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This icon set represents (ideally) the Engineering systems on a spaceship (i.e. engines, power systems).

It is designed to be used in a menu, as a standalone icon for a piece of equipment (e.g. repair kit, engineering console), or as the icon of an ability possibly related to hero stats.

Ideal for Future/Space/Modern themes.

eng, engineer, engineering, power, engine, system, core, ship, space, star, spaceship, starship, console

BTNSystemEng (Icon)

09:26, 27th Jul 2011 Pyramidhe@d: Useful
Level 7
Jul 29, 2010
Kindof look a little too.. what the word I'm looking for.. like cartoonish for warcraft. Maybe its the colors you chose for the buttons? Just dosent look like an icon in warcraft 3. And its kindof hard to see what your trying to make it to be. Some of you other icons were goods though ^_^ I'd just work on this one a little.