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A simple dragon or lizard eye icon. I hope you will like it...

Update: made iris larger, added more shading.

Please give credits if you are using my resources

Eye, dragon, lizard, green, alien, pie.

BTNGreenEye (Icon)

18:54, 21st Nov 2010 enjoy: Nice and useful.
Level 5
Jan 17, 2010
This is pretty cool!

I would suggest the iris be a little larger, so it's about halfway closer to the lower lid. Shading the white a little to the left of the iris, like in this photo with a human eye lit at the same angle, and some subtle vessels in the white could make it more 3D. It's a tad flat, except for the excellent reflection on the iris. To make the scales stand out more darken a few pixels in the lower left corner of each one along the edge.