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Made for the Zergling easter-egg model in the editor. Pretty much freehand, but dodge and burn saw their fair share of use too.

This is now part of a series: Upgrade 2 of 3.
Upgrade 1/3: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/resource.php?t=103870
Upgrade 3/3: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/resource.php?t=104672

Please give credit to me if you use it and don't edit it without my permission. Thanks! :)

zergling, zerg, starcraft, alien, carapace, creature, insect

BTNZerglingUpg1 (Icon)

18:06, 4th Nov 2008 Hawkwing: Very nice, indeed.
Level 10
Jun 10, 2007
Alright, is this any better?

Also, a warning: I will only be able to update this for the next couple hours, as I need to pack then go to bed. When I wake up I'll be going away for a couple days during which time I won't have access to Photoshop (but I can still read your comments :p). Although when I get back I'll be able to update again.
Level 3
Sep 11, 2008
Great work there on his back, this is great now, perhaps maybe a too insistent glow but it's alright. Great work :D ! +rep