Bug: *Action - Cinematic - Fade out using texture* hides tooltips

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Feb 25, 2005
Hullo everone!

I have discovered an unpleasant "bug". This is what i pm'd to Bob27 after i had read his Cinematic Tutorial and created my own cinematic.

Lingonberryjam said:
Hello Bob, and thanks for a great cinematic tutorial.

Im pm'ing you (and not asking in a forum yet) since i believe you might think this issue should be mentioned in your cinematic tutorial. Also, i guess you know a good deal about cinematics and will be able to help me with this.

I have followed the first basics of your tutorial and learned how to use the triggers and cameras to make my own simple cinematic. Sadly, i have found out that using this action, creating a texture, will hide all tooltips (except for the ones on the game menus).

  • Action:
  • Cinematic - Fade out over 0.00 seconds using texture White Mask and color (100.00%, 100.00%, 100.00%) with 100.00% transparency
Now, after using this sort of action, holding your mouse over a spell/ability/unit will not show you a tooltip, niether a healthbar over a unit.

First i thoguht the texture was *laid over* the tooltips in some way. But using the Cinematic - Hide filter
did not help. Niether did it help to create a new texture with 100% transparency.

Maybe this is an easy solved problem, maybe not. Either way, i do think the issue should be mentioned in your tutorial, and how to solve the problem (if we can find out how to). I have been troubleshooting for a while now, so i hope you do not think im the type that asks before testing it out myself :)


After reading this, and looking around a bit, Bob27 pm'd back to me, saying this:
Bob27 said:
Ok well I had a bit of a look around, and I found this code, which if you use instead of the GUI should fix the problem.

function CinematicFadeCommonBJ takes real red, real green, real blue, real duration, string tex, real startTrans, real endTrans returns nothing
    if (duration == 0) then
        // If the fade is instant, use the same starting and ending values,
        // so that we effectively do a set rather than a fade.
        set startTrans = endTrans
    call EnableUserUI(false)
    call SetCineFilterTexture(tex)
    call SetCineFilterBlendMode(BLEND_MODE_BLEND)
    call SetCineFilterTexMapFlags(TEXMAP_FLAG_NONE)
    call SetCineFilterStartUV(0, 0, 1, 1)
    call SetCineFilterEndUV(0, 0, 1, 1)
    call SetCineFilterStartColor(PercentTo255(red), PercentTo255(green), PercentTo255(blue), PercentTo255(100-startTrans))
    call SetCineFilterEndColor(PercentTo255(red), PercentTo255(green), PercentTo255(blue), PercentTo255(100-endTrans))
    call SetCineFilterDuration(duration)
    call DisplayCineFilter(true)

Only problem is I have no idea if it works or not, because I don't know almost anything about Jass, so I can't really test it :p


Now in this thread im asking if anyone has heard about this bug before. If not, please test it out in a simple map and see for yourself.
Is there any other way to solve this than using Jass? If so, i'll be glad to hear about it. If not, i'll post the Jass code in the Jass section, and ask for help on how to use the code.

Here is a screenshot showing the bug. As you can see, the Item's name does not show above it while holding the mouse on it (i am also holding down the alt key, and no healthbar is shown above the hero)
Labyrinth - Texture Bug screenshot.JPG

Thanks for your help.
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