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Deadfall - PreAlpha

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
A Fun AoS
Pre-Alpha 12/25/07

This is an in development AoS by my friend, Montmorency. He hasn't implemented a hero selection system, and has only completed one hero, but he wants people's impressions about the gameplay. There are currently no items, and my friend is debating to remove the shops all together, to encourage players to use their money to build towers, repair buildings, build fountains, and build unit spawners.

Empty Lots

* This contains an empty lots system that replaces:
* Microing workers to repair and build unit spawners
* Forever losing a tower (Towers are rebuildable)
* Traveling back to base to heal at the fountain (You're able to build lesser fountains)

Before he gets any complements or insults about the terrain, the terrain was made by Blizzard Entertainment, for the melee map titled Deadfall. He chose to make an AoS on Deadfall because he simply 'liked the terrain' and he noticed 'that most melee maps are symmetrical so they can easily be modified into an AoS terrain'.

Note: Due to the fact that only a single hero is completed, my friend chose to limit the maximum players to 2 for this preview. Once he completes more heroes he will eventually open up the player limit to 12. The mapmaker also requests that you test this preview with 2 people, as he feels that playing this map single player will limit your experience.

Deadfall - PreAlpha (Map)

15:45, 28th May 2008 Rui: I am sorry, but The Hive Workshop does not approve of incomplete maps.




15:45, 28th May 2008
Rui: I am sorry, but The Hive Workshop does not approve of incomplete maps.