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This icon was made to fit Direfury's Dreadknight model, hope you like it!
* Anyone have my permission to edit this icon.

Link to the model:

Dreadknight, Death Knight, Undead, Vampire Count, Vampire, Death, Knight, Warrior, Champion

BTNDreadknight (Icon)

19:32, 21st Oct 2015 Sin'dorei300: Commented. Awaiting an update.
I like his expression and how u've drawn his face. But, regarding the coloring, it could use more love.
Generally, the main problem here is the shading.
For example, the visible part of the nose looks so flat coz it lacks any highlights.
Also, the noseguard and those bat wings(on the circlet) are barely visible.
I understand that the noseguard is metallic, so it'd be nice to see that in the icon.
I suggest u to add shading(highlights and shadows, using tones of ur base colors) and to give a metallic look to the nose thingy.
Also, if u want, u could change a bit the green hue to something closer to the model eyes effect hue.