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Crocodile etc.

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Sep 24, 2007
Hai modelers of the Hive.

I am working on a Jungle Trolls kind of map (I will of course credit A.Dominion for the idea in the subtext), adding reproduction and other realistic elements.
I haven't gotten very far, I am pouring up the terrain which will be a soggy caldera formation of jungle. I have been downloading a few prehistoric creatures off olofmoleman's impressive gallery.


I was quite surprised when I found there was no crocodile/alligator models around, I think it feels quite basic. And as I didn't want to use that awful lizard critter model I tossed myself into the Request section.

Another model I'd like to request is the Ravenala madagascariensis (Traveler's Tree), I've linked a picture below. Death animation wanted.

  • Name: Crocodile, or maybe Deinosuchus? :)
  • Type: Model, from scratch or for example a lizard (it's got another name I think?) critter model edit from WC3.
  • Details: I'd require attack, walk, stand and devour anims. I want it to be quite imposing, and the animations to show alot of power etc.



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