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CS Models and Icons. Please help me.

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Level 4
May 26, 2006
I'm making a game based on CS. I know it won't be the first. Anyway, the following models and icons would help so much even if you only submit one. I will update the list when models as are submitted.


*Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist Model: If you know about Talon The Mage's (I think it was him.) marines, I would like the same animations, but looking more like a terrorist and/or a counter-terrorist. Please make it less than 100kb if possible. Also, no gun. I plan to add them using attachments. That's why I want it like Talon The Mage's models.

*Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist with a Knife: Since CS has a knife you can use, I would really like to have a cool knife model that basically has a stab animation for attack slam, and a slash animation for regular attack. Basically the same model as the above, but with different animations and a knife in his hand.

*Colt M4A1 Colt Carbine: The Assault Rifle model I am using looks, a little stupid. Please make it so that it works with Talon's marine model.

*AWP or Steyr Scout: Basically a skinnier version of Talon's model. His looks a little bulky to be a Sniper from CS.

*A pistol model that works on Talon's model. I have a good looking pistol, but it doesn't work well with the model. OR you could make a model like the Blood Mage and add a reload and defend animation (With him lying on the floor.) to him. But it's easier to make a better pistol model.


*AWP: Just an icon for the AWP.

*MP5-Navy: The one I have now doesn't have a disabled version.

*M3 Super 90: As with the MP5, no disabled version.

Any help and submitions would be very much appreciated. The game would look so tight with these models. I'm only worrried with the space on the Base Unit models. (CT and T models.) Gun models don't take up too much space to it's fine.

And if Talon The Mage is here reading this, I would really love for you to make these models. Your work is magnificent!

And as stated with the Base Unit models, please compress the models as much as possible to keep their file size small. I'm already fighting to keep under 1.4mb.
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