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Remade an old icon for Zpider's Marshland of Mystery.



Feedback highly appreciated!

forest, troll, war, master, marshland, mystery, Zpider, shiiK

BTNWarMaster (Icon)

18:39, 19th Oct 2010 Pyramidhe@d: Very good
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This one also suffers from a weirdly placed tusk, though it's not as bad here as with the snakespear. I don't know exactly how to fix it, but I think that some of those smaller teeth and some upper lip should be visible in front the left tusk. From this point of view, they would hide the lowest part of the tusk from view.

It might also help if you let the lips form around the tusks, if you understand what I mean, so they will look like they are part the troll's face. At the moment they look like they're glued on.
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