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I know it's not great, but I'm still trying to get used to drawing icons again; I haven't done it in a very long time.

Hopefully this is at least satisfactory enough to be used with the model. I'll probably come back and remake all of my icons once I've worn the rust off and gotten my skills back.

This one is just drawn with the paint brush, back and forth, swap color, back and forth, swap color, back and forth...

Here's a fullsize:

BTNIceAxe (Icon)

12:46, 20th Oct 2012 enjoy: Corresponding resource approved.




12:46, 20th Oct 2012
enjoy: Corresponding resource approved.
Need some highlights on the ice to enhance the ice effect. Also try using the "Color Matrice Adjuster" to let the color of the ice in the icon to same color in the model.

Something like this:(Or use this if you want, no problem.)

I used the paint brush to make this, lol. The next time I go to my mother's house, I'll use Photoshop to do that. I have it installed there. For now the icon will stay as is.
good style but not enough 3d look and needs shadows

I'll work on the brightness/contrast/hue as others have suggested, but not shadows. It's ice, it has enough shadows. Since light both passes through and reflects off of ice, it wouldn't make as much sense to shade this as though it were a hunk of rock, with one side dark. The handle, however, does have a dark side.

It looks not so great :|

If you'd bothered to read the rest of that post, you'd see that I was saying I would update it as soon as I got to a computer with photoshop installed, and that I had currently been working with Paint, which isn't capable of making full-scale brightness/contrast changes.