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Remake of an old icon oof mine, fits with this skin - http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/skins-552/evulmage-61350/?prev=search%3Devul%26d%3Dlist%26r%3D20

Give credits if used, don't edit without permission.

Evul, Mage, Darkness, Prophet, Wizard, Skull, Cloaked, Shadow, Evil, Sin'dorei300

BTNEvulmage (Icon)

I3lackDeath ApprovedDate: 2013/Mar/01 16:42:35 Reasons:Great. [TR]Staff Contact Submission Rules
Level 27
Aug 7, 2011
Hmm, Sin Dorei I didn't recognize you with that new avatar. I really love the hood but the face is a bit... well, not as scary as in the skin. Maybe you should make it more angry and remove the yellow lights from his eyes... although, they do add a bit more epicness. Hmm.

Still, it's really good. Especially that hood :D I love it 5/5 +rep

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