Chaos Steam Orc

Level 2
Jun 19, 2017

I'll be honest with you, I am not sure this model would ever be used by me.
Given how Reforged turned out, I actually refunded the game. But it isn't about me.

I believe justice should be done to this model.

It is called Chaos Space Orc (Units\Critters\ChaosSpaceOrc\ChaosSpaceOrc.mdl) and is one of the original War3 models, used in War3 credits sequence.

In Reforged Editor, it was replaced with "Terran Marine" model (copy of the same marine that already existed in editor) and was basically cut from the game. It is still unclear what was the reason, but they say it's about an old agreement with Games Workshop about not having any "Space Orcs" in Blizzard games. Yes, this model never bothered anyone for all this years, but now they got scared.

This particular model, however, gave a very different vibe, because even tho it had a flamethrower, it would easily pass for something goblins made, not "space tech". And this is exactly what allows this model to be returned to editor without EULA violation.

Request is to scavenge the original classic model, rename it to "Orc Flamethrower" (or whatever, reason is to not mess up with EULA) and create it's switchable Reforged version that would give more of a "goblin-tech" vibe, something Iron Horde or advanced armored Kor'Kron troops would have.

Thanks for reading this.