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Chat room problem

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Level 8
Jul 24, 2007
When i try to enter to the chat room it load slow.When it finish it said Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.is it my internet explore or the web-site it self.i clean the cookies in my computer but
it result the same.

Can you please help?
Level 5
Jul 11, 2007
Firefox > Internet Explorer

That's your first mistake.
But I've heard from SuPa- that it's been slow around the forums as well so it could be for everyone. Works fine for me though.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
keall230, you can enter fine, but maybe something else is stopping you from doing so.

Well anways, I use IE7 and it works fine for me. Make sure you also have the lattest version of IE7.
Also make sure all tempory data has been destroyed, as that can cause errors if enough piles up.

Finally try again now, as remember the chat room is on a different server from the actual site, so can be down while the rest of the site is still up.
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