and Credits there.
  15. The demon said use the item or not. Why are we obliged to though? Why would Adias want anything to do with what the demon has to offer? Maybe, it could have been a trick.
  1. Rune of Dispel Magic doesn't dispel Curse.
  2. What Controller should I use on I Am Hungry? OK, I had to select the zone where the furbolg is to access the Controller. It is invisible.
  3. Chen had a permanent Slow from a Sludge. Actually, it's not permanent but lasts more than 10 minutes.
  4. Trials get pretty repetitive.


Regardless of the petty annoyances, a masterpiece.

EDIT: maybe you could find a different text colour for every type of item. Now all except consumables are written in orange.
These guys followed me from up north"
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Level 3
Jul 6, 2021
This is my review:

1. History: It seems to me a quite pretentious story to finish the usual thing, although it is good, it does not seem exceptional to me.

2. Maps: The number of maps is impressive, there is no doubt about that, but it is also obvious that not all of them have the same quality. Many of them are so simple... Dare I say they look like filler. Although there are many others that are quite good.

3. Gameplay: It has several typical rpg mechanics, sometimes they are better and others worse. Although honestly, in this campaign you spend more time watching cinematics than playing games. As I said in the history section, too pretentious.

4. Personalization: Yes, there is a customization job, but it is quite disappointing that the only change for many skills is a lot more levels and a custom icon, because otherwise they are almost all the same.

In general, it is fine, its greatest sin is the same as that of the entire current video game industry, more affection and time dedicated to cinematics than in the game itself.


Map Reviewer
Level 60
Jun 4, 2009
In general, it is fine, its greatest sin is the same as that of the entire current video game industry, more affection and time dedicated to cinematics than in the game itself.
That's why they're called VIDEO games.

Regardless, all I see here is a serial low rating spammer who has yet to show the community something less "pretentious" that would at least even try to reach part of the quality of this campaign.
Level 3
Jul 6, 2021
That's why they're called VIDEO games.

Regardless, all I see here is a serial low rating spammer who has yet to show the community something less "pretentious" that would at least even try to reach part of the quality of this campaign.
Well, keep rating everything with 4 and 5 stars. Even campaigns copied from Blizzard with four custom models have those scores, normal that when seeing a good work like this they think that all the scores must be perfect. It doesn't matter, I give it 5 stars, I don't want to cause some irreversible trauma or offend the content creators, since they are so sensitive.


Map Reviewer
Level 60
Jun 4, 2009
Well, keep rating everything with 4 and 5 stars. Even campaigns copied from Blizzard with four custom models have those scores, normal that when seeing a good work like this they think that all the scores must be perfect. It doesn't matter, I give it 5 stars, I don't want to cause some irreversible trauma or offend the content creators, since they are so sensitive.
You can rate it objectively. If you truly feel it deserves 3 stars, at least leave some proper feedback, not some vague sentences.
The rating-approving system isn't perfect. Some things are not quite substandard and deserve 3 stars for the approved section. For instance, this campaign would deserve 6 stars/Director's Cut from my point of view.
For me the step from 3 to 4 stars is huge.
I just feel that low ratings should come with proper arguments. But of course, if you want to rate it based on likes/dislikes then you are obviously free to do so but people are also free to criticize you for it.
Level 10
May 13, 2017
How can I destroy trees in the first area of act 2?
You can’t. Trees in this campaign are there to separate areas, making them inaccessible for players and also providing aesthetics for the maps. Unlike normal Warcarft 3 maps, they are not meant to be destructible.
Areas in this campaign are separate for story and gameplay purpose. You can’t just access any areas in this campaign any time until a certain plot point or conditions are met.
So don’t find ways to destroy trees in this campaign. Find a lever, solve certain puzzles, fight certain enemies or advance the plot instead. If the right conditions are met, the paths are opened for you.
Level 1
Apr 5, 2018
It's a great campaign so far! But i've an annoying problem and this is a game breaking problem for me. It seems that i can't transition back to any map, i can only go foward! Everytime i've tried it, the campaign just close to menu screen without any warning...

Right now, i'm in Murloc Cave Den, but those creatures are way too powerful for me! Unfortunatly, i've saved inside the cave and can't go back to previous map. :pcry:
Level 10
May 13, 2017
It's a great campaign so far! But i've an annoying problem and this is a game breaking problem for me. It seems that i can't transition back to any map, i can only go foward! Everytime i've tried it, the campaign just close to menu screen without any warning...

Right now, i'm in Murloc Cave Den, but those creatures are way too powerful for me! Unfortunatly, i've saved inside the cave and can't go back to previous map. :pcry:
I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with the maps because there’ve been thoudsands of people who have played. There are usually 2 reasons why transition doesn’t work.
1. You’re playing on version 1.24 of the game or lower. Warcraft iii only support map transition campaigns versions 1.26 and higher.
2. You changed the name of campaign file. If the name of the campaign file is changed, it might break the map transition system.
Did your case fall into any of these?
You can always message me personally if you have any further questions.
Level 3
Feb 21, 2018
I really liked the ideas in general and the story is cool.

But I find this really difficult to enjoy, because of lots of the decisions in general, some comments talked about them already.

But my main problem is those items, don't get me wrong, I really love the idea, it was this that motivated me to play in the first place. But as I played, it became what made me stop.

They are underwhelming in general, the vast majority are just stats buffs and debuffs, and nothing else.

The best example is the Magic Ivory, 325 mana, but you lose 15 intelligence, in the end its just around a 100 mana and mana regen debuff, nothing else. Which is really, really underwhelming, independent of the reason for this, that i can understand, but not agree.

Most of the items makes me not want to use them.

Then again, i liked the ideas in general, but the execution have thrown me away.

As am example, there was a campaign with itens that had debuffs(I don't remember the name) but the cool thing about it was the unique effects or abilities, they could change everything and actually make those debuffs worth it.

Maybe this is not for me in the end, but it was interesting noneless.
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Level 60
Jun 4, 2009
As am example, there was a campaign with itens that had debuffs(I don't remember the name) but the cool thing about it was the unique effects or abilities, they could change everything and actually make those debuffs worth it.
I don't exactly remember how it was in Act I but in Act II, items are much more varied and there is actual incentive to use them regardless of the minuses they bring, the perks given by them making wearing them worth it. Also, it very much depends on how you combine items, some lowering a stat while another neutralizing the negative effect by raising that stat.
All in all, I think the way @ThinhHo implemented this made the campaign have a much more diverse gameplay than usual Warcraft III RPGs.
Level 3
Feb 21, 2018
I don't exactly remember how it was in Act I but in Act II, items are much more varied and there is actual incentive to use them regardless of the minuses they bring, the perks given by them making wearing them worth it. Also, it very much depends on how you combine items, some lowering a stat while another neutralizing the negative effect by raising that stat.
All in all, I think the way @ThinhHo implemented this made the campaign have a much more diverse gameplay than usual Warcraft III RPGs.
I did not play the act II in fact. Act I almost made me quit the game by how tired i was.

But my main issue is that almost everything is (or was if Act II has a significant difference) stats, I don't mind having to neutralize the negative effect at all, but in the end, at least for me, it did not make that much difference, it was just some extra steps for having efficient items.

See the Magic Ivory that I mentioned before as an example, that item gives more mana, but also reduces mana, at the same time, this is just strange and pointless, it would make almost no difference if it gave 100 mana and reduced mana regen. I know that it is that way to make you think, and also make you not want that being used by Darak, but still really underwhelming.
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Level 60
Jun 4, 2009
See the Magic Ivory that I mentioned before as an example, that item gives more mana, but also reduces mana, at the same time, this is just strange and pointless,
I guess some items need some balancing so that you'd not use the Magic Ivory on intelligence based heroes but on Strength or Agility ones since intelligence also gives damage bonus to those like Darak.
Level 2
Dec 23, 2021
Dear ThinHo,
My game alway get lossing running in Edenvale Dungeon map of first chapter when I get through this map,no matter howmany times I 1.31.
Besides another little problem is,an optional mission in little village can't be completed:the fountain of health,when I found the fountain,I returned to footman,there was no thing happening.
please help me,and thank you for making this amazing map.
Level 20
May 14, 2021
Dear ThinHo,
My game alway get lossing running in Edenvale Dungeon map of first chapter when I get through this map,no matter howmany times I 1.31.
Besides another little problem is,an optional mission in little village can't be completed:the fountain of health,when I found the fountain,I returned to footman,there was no thing happening.
please help me,and thank you for making this amazing map.
You mean version 1.31? Did you read the following notice below (Patch Issues section)?
Known Issues.jpg

You might want try the older versions of Warcraft 3 if you still face the issues:
WC3 Download Archive (1.00 - 1.31.1 + BETA & DEMO)
Level 10
May 13, 2017
You mean version 1.31? Did you read the following notice below (Patch Issues section)?
Known Issues.jpg

You might want try the older versions of Warcraft 3 if you still face the issues:
WC3 Download Archive (1.00 - 1.31.1 + BETA & DEMO)
Hello @Celloen, @Ravager16829 is probably correct and the link he shared is very helpful. The error you’re encountering must be coming from the patch of the game. Please try the campaign on lower versions of the game.

Whoever reads this message, I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your family. I’m also working on a new project and I’m very excited to share with at some point in the future.

Level 4
Jul 5, 2017
a tiny question:
How many kills should I take to get through?🤣🤣🤣

I sympathize greatly with you man, I ran into the same issue and question here

This is a dead end, you can't get out of there

The moment you went there it became game over.

You better hope you had a save at a point before you went in.
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Level 5
Nov 13, 2018
Finished Barrow , wagon convoy and so far my opinions

5/5 really good stories, terrain, bgm, it was as if i was playing totally different game, reminded me of Skyrim.

A bit worried
1. Your new item system(maximize benefit at the same time decreases another benefit) was so novel and interesting but a little bit too much disadvantage sometimes. It felt like "swapping option" rather than getting new item and ability.

2. Sometimes, if i skip dialogue, then some tasks are unfinished. For example, the priest doesnt purify fountain if i skip the cinematic. In that case, you'd better block skip function.

3. Optional quest benefit sometimes doesnt exist. Sometimes finishing optionl quest in itself provides item or sometimes the requester give a reward. But many times, they dont reward anything nor do they comment about gratitude.

4. Heroes mana availability is too poor. Mana potion is hard to get in bulk and items that provide mana capacity decreases other benefits so much. Or it would be better if you dont increase required skill mana level as we improve the level of skill.

5. Item synthesizing person? The one who provides option like (certain ring and certain item, they say they will make new one). But the person look so common just like another villiager that its hard to find them again. It would be better they have some different look.

6. Evendele degeon's moving block has some issues. Sometimes it doesnt work even if it became same elevation and vice versa.

7. The distance is sometimes too long. I need to go long way only to get one item or quest. It would be better to have some waygate.

Nevertheless, overall its best campaign ever. :) though i just finished barrow and wagon convoy, i am looking forward to rest of vast mission !
Level 1
Oct 2, 2022
Hello ThinhHo!

Hope you are still around and work in this map when you have some time. Just saw it had a major overhaul and Act2 released so i've liked to share my experience with this map. Played with earlier version before and saw it already have a few changes (what i'll expand bellow)

First of all, i love this RPG map. The music is really good, the triggers are well done, the item skins, effects, mechanics truly show that it's not just a random map with few godly items and 30 minute linear gameplay till the end. It's also quite challanging (i play in hard difficulty), but cannot help the feeling that my experience with this map and overall enjoyment is quite ambivalent.

The explaining can contain spoilers so i hide it if someone want's his/her own experience.
So... well should i start.
My main negative experience is not HOW items work, it's how they are "balanced" or more likely straight up nerfed to oblivion. I kinda like the idea of give something/take something mechanics but let's be honest, about 60-70% of the so called "good" or even artifact items are unusable. They have such a major drawback, sometimes you don't even come out even but negative.
I think you don't really count in one already major downside of having an item what is it takes one place from your inventory. Now, you already know the issue space is pretty limited in this campaign, no packhorses or fast travel. So if you want to save items (because you never know it needed for a quest or something you need to run back and forth betveen ares to hoard the item. Like me who saves pretty much every item you can't buy from shops and stores and place them around the ressurection stone in Evendale City. So here comes the illogical part. Why should i ever use an item what is "even" at best (so in the end takes away as much or (usally) more as it offers) if that only make the campaign more frustrating to run around with the items dropped in new areas.
Armor is nerfed, monsters are stonger, they level up with you and your hero also get less in every level up. So you somehow offset this with items and your skill what you can rarely do together. It's like playing Doom where nightmare "difficulty" is forced on you, but you only want to play in "ultra violence" what is hard enough by itself.

And the item balance is not tought through well at all, at least that's how i feel when playing. I already stated earlier the you again, further nerferd almost every item what was already not so broken in the first place to be placed straight up to an unusable state, for example:

Health Boots - 40% run speed, +1 life regen BUT -1 mana regen
Now, we can all agree, mana regen per point is at least 3-5 times as strong and valuable than health regen depending on your current state. You can get these boots very early on what basicaly makes your hero to have 0 mana regeneration. This crazy drawback actually make the item useless because it hinders your hero more than what offers while also takes 1 free space. You pretty much LOT better off with speed scrolls honestly, it takes one place and offers more.

And i see this tendency a lot with almost every permanent item. The drawback literaly nullifies a major aspect of your hero while offering something in return. Either by completely lock you out of casting spells or weaken your hero so much to be a broken glass cannon and die They way i see it, you don't HAVE TO nerf everything just for a reason because the inventory slot it takes is already a pretty big tradeoff by itself.

Flower Trinket: + 3 intelligence / - 2 strenght
Okay i get that, give something/take something, logical as well but really + 3 intelligence is such a huge buff what needs to be offset somehow? I would be okay of you have unlimited inventory space i would take that as a reason but you only have 6 per hero and you want 3-4 space free for exploring in the first place anyway.

Gloves of Haste: + 15% attack speed / -6 damage ("up" from -3)
This is now straight up unusable. You can get it in lvl 1 and that time + 6 damage is a lot more than 15% attack speed. You LITERALY do less damage with this item for a long time. It could be translated to "- 5-7% less damage overall". Sure later on when you have 50-60 damage the -6 is not that big of a percentage so it CAN be used but that's happen at a lvl 20 range where monsters are so tough you need something better anyway.

Claws... + 3 damage / -25 mana
Let's be honest, i wouldn't use a + 3 claw even with no offsets in the first place because the inventory space it takes worth more than + 3 damage. So why does it need a drawback? I don't know. And if i won't use it in vanilla state why is it in the game? The item is totally pointless and claws are not the only one. Also, mana is usally lot more important than damage. Less mana could mean one less Storm Bolt what already do hundreds of damage.

Vindicator Belt: + 10 strenght, + 10 agility / - 20 intelligence.
Again, we already stated agility is not really a primary atribute in the game. Armor value is nerfed, attack speed is nerfed and no agility based hero. - 20 intelligence on the other hand is - 300 mana with sever mana regeneration penalty. Pontless item, under no circumstances it can be useful, you better off without it in every part of the game with every hero.

Absorbing Hammer: + 5 damage, +5% dealing 300 extra damage and 1 second stul / -15% attack speed.
This is the opposite of Gloves of Haste so we can say that if that item was bad, this is good right? Wrong. Gloves of Haste is bad at beggining while this item is already bad when you get it. I haven't tested it, but i'm pretty sure the 15% attack speed debuff lowers your overall damage output at the point you get it even if we count in the the extra damage you rarely get (not to mention overkilling monsters). Then we can say, just use them together so they balance out their weaknesses. Let's do a little math. attack speed remains the same (most likely "average"), you get + 1 damage and the bonus stuff. That's 300 extra damage in every 20'th attack but counting in the randomness it's more likely +10. So the two item together gives + 10-15 damage at best. Does it worth TWO inventory space at level 20 where Storm Bolt deals almost 800? No..

That was just a few exaple, i won't go through every item (i could), i think you get the point.
I didn't intend to be harsh or anything don't get me wrong. I just wanted to point out the map is already balanced with powerful bosses, reduced armor buff, lowered hero stats. Item nerfs like this just only makes it frustrating. I often find myself using only 1 or 2 items because i'm better off naked.

Few examples HOW i like to make some item balances:
- First of all, only really strong and potent items should have an offset and even that not this huge
(in this case you have a choice to use and specialize to a powerful item with some drawbacks or use an average item without it. Seems pretty balanced to me without sacrificing the game mechanic)
  • Not every item is straight up bad, but the majority (sadly) is
  • Items listed bellow are not generaly good or bad, it's just some balance mechanic ideas.
  • Make some buffed or unnerfed items in shops "Unique" and only buyable once for a little higher pricetag (like Royal Armor, Wand of Mana Restoration, Ashthean Blade, Primal Essence, etc..)

Wand of Mana Restoration: 200 mana instantly replenished (re-usable), 210 second cooldown
----- Fully replenish your hero's mana, 300 second cooldown -----
In this case, this item could have builds around it and would balance itself out as an ultimate skill would do. 5 minute cooldown is a fair tradeoff i think and the item would be overall good every time but even better when you gets stronger. It's not generaly broken as well because all by itself, does nothing.

Flame Stike Staff: Flame strike cast, 180 second cooldown, 50 mana cost.
----- 100 mana cost, 30 second cooldown -----
I mean, Flame Strike is not an ultimate ability, 180 second is unnecessary. In current state, this item is more like a temporary (frustrating) tool for murlock den than an actual, usable item.

Health Boots: + 40% run speed, + 1 health regeneration / - 1 mana regeneration
----- + 40% run speed , + 1 health regeneration during night time -----
I would help in dungeons (where you can get it first) and we already stated, - 1 mana regen is way too oppressive to your char. Not so logical either. Feels like it was just thrown in just to have something as a drawback.

Gloves of Haste: + 15% attack speed / - 6 damage
----- + 10% attack speed -----
Yepp, no drawback here. It is only a modest increase, won't make your character an unstoppable juggernaut and you can specialize to higher tier items with drawbacks like Firehand Gauntlets later, if you want or stick with this one.

Doom Gauntlets / Cauitous Ring: doesn't matter
----- Just boost or un-nerf them -----
The time and effort to get these items are so high and challenging, the sour reward just leave people with a negative game experience after. (Imagine finally beaten Uber Tristram and all you get is a Staff with a lvl 20 fire ball to cast every 3 seconds what also lowers you resistance by 50%) What a loot right?

So these were just ideas of item balance not like a code or anything. I just want to feel i can make progress without frustration and constant negatives. The campaign is already hard by itself. Items doen't need to be overpowered, but you can have good items with good experience as well.

So that was just my experience and a few ideas.
I still rate your map as 5/5, it's very well done, i see the work in it and i highly appreciate campaigns like this. It's challenging, but often over the line frustrating, that's why i wrote this post.
Best of regards and keep up the good work. :)

Oh, and before i forget, i have a a question. Can somebody lists every hidden quests and where to search them?
My problem with them is well... they are hidden so i never know if i miss something or not. :D (altough i have an idea for that one as well but this post have gotten long enough.

(ps: i don't really use forum platforms like this so i hope i didn't screw up my post and spoiler tags and it's not a wall of text either)