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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Everyone loves gold, so why not a gold footman! He is pretty spiffy and may just be that extra kick for your map, enjoy and try to give me credit if you use it thanx.

Butterfinger (Texture)

THE_END: Recolor..and that's it. It is clearly stated in the rules that this is not allowed.




THE_END: Recolor..and that's it. It is clearly stated in the rules that this is not allowed.
Level 6
May 13, 2007
And people, don't go saying "It's just a recolor!" and crap like that, if you keep saying stuff like that you will,
1) Drive newer skinners away
2) Kill many USEFUL recolors like this one
And don't say something like "You can just do a yellow tint on a normal footy!!", though you could... It'd be a banana yellow and/or the team color would be screwy..
By my opinion I'd rate this 7/10. (Would be higher but you could do some textures/variations with different parts of the armor).
Overall, a decent useful skin.
(And I know my posts are HUGE but I make sure to get my point across as you see.)
Words for advice. Insaniac, it is just a crappy reclor with maybe a little bit of freehand. It sucks. Face it.

I would rather like a non-recolored footy. You think I am too harsh, right? I hate all these new skins that are worth crap! They spam up the section!

For Vex. Don't do recolor. When it is the only thing in the skin, you can tell the skin is bad.