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Iconpack downloaded from http://www.wc3sear.ch/

BTNCleavingattack (Icon)

Level 6
Mar 2, 2006
no its like getting a pic of samwises and changing the eyecolour and saying "here, use this in your map, credit me!"
first of all, i think that anyone messing with samwise's pics should be shot :!:


recolors have their usefulness by being something familiar yet different. i myself have used a dozen of recolors in my map (of course, i did them myself, but not anyone can do that properly). sometimes you don't want to spend hours and hours creating/searching for an original icon - you want simple and familiar...

i'm not gonna praise a guy for pulling a slider in hue/saturation dialog. my grandma can do that. but he never said: "hey kids, i've drawn this myself from scratch, isn't it great?"