Corrupted Ancient of Lore (Reforged)

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I've worked on it like a madman and in the meantime I made an altered texture for roots, so my skins would look like proper Corrupted Ancients.

Edit1: Reduced the filesize of the emissive.
Edit2: Adjusted the color scheme of the leaves so they wouldn't stand out when compared to the other Corrupted Ancients.

Corrupted Ancient of Lore Diffuse (Texture)

Corrupted Ancient of Lore Emissive (Texture)

Icons (Icon)

Root Texture (Texture)

The 3 models are incredible. I love them 10/10. Do you plan to do the rest of the buildings? that is, the buildings that are not trees

I do, I barely had the time and will to do that honestly, but I want to add atleast a defiled altar of elders and a model pack. I have a concept for altar color schemes based on the satyr shrines that they used for their rituals in early WoW zones.
Level 8
Jun 25, 2014
A może wariacja z innym kolorem liści? Normany Ancient of Lore jest inny od reszty, więc skorumpowana wersja także zasługuje na swój kolor. Sugeruję kolor płomieni na zamieszczonym obrazie.

Maybe variation with different color of leaves? Normal Ancient of Lore is different from the rest, so corrupted version also deserves it's own color. I suggest color of flames on attached image.


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