Crimsonland: Excellent Indie Game

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Mar 15, 2006

Crimsonland is an excellent Desktop game created by ReactiveArcade and 10Tons.

It is a topdown 2D shooter that has over 20 unique weapons, a ton of powerups and more monsters then you can shake a stick at!

It includes a full 5 part Quest chain and several different game modes, including Rush, Survival, Quest, and a Unique mode called Typoshooter, in which monsters have text over their head that you have to type in order to kill them.

All very addictive, and all very, very fun. It was made with humor in mind (A lot of the descriptions for the powerups are very funny) and although being kind of dated (Made in 2003) it is still the best indie game I have ever played.

Currently, Crimsonland 2 is in development. I can't wait.

Here are some of the games features:

Wikipedia said:
As more aliens are killed, the player character gets experience points. When a certain amount of XP has been acquired, the character gains a level, allowing the selection of an additional perk. As the character gains successively higher levels, more experience is needed to gain a level, and get more perks.

Perks come in many forms. Some perks improve reload times, while one makes the player character invincible for 30 seconds before killing him. When a level is gained, generally five perks are randomly chosen to be made available, although some perks such as Perk Expert will modify how many and which perks can be displayed. Some perks have prerequisites, such as gaining a weaker version of the perk first.

Perks are very fun, and they often help you stay alive when your weapon can't.

Wikipedia said:
Crimsonland boasts a wide array of weapons. There is a total of 25 weapons, along with a few secret ones. As levels are completed in normal difficulty Quest mode, weapons are occasionally unlocked. The most basic weapon in the game is the pistol, which is the starting weapon in most levels of the mode. Killed enemies occasionally drop weapons, typically a random weapon from the pool of currently unlocked weapons, to be picked up by the player, or not, according to preference. The chance of this happening is very high at the start of a given level, but decreases after different weapons are obtained.

All weapons have a reload time, depending on how powerful they are. The pulse-gun, for example, has virtually no reload time, but isn't very effective against hordes of enemies.

Some weapons have an impact on the player characters' speed speed. If the player obtains the "mean minigun", the character will move very slowly, but will have lots of fire power. Also, all weapons have a different amount of ammo in storage. A rocket launcher, for example, only has five rockets before it reloads, while an assault rifle has 25 rounds.

Each weapon that is unlocked is shown in the "Weapons Database" inside of the game. All the weapons have a number with them. A strange occurrence in this is that some weapons have skipped numbers in the game, and that two of these are the already discovered Blade Gun and Shrinkifier 3k.

There are many unique weapons, such as all of the ion guns, which have a sort of chain lightning effect, meaning that when you shoot at one, the projectile bounces to several other nearby units and causes them damage as well.

Wikipedia said:
In Crimsonland, there is a wide array of enemies. All of the enemies have a random color and size. Most of the time, the larger ones are harder to kill. Some enemies are also invisible, while others shoot projectiles. There are also "hives", that produce enemies. The following is a list of enemy types:

Aliens - Normal Aliens, Red Speed devils (Small, fast, red, killer aliens)
Zombies - Zombie-Producing Zombies (Zombie Masters), Normal Zombies
Lizards - Normal Lizards, Lizard Kings, (hard to kill lizards)
Spiders - Plasma-Shooting Spiders, Tiny Plasma-Shooting Spiders, Dividing Spiders (Spideroids), Normal Spiders
Invisible Enemies - Normal Invisible Enemies (Ghosts)
Nests-Tiny Plasma-Shooting Spider producing nests, Normal Alien producing nests, Normal Spider producing nests, Lizard producing nests.

the nests are a bitch. I swear. They spawn stuff a dime a dozen, and they don't stop spawning until you kill them, and when dozens of nests start showing up, you have an assload of monsters on your hand. Nothing a little Rocket Minigun wont fix though.

You can find the Demo for the game Here
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