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CSW - Wildhammer Druid Soundset

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
- Ideal lore unit name: Hermit (Druid)
- ideal soundkit to replace: (Nighmare Cenarirus (NCenar) soundkit)

link to Unit model:



Voiced by: Avuaz
Unit Quotes by: @ShadiHD

WH Druid attack1 (Sound)

WH Druid attack2 (Sound)

WH Druid attack3 (Sound)

WH Druid pissed1 (Sound)

WH Druid pissed2 (Sound)

WH Druid pissed3 (Sound)

WH Druid pissed4 (Sound)

WH Druid pissed5 (Sound)

WH Druid pissed6 (Sound)

WH Druid ready (Sound)

WH Druid warcry (Sound)

WH Druid what1 (Sound)

WH Druid what2 (Sound)

WH Druid what3 (Sound)

WH Druid what4 (Sound)

WH Druid what5 (Sound)

WH Druid yes1 (Sound)

WH Druid yes2 (Sound)

WH Druid yes3 (Sound)

WH Druid yes4 (Sound)

WH Druid yes5 (Sound)