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classic like infernal

this is a simple classic looking infernal who doesn't have a back problem the only problem is hive can't show the model like it does in-game so this picture is roughly just the sketch of the finished work

comparison to the original reforged model looks more menacing and angrier

(added V3)
he has a pauldron now and also has a more original styled leg where he had 2 toes in the front and 1 in the back side

just added more screenshots for the v3

(v3 portrait) (Model)

classic like infernal (v1) (Model)

Classic-er version (V3) (Model)

infernal (v2 different head flame) (Model)

portrait (Model)

Good take for a classic Infernal. I would suggest making the fire popcorns die off on the death animation just like the current infernal. Also, a bit of a non-issue but the portrait seems to stagger. APPROVED, nonetheless.
Level 11
Mar 20, 2022
I think this model is great. Just one point which you could improve: Change the 2nd attack animation to attack with the other arm. I think there is a fix somewhere, but would be great if this fix can be integrated into the model.
It's not really supposed to be called a fix but i will think about replacing the 2nd attack animation to a more classic one where he attacked with the other arm so basically i will be working on a v.4