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Bunker Wars : Need Terrainer

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Level 2
Jun 30, 2011
There was a Bunker Wars made before this one, but it was nothing like the Original Bunker Wars from Starcraft 1. This is more like the original. I have the map already laid out and the bunkers made, along with most of the triggers done. I just need the main area to be finished by an experienced terrainer.

You will receive credit, and will be the only other name tagged into the loading screen because I've done everything else by myself.

I have the Bunker Spawns set up as regions (view in the regions tool palette).
You can move the Bunker Spawns, just make sure they are balanced out. I raised the cliff level because I had a design mapped out, to where all of the bunker spawns are on their separate pieces of land, the only thing connecting them is a bride that connects to the big circle of land in the middle.

In the center of the middle, it will have an income building that people will fight for. Every 30 seconds they will receive gold and lumber from the building (I will make a trigger to where it changes ownership to the attacking unit once it hits below 20% health. Then it will be increased to 60% health with auto repair of 5 per second to it).

I'll upload the screen shots I took tomorrow. It's like 2 AM and I'm tired so MEH.
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