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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
A fel demon that rises from the underground.

Credit me if you use it, and feedback is appreciated.

fel, demon, doom, rise, summon, summoning, evil, elainiel, hellfire, flames, fire, fiery, wicked, nifty, sexy

BTNFelDemonRise (Icon)

12:17, 22nd Sep 2011 Pyramidhe@d: More defined hand and fire. Why is the hand coloured like that?




12:17, 22nd Sep 2011
Pyramidhe@d: More defined hand and fire. Why is the hand coloured like that?
Level 25
Mar 23, 2008
Is the demon wearing a T-shirt? I see something yellow on the elbow. You can try a higher and brighter fire, followed by a slightly bigger hand and maybe a little glow around it, for full effects.
Nice idea, thought, reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh card called "Fissure"

It was supposed to be a bracer of some kind, not really sure why I even made it, makes it just look weird. And yeah, thought of that as well, just that I suck so much at coloring and creating effects D:. Everything looks so much better in grayscale.


As for the icon, looks interesting but... Idk, the fire and hand don't seem to fit together very well. I think this would look better without the fire, even though the fire emphasizes the point, it doesn't fit the look of the hand IMO.

3/5. The good looks of it are worth a 4/5, but the icon doesn't fit very well.