DDay: Judgement? return of the sleeping action beauty :)

Level 12
Dec 16, 2007
I don't know did you heard for the map (mode) old as warcraft 3, DDay: Judgement. Here is quotation from our member, player of DDay, l1_gold. Here's what he said:

U gotta know that both dota and dday came from a map called 3 corridors, dota changed a little the layout by adding some corrs, but the idea of the game is exactly the same. two teams, powerful heros used by players, creeps run by w3 ai, towers (in the old 3 corr towers used 2 be tougher), and then dday appeared since 3 corr was discontinued, the author of 3 corrs passed to another author the map and dday was born. a few modders took dday, till monky and a group called the dday team, started to increase the playability and fun of the map. the judge came thats y it was called dday judgment the commanders was also a very interesting idea from dday, like the cenarius and magerithons, and yes that song. the name of the song is earth fire storm from 10th lvl chieftain. u can find it on google. is included on the warcraft u have purchased legally (i hope) and can be opened by some utils. u can also use some skins from the original world of warcraft and edit them to create new textures for heros. like the old captain america and hulk marvel heros adapted to wc3?s dday. @ the beggining all was about dday, but somehow the depression came, blizzard patched the good old maps, and ppl started to play bugged dday maps, that was the time when dota arised, since ppl loose the interest to play in a bugged map, and saddly monky?s knowldege wasnt enough @ that time to fix the bugs, and sadly as well he loose the interest in dday due to his wow beta account :'(, he ended leaving the project which hurt even more to the dday population, so more than 2/3 of the gr8 dday community passed to a more stable game, which had enough support to work for the demands of players. Escpy took dday project fixing some troubles, with the support of jncool, then escpy left for his personal reasons then Neo came to save the dday. till now.

I haven checked the last maps from neo, since i loose the interest in dday due to wow, but since this wasnt just a game for me, i have managed to keep my friendship with neo, escpy, jncool, and even monky, and it hurts to c ppl complaining about what dday have took from dota. I could start a topic saying that dota took 2/3 of the dday players base, but i wont be doing anything constructive, what i can suggest to u all, is if u like the new spell, it doesnt matter if dota used it b4 or any other game (for those who dont know where the spells are taken, check wc3 modders webpages, there are a ton of spells to share in there), but think if that spell suits for the hero who took it. or if he is superoverwtfpwner with that spell. u gotta help the effort of dday team by being critical with the issues that affects the BALANCE of the game

That text is old for a year and a half. My opinionis that has bright future with it's neweditor markone, who work on 20.x series of dday:j. Every new vesion is more and more balanced thanks to good testers and people who love this map and ofc to an editor. Somy question is: Did you play this map? Are you still playing it? If you wereplayig it, and now not, why you quit?
Level 11
Dec 11, 2007
i think dday: judgement is a good map (i like it more than dota)
and i still play it but needs a little bit some spell changes - some ppl play dota only for those amazing spells (btw: those spells are not made by the author of dota)
but how Andriejj said 3corr maps HAD some really good versions, now everyone tries to make new versions of dota

i'm also working at a new 3corr map :)