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Bug with WE1.31b - Pathing Maps, Ground Textures

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Level 14
Aug 31, 2009
There seems to be some kind of bug with World Edit version 1.31b.

When creating a custom building, the Object Editor does not show the extra fields associated with a building.

The following will not show:
Art - Ground Texture
Pathing - Pathing Map
Pathing - Pathing Map
Pathing - Placement Prevented by
Pathing - Placement Requires
Pathing - Place Requires Water Radius
Sound - Construction
Stats - Can Build On
Stats - Can Be Built On
Techtree - Researches Available

Without these, it's kind of hard to make custom structure sizes / pathing rules and give appropriate ground textures or even have the building have any researches. I've also tried unticking the "Is a Building" and reticking it, but the fields still don't appear.

How do I fix this?

EDIT: This only happens when creating custom buildings using "some" structures as the base. For example, if you choose the base as Scout Tower, this bug happens... but not when it's based on an Altar of Kings for example. It's kind of weird.
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