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Buy hero skill> book> Improve

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Level 6
Apr 16, 2011
I would like to know if he/she has as doing with that the hero buys a skill would excel, a second skill, a third, and an ultimate.
In way with that he buys the first and she are added to the book of the hero where he will be able to perfect her later.
After buying all four magics he should await in the area X

If I was not clear (excuse) mention that example:


is it possible that system to without jass?
Do you know some sorts things out of doing?


Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Abilities in different spell book abilities will appear ingame in the same spell book as long as all the spell books have the same order ID.
You can adjust the level of skills inside a spell book via triggers (same as normal abilities). There is no need to give the holding spell book abilities levels.

Basically you make a whole lot of dummy items which represent abilities. You then map these to their corosponding spell book abilites (which hold the actual abilityies the hero uses). When the hero aquires an ability item you add the corosponding ability to the hero by adding the spell book which holds it. To restict skills, you could give each ability a type number (integer) and premit heroes to only have 1 of each number (obviously storing what numbers have been aquired in something like an array).

When you want to level up the abilities, you resort to a separate system which increases the skill levels via triggers (not the actual spell book ability levels as those are just dummy containers).

Be aware you can not add hero abilities in such a way that they become learnable. You can have learnable skill place holders which triggers then transfer into spell levels.

If you meant to just place abilities on the hero and not in a spell book, then simply map the dummy items to the end ability types and forget anything about spell books.
Level 9
Mar 31, 2011
basically the system used in the map was GUI.
i can tell you how, just ask me, or if ever, if you need a sample map, i can give you.
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