Coral Trident

No more than a symbol of the land that gives birth to Naga, yet all obey the call of the Coral Trident once it points the way.

Just a random Naga Icon, Enjoy.

Naga, Trident

BTNcrCoralTrident (Icon)

20:15, 23rd Jun 2011 Pyramidhe@d: Great
Anton, wtf!
You feeling ill?!
That glow on the top right makes it really ugly, and somehow it looks kinda blurred.
I'm sorry, I know everyone is just used to saying 'omfg it's awesome' to CRAZYRUSSIAN.
But.. yeah you know me ;)

In fact I am ill. I had a stuffed nose for a week and all that shit moved down to throat, who knows maybe some evil virus or some shit, will go to doc on Monday.

It is blurry because I painted it with too many details, and when its downsized the small parts look blurred.

And apparently the icons are not working... well guess DOWNLOAD them while you can because I dont think I will spend more time fixing them.