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Fisting your foes to shame since the Quel'dorei departure to Lordaeron.

Fist, Power, Power Fist, Fisting, Shiny, Light, Corrupting Fist

BTNPowerFist (Icon)

20:29, 16th Feb 2015 Sin'dorei300: useful!
Level 18
Jul 3, 2010
Yep. I'm creating a hero for an upcoming map. The theme is light/holy. The hero model is Rexxar/Beastmaster. You can check out the skills if you want.
  • (Innate, Passive) When Baltazar enters combat he takes 50% reduced damage for 4 seconds. This ability refreshes 6 seconds after leaving combat.
  • (Basic, Active) [90] Baltazar deals 20 => 80 physical damage and places the Shock debuff on enemies for 6 seconds. Baltazar's attack detonates the Shock debuff to deal 40 => 160 physical damage and Baltazar gains 30 mana.
  • (Basic, Active) [90] Baltazar leaps to a target point, deals 60 => 240 magical damage to and reduces the armor of nearby enemy units by 20% => 50%.
    If this spell affects no enemy, the mana cost is refunded.
  • (Basic, Passive) Baltazar's attacks have 25% chance to deal 50 => 200 physical damage to enemies near the primary target.
  • (Ultimate, Active) [100] While toogled on, Baltazar's attacks cost mana and Baltazar attacks two targets at once.
I would use the current icon for either Q or R if there were actually enough fitting icons to go with it.